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Endeavor Clout Series - 2009 0 Endeavor Clout Series user review(s).

Endeavor Clout Series

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Endeavor KTV Series - 2009 0 Endeavor KTV Series user review(s).

Endeavor KTV Series

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Endeavor B.O.D. Series - 2009 0 Endeavor B.O.D. Series user review(s).

Endeavor B.O.D. Series

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Endeavor Shorty - 2009 0 Endeavor Shorty user review(s).

The Shorty is great for the up and coming groms. It is equipped with a beveled base, which raises the steel edges around the entire perimeter of the board, creating a catch-free ride. Twin shape will allow you to ride centered between the nose and tail. Regular camber with a soft flex allows for an easier pop. The extruded 1320 base is very low maintenance, and very easy to repair, if damaged. It is torsionally soft which creates a forgiving ride, ideal for beginners, jibbers and park riders wanting a softer flex.

Endeavor Shorty

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