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Roots reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Endeavor Roots - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The Roots Series is a softer ride for lighter riders but with carbon stringers for extra pop. The Roots has a centered stance and a twin shape resulting in a park and pipe specific deck. Limited availablity out of Japan, and probably one of the best looking boards of the season… well that’s our opinion anyway.

Endeavor Roots

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Next Series RC reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Endeavor Next Series RC - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The Next Series rockered brother, the RC delivers great float in powder and incredible response edge-to-edge in the deep stuff. A stunning board for killing it all over the mountain from park to pow. Probably a little heavy for light and feeble riders.

Endeavor Next Series RC

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Endeavor Diamond - 2010 0 Endeavor Diamond user review(s).

The Diamond is a responsive torsionally stiffer ride for hitting bigger jumps and venturing out of bounds. A versatile directional ride with carbon reinforcement for holding an edge in critical circumstances.

Endeavor Diamond

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Endeavor Boyfriend - 2010 0 Endeavor Boyfriend user review(s).

A softer flex and low profile tip and tail, make the Boyfriend enjoyable to jib about. Available as a rocker in the 148, which is even more playfull and forgiving for the girls. For girls who want to keep up with their Boyfriends in the park.

Endeavor Boyfriend

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Endeavor Guerrilla - 2010 0 Endeavor Guerrilla user review(s).

The Endeavor Guerilla has a mellow sidecut and biaxial glass for a softer torsional flex and easy initiation into turns. The Guerrilla will help beginners and intermediate riders progress. The 160 has a longer nose and set-back stance for extra float in the deep stuff.

Endeavor Guerrilla

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Endeavor Colour - 2010 0 Endeavor Colour user review(s).

Smaller sized boards for jibbing and technical spins onto rails, size up for slopestyle riding. The Endeavor Colour provides plenty of confidence for hitting rails, tables and hips. Also available with a rocker profile in 151cm.

Endeavor Colour

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Endeavor Board of Directors (BOD) - 2010 4 Endeavor Board of Directors (BOD) user review(s).

Endeavor’s all-mountain aggresive freestyle board, with plenty of carbon fibre to stiffen up the torsional flex and Quaruba an exotic african wood in the core to increase pop and reduce the weight. The Board of Directors is the board the big dogs at Endeavor ride so it can’t be bad!

Endeavor Board of Directors (BOD)

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Endeavor High 5 - 2010 4 Endeavor High 5 user review(s).

Flat Kick nose and tail for versatility in deeper snow and increased press-ability on boxes and rails. Carbon stringers and triaxial glass equip the High-5 for aggresive park domination. A no nonsence park board for advanced riders.

Endeavor High 5

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Endeavor Live - 2010 4 Endeavor Live user review(s).

A go-to, freestyle everything snowboard, and the best selling board in the Endeavor range. Pimped up for 2009/10 with neon sidewalls and available with rocker construction in the 156.

Endeavor Live

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