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Man’s Board reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Man’s Board is a video review.
Salomon Man’s Board - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

If it’s the unique beer inspired graphics that draw you to the Salomon Man’s Board it is the incredible performance that will make you a happy customer. Despite having Cork and Bamboo sidewalls the Man’s board is built like a brick shit house and the sturdiness doesn’t stop with the construction, the flex is really firm meaning smaller riders will either need to get down to the gym or get drinking Guinness and eating pies before the season starts. Power is the name of the game with the Man’s Board it takes some effort to ride it but the reward is that for all-mountain riders there aren’t many directional twins that ride as hard and fast on sketchy snow and steep bumpy terrain with such smoothness. Man up and buy one… but if you’re a good rider; this board is not for anyone who isn’t advanced or expert.

Salomon Man’s Board

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Salomonder reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Salomon Salomonder - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (1) user review(s).

Skinny pant wearing, knock kneed rail killer Jed Anderson dominates the urban handrail and jib scene on the Salomonder. The Salomonder’s fundamentals are sound; it has a soft flex and zero camber profile for easy presses and maximum board on rail contact. Durability is another important consideration, with rubber dampening placed under the edges to help minimise dreaded edge cracks and the No Chip Tips cutting down the risk of de-lams, the odds are this would be the only snowboard to survive a nuclear explosion… or Jed’s riding.

Salomon Salomonder

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Salomon Grace - 2012 0 Salomon Grace user review(s).

The Grace is a sized down, soft flexing snowboard with a twin shape designed for young and small women who want to get on a snowboard and give the best sport on the planet a whirl. It’s not full of gizmos and gimmicks; it’s basic but well built.

Salomon Grace

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Salomon Gypsy - 2012 0 Salomon Gypsy user review(s).

Competent female riders getting into freestyle snowboarding and looking for a board to aid their progression should take a look at the Salomon Gypsy. With its medium/soft flex, rocker profile and true twin shape the Gypsy provides a good blend of performance and leaner friendly features. For the more experienced femme-fatal the Popster core, sintered base and Royal Rubber Rails will make sure you hit kicker landings in the sweet-spot and that landing in boardslides won’t crack the board’s edges.

Salomon Gypsy

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Salomon Drift - 2012 0 Salomon Drift user review(s).

All of the features of the Drift Rocker like the Equalizer sidecut, Aspen Light core and Royal Rubber Rails, but with Hook Free camber instead of a rocker profile for the traditionalists.

Salomon Drift

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Salomon Popstar - 2012 0 Salomon Popstar user review(s).

Not all directional cambered snowboards flex like ironing boards, the Salomon Popstar is a great example of a directional twin shaped freestyle snowboard that is designed to offer performance without feeling like you strapped into a 5-inch thick oak door. Lively and precise camber performance with a fun freestyle flex.

Salomon Popstar

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Salomon Lark - 2012 0 Salomon Lark user review(s).

This year the Salomon Lark has become more freeride orientated, blending a tapered directional shape with Salomon’s Cross profile which fuses camber with early rise tips. Royal Rubber Rails make for a smoother ride on hard, crusty snow and the Medium firm flex means the Lark has the guts to stick the scariest drops. The Lark also features Salomon’s Equalizer sidecut.

Salomon Lark

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Salomon Idol - 2012 0 Salomon Idol user review(s).

So this year Salomon added the aptly named Man’s Board to the boys range, but the girls haven’t been hard done by, actually they’ve done rather well with addition of Annie Boulanger’s board of choice, the Idol. The Idol is as high-tech as female snowboards get, the directional twin shapes’ blunted tips and early rise tips mean the IDOL works well in powder, but the Quadratic sidecut and majority cambered profile assure plenty of grip on icy days. Lively bamboo and damp cork are included in the construction and Salomon’s Popster core adds to the power and pop of the Idol. The Idol is best described as a slightly relaxed Man’s Board, still offering top all-mountain performance but softened up for the lighter female form.

Salomon Idol

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Salomon Spark - 2012 0 Salomon Spark user review(s).

