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Live Series reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Live Series is a video review.
Endeavor Live Series - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The Endeavor Live Series dependable all-mountain twin tip with bombproof construction, a lively flex and sidecut combination and the usual handsome looks you expect from Endeavor. Available with rocker or camber depending on how old school you are.

Endeavor Live Series

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Board of Directors reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Board of Directors is a video review.
Endeavor Board of Directors - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

Completely redesigned for the 2011/12 season the new Endeavor Board of Directors is a lively, medium/soft true twin freestyle stick with more tricks up its sleeve than David Copperfield.

Endeavor Board of Directors

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High5 Series reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Endeavor High5 Series - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

If we were judging snowboard on their graphics, the High5 would be a winner again, for the third year in a row. Computer games concept artist Derek Stenning killed the High5 graphics last year with the iconic Cosmonauts series and this year his Military Patches themed work is equally exciting… somebody please buy the man a beer! Besides its stunning exterior the High5 packs a lot of features and top level performance between its base and topsheet. Conventional triaxial fibreglass has been replaced with Basalt fibres, changing the feel of the board and reducing the weight. The flat kicks allow Endeavor to increase the effective edge of the High5 by a couple of centimetres, giving you the opportunity size down a couple of centimetres on your usual board size without losing edge hold. Under the bindings is a new layer of rubber dampening improving stability and reducing vibrations on sketchy snow. The Endeavor High5 is a missile of a freestyle snowboard for advanced riders who focus on big park and pipe transitions and like to catch plenty of air.

Endeavor High5 Series

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Endeavor Shorty Series - 2012 0 Endeavor Shorty Series user review(s).

When I was a kid I would have died with excitement if my folks had bought me a Shorty Series. Available in nine lengths between 100cm and 145cm the Shorty Series is designed to be versatile and durable whilst not being an absolute sponge like most other grom’s boards.

Endeavor Shorty Series

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Endeavor Next Series - 2012 0 Endeavor Next Series user review(s).

Endeavor build boards for Canadian mountains and so it wouldn’t be right for them to totally forget about their freeride clientele. The Next Series is Endeavor’s stiff directional freeride snowboard designed for steep faces, variable snow conditions and big drops. It has a stiff longitudinal and torsional flex from the bamboo topsheet, triaxial fibreglass and carbon stringers that run the length and then V in the tail for laying down back seat landings. The nose is elongated for improved float in powder and the board runs on a slick 7500 grade sintered base so your descents can reach terminal velocity. For those after something a little more forgiving, the 159 is available with a rocker profile too.

Endeavor Next Series

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Endeavor Boyfriend Series - 2012 0 Endeavor Boyfriend Series user review(s).

Twin shaped with a soft flexing camber profile, the Endeavor Boyfriend is a great choice for experienced female riders who want a park specific ride but is an equally savvy choice for beginners who want a fun well priced board to learn on.

Endeavor Boyfriend Series

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Endeavor Diamond Series - 2012 1 Endeavor Diamond Series user review(s).

I hear it said all of the time that brands aren’t building enough high performance snowboards for experienced female snowboarders. Well I think it’s more a case of women looking in the wrong places. Endeavor has been building the Diamond for years, it’s directional shape, sintered 7500 base and longer than average sidecut are perfect for high speed all-terrain assault. The triaxial fibreglass is there to keep pressure focused along the edge and into the snow and the carbon stringers are all about making the Diamond a lively and exciting snowboard to ride. Put that in your pipe and smoke it ladies.

Endeavor Diamond Series

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Endeavor Guerilla Series - 2012 0 Endeavor Guerilla Series user review(s).

The Endeavor Guerilla is a surprisingly capable directional, cambered, all-mountain snowboard that will have intermediates tearing-up the mountain and expert riders wondering why they’ve spent so much on top of the range boards when a board that costs half the price rips just as hard.

Endeavor Guerilla Series

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Endeavor Color Series - 2012 0 Endeavor Color Series user review(s).

For those park rats or snowboarders looking for a jib board to add to their quiver, Endeavor’s buttery soft, twin shaped park and rail focused Color Series hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Endeavor Color Series

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