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High5 Series reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. High5 Series is a video review.
Endeavor High5 Series - 2013 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

As with the last three seasons this year’s Endeavor High5 Series gets high caliber artwork from one of Snowboard-Review’s favourite artists Mr Derek Stenning. Strip back the killer graphics and underneath is a highly tuned monster V8 of a snowboard. Not just cambered but Super Cambered (yep that’s 1.5cms of camber) with Basalt fiberglass and more Carbon than a Chinese coal-fired power station the High5 is built for pop. The longer effective edge, created by introducing flat kicks, will please those that like to dig trenches in corduroy, hit huge tabletops and take more speed than anyone else into ice pipe transitions. This is a board for expert riders only who want a snowboard that delivers on firm to hard snow condition.

Endeavor High5 Series

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Endeavor Board Of Directors Series - 2013 1 Endeavor Board Of Directors Series user review(s).

Last year’s highly acclaimed redesign of the Endeavor Board Of Directors Series has worked its all-mountain freestyle magic once again, but this year on a completely new tester. When you look at the B.O.D it kind of feels like Endeavor has taken all of the highlights of other snowboards in their 12/13 line, thrown them together and hoped that it would work. Well they have and it works! Zero camber for float; a twin shape for freestyle versatility; DowTech for a looser feel; flat kicks with an extra-long effective edge for grip; basalt and carbon for pop; a sintered 7500 base for speed; Endeavor’s Phantom Core to reduce weight and the list goes on. It’s little surprise that the Board Of Directors is the office favourite.

Endeavor Board Of Directors Series

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Endeavor Next Series - 2013 0 Endeavor Next Series user review(s).

If you didn’t know, British Columbia, Canada, the home of Endeavor has some of the best big mountain freeride terrain and snow conditions on the planet, a fantastic testing ground for a freeride missile like the Endeavor Next Series. With legends like Shin Campos putting the Next Series through its paces and the majority of the office using it as the freeride stick in their quiver the next certainly gets a lot of quality R&D time. The Next has a typical directional tapered shape for improved float and a less dive-y feel in deeps snow, there’s plenty of carbon in the tail and a structural bamboo topsheet to keep the Next Series strong in the tail for pointing pillow lines and powering through turns. For Easyriders the 159 is also available with reverse camber.

Endeavor Next Series

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Endeavor Live Series - 2013 3 Endeavor Live Series user review(s).

The Endeavor Live Series meets intermediate to expert snowboarder’s riding needs in every way. It has a medium flex, a kinda lively sidecut, a good amount of pop and is stable enough when you want to blast groomers of charge in the backcountry. Without being exceptional at one aspect of snowboarding the Live Series ticks all the terrain and riding style boxes off without breaking a sweat, very much like the Rome Agent. Solid, dependable and comfortable like your favorite pair of trainers.

Endeavor Live Series

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Endeavor New Standard Series - 2013 0 Endeavor New Standard Series user review(s).

Endeavor’s latest release the New Standard Series is for the more serious freestylers out there. The New Standard is packed with more tech than Inspector Gadget’s man bag. There’s new exagerated DowTech 2 lifting the contact points a country mile off the snow so you can forget about catching your edges in the snow and then a rail ready tune that bevels the edges clear of any contact with bozes or rails. The flex has been kept moderate but carbon between the bindings adds pop to the zero camber profile while keeping the tips playful for butters and presses. Due to a bit of additional width and a flat kick nose and tail Endeavor advises you size down 3-4cm from your normal freestyle board length.

Endeavor New Standard Series

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Endeavor Color Series - 2013 1 Endeavor Color Series user review(s).

The Color Series is Endeavor’s board for the jibbers and muffin butterers out there. If this explanation is absolute gobbledygook to you then all you need to know is that the Color is a soft twin snowboard designed for sliding down handrails and boxes in the park and urban features on the streets that hurt a ton if you fall off. For those that do know the difference between a Pretzel and a Danish outside of baking techniques then you’ll know that the reverse camber profile, wide stance options, negative core profile and rubber sidewall inlays mean this board presses like a dream and will take a lot of abuse before it submits.

Endeavor Color Series

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Endeavor Guerilla Series - 2013 0 Endeavor Guerilla Series user review(s).

Like Endeavor’s female focused ride the Boyfriend, the Guerilla Series gets a complete redesign for 2013. In previous years the Guerilla was a cambered directional snowboard, and actually a board that we rated extremely highly for broad all-mountain riding. The new Guerilla might have very little resemblance to the Guerilla of previous years but even in its new form its onus is on providing a progressive riding experience for beginners through to advanced snowboarders on a budget all over the mountain. The new early rise hybrid camber profile means that the new twin shape can be ridden in all snow conditions. Endeavor has also been scouting materials suppliers for a higher performance glass which they’ve included in the Endeavor Guerilla’s construction.

Endeavor Guerilla Series

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Endeavor Diamond Series - 2013 0 Endeavor Diamond Series user review(s).

Ohhh weee the Endeavor Diamond Series just got the award winning Board of Director treatment… if you want to know how well the BOD rides, just check the glowing reviews on this site! From directional all-mountain gun to twin all-mountain freestyle stick the new shaping includes a zero camber profile with DowTech at the contact points which raises the traditional contact points at the start of the effective edge off the snow for a looser feel with minimal catchiness. New flat kicks shorten the overall length of the nose and tail meaning an extra couple of centimeters can be squeezed into the effective edge for improved edge hold in shorter lengths. A 7500 Sintered base improves acceleration and top speed in a variety of snow conditions.

Endeavor Diamond Series

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Endeavor Boyfriend Series - 2013 0 Endeavor Boyfriend Series user review(s).

Like a lot of Endeavor’s 12/13 snowboard line, the Endeavor Boyfriend’s design has been revised with help of Endeavor’s shape and construction guru Jason Broz. Jason spends his days locked in Endeavor’s state of the art Archetype lab tweaking existing shapes and construction to make Endeavor boards some of the best on the plant. This year the twin shaped Endeavor Boyfriend Series gets a new camber profile with early rise tips that blend form a camber zone between the feet to a 3mm rise before transitioning into low profile kicks. To retain the pop that Boyfriend owners are used to, Endeavor have added Carbon to the construction and to reduce chatter and improve stability there are now rubber inlays in the sidewalls.

Endeavor Boyfriend Series

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Endeavor Shorty Series - 2013 0 Endeavor Shorty Series user review(s).

For kids learning their first turns or attacking the terrain park like they’ve been on a snowboard since birth the recently refreshed Endeavor Shorty packs everything an aspiring grom could need. Zero camber and a convex base keep the Shorty as catch free as it’s possible to make a snowboard and a soft torsional flex make learning all sorts and butters, jibs and even basic turning a breeze. There’s no foam core or CAP construction in the Shorty which uses the same materials as you’ll find in Endeavor’s more expensive adult shreds.

Endeavor Shorty Series

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