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Endeavor Boyfriend - 2014 0 Endeavor Boyfriend user review(s).

For you ladies that love riding park, the Boyfriend is for you. The multi-camber deck gives you traditional camber under your feet for stability and edge hold and reverse camber on the nose and tail giving it a soft buttery flex. Raising the contact points off the snow and creates a fun playful ride without the worry of catching edges. A carbon fiber beam through the centre-line of the board is there to add extra pop without increaing torsional stiffness. Rubber sidewall inlays help protect against impact damage from rails or boxes. A deep sidecut allows the board to be extremely maneuverable which can help you properly set up for you next feature in the park. Girls, lose the guy and buy a Boyfriend.

Endeavor Boyfriend

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Endeavor Diamond - 2014 0 Endeavor Diamond user review(s).

The Diamond does not discriminate against terrain choice, but welcomes it with open arms. The flat camber, mixed with the DOW-TECH, gives you a solid edge hold and stability with that playful feel of reverse camber by raising the contact points off the snow by 2mm. V shaped carbon rods in the nose and tail increase torsional stiffness for all terrain control while creating a great amount of stored energy and pop. The Endeavor Diamond’s true twin shape puts you directly centered over the board perfect for female riders who like to ride switch. For attacking the entire mountain from the steeps to the park on a true twin shape there aren’t many better choices for female riders.

Endeavor Diamond

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Endeavor Vice - 2014 0 Endeavor Vice user review(s).

The Endeavor Vice is made for rails, park and urban. It is reverse camber under the feet, with flat camber on the nose and tail. Reverse camber and thin core profiling create a very soft flex pattern, making jibbing this board simple and fun. Twin shape will but you directly between the nose and tail, giving you easier switch tricks. The Vice has a soft torsional flex making it ideal for beginners , jibbers and park riders looking for a progressive and forgiving snowboard. Trying to “go green”? The thermo glass graphics uses a water-soluble dye that is more environmentally friendly than traditional screen-printing.

Endeavor Vice

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Endeavor Guerilla - 2014 0 Endeavor Guerilla user review(s).

The Guerilla is a multi cambered board that doesn’t break the bank. Multi-camber puts regular camber under your feet, and reverse camber on the nose and tail. This camber combo allows the Guerilla to be a good match for wherever you want to take it. It has a soft flex and allows great transition from one type of terrain to the next. The Endavor Guerilla is torsionally forgiving, making it ideal for beginners, jibbers and park riders wanting a mellow flex. The extruded 1320 base requires low maintenance and is easy to repair, if damaged. Float in the powder, or ride “catch free edges” on the hard pack with the Guerilla

Endeavor Guerilla

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Endeavor Color - 2014 0 Endeavor Color user review(s).

The Endeavor Color is a jibber’s dream deck. It is fully equipped with rubber sidewall inlays, to help protect you from the inevitable edge delimitation from impact damage. It has reverse camber under the feet and flat camber on the nose and tail which gives it a very soft flex, allowing you to give you one of those noticeably pressed nose presses.  A carbon beam running right through the middle increases response time by adding flex memory and pop. The Color is just the key to increasing your rail game.

Endeavor Color

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Endeavor New Standard - 2014 0 Endeavor New Standard user review(s).

The New Standard board is just that, a new standard for a park loving shredder. Designed to feel loose and playful like a reverse camber board, but not to loose the pop of a regular camber board, the flat camber mixed with the DOW-TECH2 does just that. DOW-TECH2 raises the contact points 3mm in height and 18cm in length, which gets rid of the pressure on the snow, creating the reverse camber feel of playfulness on the ground. Rubber sidewall inlays help protect against impact damage, and carbon fiber beams gives the flat camber an extra bit of pop. Take it to the streets or park and set a new standard.

Endeavor New Standard

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Endeavor Live - 2014 0 Endeavor Live user review(s).

