Salomon Salomonder - 2012


Skinny pant wearing, knock kneed rail killer Jed Anderson dominates the urban handrail and jib scene on the Salomonder. The Salomonder’s fundamentals are sound; it has a soft flex and zero camber profile for easy presses and maximum board on rail contact. Durability is another important consideration, with rubber dampening placed under the edges to help minimise dreaded edge cracks and the No Chip Tips cutting down the risk of de-lams, the odds are this would be the only snowboard to survive a nuclear explosion… or Jed’s riding.

Manufacturer's Description:

Backyard Beast - Jed and Grenier’s urban assault vehicle with Popster, Equalizer sidecut and a Flat Profile for no hang-up hams; the Salomonder is designed by Chris Grenier and Jed Anderson to meet the standards of the best rail riders in world. Straight up.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding Low cost snowboard Zero camber construction Twin shape

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
148, 151, 154, 156

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Equalizer Sidecut,
Standard Stone Finish,
Full Edge Bevel+,
Easy Press Core,
No Chip Tips,
Extruded EG Base Material,
Aspen Strong Core,
Royal Rubber Rails

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Snowboard Salomon Salomonder 151 13/14
Salomon Salomonder

Snowboard Review:

The Salomon Salomonder is one of those boards that anyone can strap in to and get jibtastic! I spent a good amount of riding the Salomonder all over the mountain; hitting kickers, rails, boxes, carving on piste and pointing it straight down steeps. I can now happily say that the Salomonder is capable on most terrain despite being a jib specified board. I guess it’s no surprise as the Salomonder is the board that Jed and Grenier launch their urban rail and ledge assaults with but also ride jumps and even the halfpipe on occasion. That said, the Salomonder is not designed for the big booters so obviously it’s not going to feel amazing when boosting off the bigger stuff.

This one’s a short review but that’s because the Salomonder is simple to pigeon hole. If fun jibs and gnarly street missions are your bag then this is a sweet board but it’s also not a bad choice for riders who want a soft flexing zero camber board to lap the park with, although the Equalizer sidecut does take some getting used to. Also if you’re riding in UK or European domes the Salomonder is ideal for the indoor jib monkeys.


Soft and fun jib flex
Planted feel on rails from zero camber profile
Easy Press Core is exactly that
No Chip Tips are a good addition for urban riders

Equalizer sidecut won’t please everybody
Pretty jib specific

Posted by Mikee C in • Salomon

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Tyson on December 19, 2011 at 10:33 AM

demoed this board today, and I gotta say, I immediately fell in love with the thing, never ridden zero camber before but i really like it, it locks into those rails and is solid taking off on kickers and landings, never had a ‘wash out’ like rockered boards give you. I even took it through a bit of pow and it seemed to slide right through it…...

Highly recommend this board to a park rat skid who cant afford much.