The Spark offers many of the features of the more expensive Gypsy. The biggest changes are the use of a traditional radial sidecut instead of Salomon’s Equalizer sidecut and the downgrading of the base from a sintered ptex to an extruded plastic. The Spark would make a great beginner’s snowboard or a fantastic jib and urban board for more experienced female riders.

Salomon Spark

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Salomon Lily - 2012 0 Salomon Lily user review(s).

The Salomon Lilly is the board that Britain’s slopestyle master Jenny Jones chooses to lay down her X Games winning runs on. The Lilly has a medium flex, not too soft so that it feels stable on 20 meter table tops and can stick landings that aren’t landed on the bolts, but not so stiff that it doesn’t work on technical rails and jibs.

Salomon Lily

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Salomon Oh Yeah - 2012 0 Salomon Oh Yeah user review(s).

New to the fold this season, the Oh Yeah is Salomon’s latest kicker and rail board for women and it’s priced incredibly competitively. As you’d expect from a freestyle focused board the Oh Yeah has a true twin shape, Salomon’s Press-sure rocker profile and Easy Press core for dialling nose presses and 5-0s down park and urban rails. To add to that, the edges are damped with Royal Rubber pads and bevelled to take the risk out of board slides. The Oh Yeah also features Salomon’s unique Equalizer sidecut.

Salomon Oh Yeah

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Salomon Ace - 2012 0 Salomon Ace user review(s).

It might be entry level to Salomon but the Ace is as has many features as some brands flagship boards. Designed as a do everything snowboard for beginners and intermediates the tip-to-tail wood core and Hook Free profile are there to give the Ace life and its rider the edge skills you can only learn from a cambered board. The edges have rubber dampening to help with stability and confidence at speed and the shape is a directional twin, adding versatility for riding all sorts of terrain and snow conditions.

Salomon Ace

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Salomon Titan - 2012 0 Salomon Titan user review(s).

The Titan is Salomon’s directional all-mountain snowboard designed for intermediates who want a more freeride orientated snowboard to take their carving on groomers and powder riding to the next step. Featuring Salomon’s Cross-Camber profile with early rise tips and a slightly tapered shape, powder will be second nature on the Titan. Ghost XY Basalt stringers keep the Equalizer sidecut gripping on icy slopes and the Rubber rails are there to help eliminate any unwanted chatter.

Salomon Titan

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Salomon Powder Snake - 2012 0 Salomon Powder Snake user review(s).

Could this be the coolest release of the 2011/12 season? Based on a similar shape to the legendary Salomon Sick Stick, this tapered twin has Pow Rocker for an extra floaty ride and the Popster Core for super big ollies. For those backcountry freestylers sick of back leg burn, get your fangs into the Powder Snake.

Salomon Powder Snake

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Salomon Burner - 2012 6 Salomon Burner user review(s).

Do you like riding straight? Down blue runs, down red runs, down black runs, down 45 degree powder faces, down couloirs with jagged rocks along either side like teeth ready to tear you limb from limb? Well then the Burner might be the board for you. I had the pleasure of riding the Burner at the start of last season. Verging on the most stable board I have ever ridden; the stiff flex, long effective edge, shallow sidecut and long nose uplift mean that the Burner can feel pretty boring unless you traveling at mind melting speeds. If you are a big mountain rider looking for a more stable board for bigger faces the Burner is as high performance and dependable as it gets.

Salomon Burner

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Salomon Sick Stick - 2012 0 Salomon Sick Stick user review(s).

The Salomon Sick Stick is the twin powder stick that appears to have become a permanent feature under Salomon’s team rider Josh Dirksen’s feet. Despite its twin shape (at least with regards to nose and tail lengths), a good helping of taper and a flat profile with early rise tips make the Sick Stick the perfect powder board.

Salomon Sick Stick

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Salomon XLT - 2012 0 Salomon XLT user review(s).

This year the Salomon Special got the chop and in its place as the flagship all-mountain snowboard of the Salomon offering is the all new XLT. Ghost construction makes the XLT the lightest board Salomon make, XY carbon reinforcement and a snappy camber profile keep the ride responsive and lively and a firm flex and Quadratic sidecut keep the edges buried into the snow, no matter hard you are pushing it. Pair the XLT up with the Caliber bindings and F40 boots for a featherweight and responsive package that matches nicely with the XLT’s yellow and black colour way!