The Live is a deck that everyone will love. A super easy ride, the Live provides you with regular camber directly under foot which rockers from just beyond the bindings very conservatively to 3mm of rise just before the contact points. This profile creates a board that is loose and playful on the snow, while not taking away too much pop for the regular camber gurus. The lightweight Phantom wood core cuts 15% of finished board weight against a Standard wood core. If you are still worried that 25% reverse camber will decrease your pop factor, the two carbon fiber beams from nose to tail will put your mind ease. This board rides great on the entire mountain.

Endeavor Live

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Endeavor High 5 - 2014 0 Endeavor High 5 user review(s).

The High 5 is a park jumper’s dream. The super camber (or a solid 15mm of camber if you’d like to call it that), along with double carbon beams from nose to tail, creates a pop like none other. This board likes to be ridden fast and hard. Flat kicks create additional effective edge so that heavier riders or those requiring additional edge hold can ride a couple of cms shorter or enjoy improved board control on hard pack snow. Rubber sidewall inlays help protect against impact damage and improve dampening in choppy snow consitions. The Endeavor Hiigh 5 is like a bull in a cage waiting to wreck any finely sculpted transition… tame it or else.

Endeavor High 5

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Endeavor Next - 2014 0 Endeavor Next user review(s).

Are you searching for a stiff directional big mountain gun? Perhaps the Endeavor Next Series should be your “next” decision. The hover camber provides the rider with regular camber under your feet, with a reverse camber rise up to the contact points of the nose. This naturally allows the tail sink and the nose float in deep snow, reducing fatigue. Just in case you want more float then that, the Next has a tapered tail meaning it wants to sit back that little bit more. The Bamboo wood veneer topsheet isn’t only for aesthetics, apparently it adds stiffness increases board strength without adding any extra glass layers to the lay-up, reducing weight. A big-mountain weapon for gung-ho freeriders or those that want to rip trenches into marked trails.

Endeavor Next

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Endeavor B.O.D - 2014 0 Endeavor B.O.D user review(s).

The Endeavor B.O.D is for those of you which enjoy the pop of a regular camber board, but insist on the play of the reverse camber. The B.O.D is equipped with Endeavor’s DOW Technology. The contact points are raised 2mm up off the snow. This creates a less catchy feeling on the snow, allowing it to feel much more loose and playful. On the other hand, the combination of flat camber and carbon fiber beams attempts to replicate the excellent pop of a camber board. Lose edge catchiness, without losing your pop with the B.O.D. a Snowboard-Review favourite for the last two winters.

Endeavor B.O.D

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Endeavor Clout - 2014 0 Endeavor Clout user review(s).

The Clout is designed to be the lightest, fastest and most lively snowboard Endeavor has ever made. The “pop camber” design is a flat camber under the feet blending into regular camber on the nose and tail down to the contact points at the start of the nose and tail kick, aiding energy transfer and giving it that extra bit of “pop”. Rubber sidewall inlays help protect this board against impact damage. The incredibly lightweight and snappy feel of pre-trensioned glass laminate combined with Endeavor’s new Pop Camber means the Clout rips in the park aand pipe and is more than happy blasting around the entire mountain. Expensive but worth every cent!

Endeavor Clout

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Endeavor Archetype - 2014 0 Endeavor Archetype user review(s).

Tired of riding what seems to be a solid plank of wood? The Archetype is your solution. With the ultra light wood core shaving off about 18% of the finished board weight, and carbon glass instead of fiber glass removing another half pound, the Archetype is Endeavor’s latest innovative prototype. Designed to maximise floatation and create a new riding sensation. The Archetype features regular camber under the feet allowing for great pop, there is earlyrise out to the contact points at the nose creating a seamingly unmatched floatation device. The quirky slit tail reduces back leg fatigue and is torsionally incredibly soft. Quit sinking in the powder and start hovering… so long as you can afford the hefty price tag.

Endeavor Archetype

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