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Titan reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Salomon Titan - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

A medium/firm flexing and narrow freeride animal with lightening quick edge-to-edge response, incredible edge hold and a long nose with a tapered directional shape. The Salomon Titan is best suited to intermediate riders who love to aggresively rip the whole mountain in all snow conditions and want a board that’s more at home on the piste than in the park.

Salomon Titan

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Official reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Salomon Official - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The Official is extremely versatile, fun in the park and capable freeriding when conditions demand. Plenty of pop off kickers and a fairly narrow waist for improved response. Don’t be put off because top pro riders like David Benedek are riding it, snowboarders of all levels will enjoy riding the Official.

Salomon Official

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Salomon Acid - 2010 0 Salomon Acid user review(s).

This year the Acid’s been rockered! A soft buttery flex and forgiving landings make the new Acid even more fun than last years.

Salomon Acid

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Salomon Ivy - 2010 0 Salomon Ivy user review(s).

Jenny Jones has been riding the Salomon Ivy from day one, with imput from riders like Jenny the current X-Games slopestyle champion, you know the Ivy delivers awsome female specific freestyle capability. This year the Ivy features all new, top tier GIFT tech with Salomon’s ABC Wrapper construction—reduces weight and toxic materials, keeps the flex smooth and poppy under the prettiest graphics we’ve ever seen.

Salomon Ivy

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Salomon Riot - 2010 0 Salomon Riot user review(s).

A Popster core profile for improved slow speed ollie amplitude and easy rail pressing has been paired to rubber rail damping for smooth rail landings and an aspen strong core material for improved durability, so you won’t have to return your board to the local shop after a weeks riding. Everything you need to jib the sh*t out of the park and your local street rails.

Salomon Riot

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Salomon Answer - 2010 3 Salomon Answer user review(s).

A medium longitudinal and torsional stiffness, directional twin shape and 10mm setback stance, all make for a great board to ride everything from park to pow.

Salomon Answer

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Salomon Salvatore Sanchez - 2010 2 Salomon Salvatore Sanchez user review(s).

Dirty, me? Nooo. A perfect twin shape and Aspen light core for soft flexing fun anywhere you want to lay the hot sauce.

Salomon Salvatore Sanchez

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Salomon Burner - 2010 0 Salomon Burner user review(s).

A large sidecut radius for high speed laid out carves and a tapered shape and setback stance for extra float in powder. For high speed piste blasting the Burner has been loaded with Salomon’s Ghost Light core which utilizes foam and wood laminates to reduce core density, inter-woven tri-axial glass laminates with edge-to-edge carbon Y and X shape reinforcement selected for exceptional edge hold and minimal chatter and a ridiculously fast Zeolit sintered base. Freeride Nirvana!

Salomon Burner

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Salomon Arnie 5000 - 2010 0 Salomon Arnie 5000 user review(s).

Scotty Arnold rides everything from the most technical rails to the biggest AK kickers. Scotty spends most of his time riding the Arnie 5000 in the park and on rails. With a mid-wide waste and shallow sidecut, rail setups and kicker run-ins are super stable, and rubber damping at the edges reduces the risk of hang-ups on the kinkiest of metal work. The Popster profile improves low speed pop for getting onto waist high hand rails at slow speeds and tweaking out those mad steeze presses.

Salomon Arnie 5000

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Salomon Grip - 2010 2 Salomon Grip user review(s).

The Grip’s loaded with what Wolfgang wants. ABC Wrapper construction, Popster core profile and the fastest base Salomon make. Want to ride what one of the best rider’s in the world is on? Get a Grip.

Salomon Grip

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Salomon Sick Stick - 2010 0 Salomon Sick Stick user review(s).

The new standard in freestyle powder boards and a leader in Eco construction the Sick Stick is the board you’ve been waiting for. Transworld rider of the year 2007 Wolle Nyvelt and the egg heads at Salomon put their collective genius together and created the ultimate shape for throwing shapes in the deep stuff. Revolutionary!

Salomon Sick Stick

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