Salomon XLT

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Salomon Fierce - 2012 0 Salomon Fierce user review(s).

All manner of kids boards have hit the shelves this season. The Fierce is a pure twin, zero camber ride with forgiving low density biaxial fibreglass for easy butter tricks and fewer rail edge catches. Everything about the Fierce is designed to get kids sticking insane tricks without the bumps and breaks adult learners have to soldier through.

Salomon Fierce

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Salomon Pulse - 2012 0 Salomon Pulse user review(s).

If your wallet has taken a bit of a pounding recently but you’ve just discovered snowboarding and you want to purchase your first snowboard you could do far worse than the Salomon Pulse. The Pulse has a directional twin shape , zero camber profile and a slightly softer than medium flex making it a great choice for those riders who want to learn tricks in the terrain park, race their friends down to the lodge at the end of the day or get up early and make the most of catching edges in deep, deep powder.

Salomon Pulse

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Salomon Sanchez - 2012 2 Salomon Sanchez user review(s).

If camber is your bag and the zero camber of the Salomonder doesn’t float your boat, but you need a board that is soft and forgiving for getting your jib on, the Sanchez is the board in the Salomon line-up with your name on it. A flexi park twin with tons of rail friendly features and a lively camber profile.

Salomon Sanchez

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Salomon Drift Rocker - 2012 1 Salomon Drift Rocker user review(s).

The Drift was a surprise performer in our King of Jib video last year, taking an upper mid table position and beating better known jib thoroughbreds like K2’s World Wide Weapon and the Academy Propaganda. The overwhelming opinion was that the Drift Rocker is a great park board more than capable of kicking it with the jib boards on the rails.

Salomon Drift Rocker

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Salomon Acid - 2012 2 Salomon Acid user review(s).

The Acid slips into the Salomon range so naturally that it could go un-noticed. If a medium/soft flexing reverse camber snowboard with Royal Rubber Rails and Salomon’s lively Popster core profile sounds like your ticket then check-out the Acid. The only thing trippy about this Acid is the mind melting graphic and the Equalizer sidecut which instead of a circular radius has three straight sidesÖ weird.

Salomon Acid

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Salomon Grip - 2012 2 Salomon Grip user review(s).

When the manufacturer’s description reads “Wolfgang Nyvelt created this powder-hungry park board for on and off-piste performance”, you know the Grip is going to rip. Last year our tester Ben rated it as his favourite park ride of the week and he didn’t even get to test it in the powder where the Grip’s Pow Rocker profile (early rise tips) will make light work of keeping afloat.

Salomon Grip

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Salomon Official - 2012 0 Salomon Official user review(s).

The staple freestyle snowboard in the Salomon line for almost a decade now, and much revered by Salomon’s team of riders, the Official is legendary in its own right. For full-on freestyle snowboarders, keen to hit any transition be it a superpipe, a backcountry booter or just a bizarre transition you found whilst cruising through the sidecountry this board is going to deliver the performance you need to hit it. The Popster core takes care of ollie power, Hook Free camber takes the twitchiness out of thousand mile an hour run-ins and there are Rubber Rails for those like Salomon rider Jamie Nichols who kill it on the rails too.

Salomon Official

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Salomon Mini Drift Rocker - 2012 0 Salomon Mini Drift Rocker user review(s).

It’s just like the Drift but mini for aspiring freestyle juniors and Munchkins.

Salomon Mini Drift Rocker

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Salomon Salvatore Sanchez - 2012 0 Salomon Salvatore Sanchez user review(s).

With Dali inspired surrealist graphics Salomon’s Salvatore Sanchez gets off to a good start. The Press-Sure Rocker profile and soft buttery flex are all a jib artist needs to paint a bizarre combination of butters, spins and bonks using the mountain as a blank canvas for your masterpiece.

Salomon Salvatore Sanchez

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