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If it’s the unique beer inspired graphics that draw you to the Salomon Man’s Board it is the incredible performance that will make you a happy customer. Despite having Cork and Bamboo sidewalls the Man’s board is built like a brick shit house and the sturdiness doesn’t stop with the construction, the flex is really firm meaning smaller riders will either need to get down to the gym or get drinking Guinness and eating pies before the season starts. Power is the name of the game with the Man’s Board it takes some effort to ride it but the reward is that for all-mountain riders there aren’t many directional twins that ride as hard and fast on sketchy snow and steep bumpy terrain with such smoothness. Man up and buy one… but if you’re a good rider; this board is not for anyone who isn’t advanced or expert.

Manufacturer's Description:

Brewed With Tradition & Common Sense - The pop of bamboo and the bomb-proof strength of basalt; The Man’s Board with ABC Green Roll Construction is a backcountry bully, with the biggest balls in the room. A quick-turning shape, perfectly balanced with Cross profile for stable response and rock solid landing and take-off tracking. Step back, step up, or step aside, and let Bode and Taka show you how it’s done. FEATURED ARTIST: DAVE BANKS Dave worships Batman, almost never wakes up before 2pm (except to go snowboarding) and lives on a strict diet of pizza, Cheetos, chocolate milk and beer.

Recommended for park riding.

Recommended for halfpipe riding.

Recommended for freeride riding.

Recommended for big mountain riding.

High cost $

Hybrid Rocker/Camber Construction.

Directional Twin Shape.

Green or Eco Friendly Construction.

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
153, 156, 159, 162, 165

Riding Style: All Mountain


Quadratic Sidecut
Fine Stone Finish, Full Edge Bevel
Ghost XY Basalt Stringers,
ABC Green Roll,
Popster core profile,
Bamboo Laminates
Sintered EG Base
Green Ghost Core
Bamboo + Cork Rails

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Salomon Man’s Board

Snowboard Review:

Watch the 2012 Salomon Man’s Board Video Snowboard Review

2012 Salomon Man’s Board Video Snowboard Review

Two things drew me to Salomon’s newest addition to their men’s snowboard range the Man’s Board.  Firstly the Man’s Board is Salomon’s replacement for the Answer a board that lots of people and particularly SB-RV regular Steve had ridden and rated very highly praising Salomon’s early rise camber as an alternative to the many hybrids on the market. My second reason was that the Man’s board fuses a whole heap of new materials and construction techniques that have only really been around for a year or two. The core of the Man’s Board is a combination of Bamboo for a lively and natural pop and cork which is included for its dampening properties; these are profiled into the Popster profile which thickens at the bindings and at the waist of the board. Cork and Bamboo are also used in the sidewalls which looks awesome, but does raise a few questions about durability. Under the topsheet of the MB you’ll find triaxial fibreglass and Basalt Stringers… basically the Man’s Board is a shopping list of all of the latest environmentally considerate and high performance materials on the market right now so I had to give it a ride.

Picking up the Man’s Board it does look awesome, particularly the beer detail on the base. I’m sure there will be a lot of Man’s Boards propped outside Austria’s many après ski bars this coming season. The Man’s Board definitely isn’t light; it feels solid and a little heavier than average, but nothing out of the ordinary. Once I’d strapped in I fairly quickly got an idea of the flex… I would call it firm; on a scale of 1 to 10 the longitudinal flex is between 7 and 8 and the torsional stiffness is about the same, they feel well matched, but it definitely gives the Man’s Board more of a freeride feel than freestyle. You really notice the flex when carving, the Man’s Board naturally delivers medium and long carves, it’s only when you work the board through the camber pretty hard that it starts feeling lively and responsive. I can’t say I noticed the MB’s Cross profile early rise tips behave any differently on an edge, the board felt like a cambered board; although in the softer slush snow I did notice that the contact points at the start of the effective edge weren’t trying to bury themselves and put me flat on my face. I’m still a little sceptical of the Bamboo and Cork sidewalls, but I’ve got to say the construction does a good job of dampening out chatter.

Apart from blasting down the groomers my favourite place to ride the Man’s Board was in the pipe. It held a very nice edge up the walls and felt stable and solid along the flat bottom. Like anybody who hasn’t ridden a lot of pipe I have a tendency to scrub off a little speed along the flat bottom, but the MB was so planted I found it difficult to slide my edge out and it started to give me confidence aim straight and pump the walls… riding this board might have been a turning point in my pipe riding! On jumps there’s no denying that this board grips up the transition and pops nicely, providing you have the muscles and weight to work the flex. However, this isn’t a board for small jumps or for jibs, forgiving landings and skidded take-offs this snowboard will not do.

To sum up the Man’s Board, I’d say it’s an all-mountain snowboard with a flex and sidecut that make it most enjoyable when hammering freeride terrain or hitting big transitions like pipe. The MB’s construction is full of lots of technology and lively materials but unless you are a heavy or very aggressive rider you’ll probably only feel the stiffness of this board as you won’t be able to flex the board into the sidecut’s sweetspot . I’d recommend the Salomon Man’s Board to experienced all-mountain riders who want a stable and powerful board to ride backcountry steeps and blast groomers, but leaving the option there to occasionally nip into the park. Lightweight riders and park fans should stay well clear, this board will break rails not slide them!

Great edge hold in long carves and traverses
Damp chatter free ride
Versatile Cross Profile camber
Gives you the balls you need to ride pipe
Inspired graphics
Fast base

Needs a heavy or aggressive rider to get the most from it
Questionable durability of cork and bamboo sidewalls
A little on the heavy side

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Salomon

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What colour is powder?

Cloudkicker on January 13, 2014 at 01:37 PM

So I recently got the Man’s Board and took it to the 3 Valleys in France…

There was tonnes of powder but high winds were blowing it off anything that wasn’t groomed.  Annoyingly, there were lots of hidden rocks under a light layer of powder so I mainly stuck to the slopes and hit a few trees.

However, the Man’s Board didn’t disappoint.  It’s pretty damn heavy, but powerful in the turns and surprisingly poppy off the groomers.  Not great for tight trees though, but really good for large powder turns amongst the thinner forests.

They say it’s built like they used to make them, and that’s really true – solid, powerful, no gimmicks, but a tough board that will take whatever you throw at it.