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Last February at ISPO Jeremy Jones announced the Ultracraft, a splitboard so light that it skimmed at least half a kilogram off its closest rival. Saving weight is even more important to splitboarders than it is to standard snowboarders because as splitboarding folk law goes, one gram on your feet is the equivalent of three on your back. So mr Jones must be feeling a little miffed that Amplid has released a splitboard a whole 200 grams lighter before the Ultracraft even hit the shop racks. The Amplid LAB Carbon split weighs in at an incredible 2.3kg!

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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Amplid's owner Peter Bauer with the stealth looking LAB Carbon Split

Another year at ISPO and the snowboard industry has once again invented another million ways of calling a spade a spade; for this feature on the coming season’s gear we’ll toe the line.

Nose shaping is the new reverse camber. Blunted, pointy, asymmetric… whatever, as long as it’s not round its in-Vogue for next winter. It’s not all about aesthetics, a number of brands are increasing nose length and kick radius to increase surface area and improve floatation and following the lead of last year’s K2 Ultradream, which undoubtedly borrowed the concept from 5D ski shaping. The Nitro Uberspoon and Lib Tech Speedodeeps Travis Rice are good examples of snowboards where effective edge has been sacrificed for surface area. These boards make a lot of sense for those riders who want to get freestyle in the backcountry. Of course Slash continues to push the double mini swallow-tail introduced by the CAPiTA Unorthodox a good few years ago, the light-hearted graphics on the Happy Place are awesome. Head has also jumped on the double swallow-tail bandwagon with Alex Tank’s new pro-model.  We liked the nose shape on the Salomon Assassin a new all-mountain twin which replaces the long serving Grip.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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On the first week of May for the last five years the team has made the pilgrimage to the annual UK Snowboard Test. in Kaunertal , Austria Usually an industry saturated event this year the event is being opened-up for the general public. So if you can afford a week of holiday in May why not make use of the tests ridiculously low price and get yourself some late season glacier action?

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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Competition breeds innovation, fact. So while the snowboard industry might be having a bit of a hard time off the back of a terrible winter season for snow in the States and a global recession that the world economy just can’t shake, increased competition for board sales is driving innovation in Snowboard design and construction. It’s a pretty good time to be a consumer right now, with brands taking the brunt of materials, logistic and labour cost inflation but having to pump more and more revenue into RnD to keep their products desirable.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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In the last three years Splitboarding has become a hit with snowboarders tired of dodging the crowds; missing freshies after a dump because of work or family commitments and bored of riding the same terrain year after year. With Jeremy Jones’ documented splitboard adventures to exotic locations like Svalbrad and Antarctica in TGR’s movies Futher and Deeper, the growth in the number of people getting on a split each year has been phenominal. In February this year I was able to jump on the bandwagon and give my home-made Voile Split Decision splitboard a whirl.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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There are many benefits of touring... fresh lines is one of them!

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