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Rome Anthem - 2013 0 Rome Anthem user review(s).

A perennial in Rome’s snowboard range, the Anthem is designed for aggressive all-mountain snowboarders who know how to work a firm flex, like to a put board as hard on its edge as possible and cut lines up icy pipe walls. Not a snowboard for the inexperienced or the faint hearted, the Anthem is a serious bit of kit for riders who like their shredding and their drinks hard and fast.

Rome Anthem

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Rome Double Agent - 2013 0 Rome Double Agent user review(s).

With younger riders venturing into the backcountry, the rise in popularity of splitboarding and the ever shrinking difference between splitboard and normal snowboard ride performance, it was only a matter of time before a brand released a splitboard for freestyling in the backcountry. Whether freestylers will opt for Rome’s Double Agent or accessing the goods with Mountain Approach skis remains to be seen. Oh yeah, the Double Agent only comes in 154.

Rome Double Agent

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Rome Mod Rocker - 2013 0 Rome Mod Rocker user review(s).

Rome’s range of snowboards is so large it’s easy to get lost. All you need to know about the Rome Mod is that if you want an easy to ride snowboard that tears apart the terrain park with ease and adapts with minimal fuss to riding more natural features on the mountain the Mod Rocker is an easy choice. The Rome Mod Rocker is a smooth, easy to ride, and fun performer that’s a firm favorite with Snowboard-Review after last year’s test ride.

Rome Mod Rocker

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Rome Agent Rocker - 2013 0 Rome Agent Rocker user review(s).

The Agent Rocker is snowboard artillery for crazy lines and burley backcountry booters. Strong intermediates will get along fine with the Agent Rocker, but riders who have spent plenty of time with a snowboard under their feet are more likely to appreciate the edge hold provided by triax glass, the pop from Carbon HotRods and the damp and powerful benefits of Basalt reinforcement. The Agent Rocker is Rome’s do everything directional twin snowboard for strong riders.

Rome Agent Rocker

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Rome Reverb Rocker - 2013 1 Rome Reverb Rocker user review(s).

Based on the Rome Agent its slightly older sibling, the Rome Reverb is also designed for all-mountain riders who want to take a twin shape board from the park to the backcountry. The hybrid MtnPop rocker provides more accessible pop, a smoother flex through carves and good deep snow performance. The Carbon/Glass biax laminates and glass fibre HotRods add extra pop for boosting ollies, powering up pipe walls and spraying up monster pow clouds on a freshy day. The Reverb will suit all sorts of riders from Intermediates through to experts.

Rome Reverb Rocker

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Rome Artifact Rocker - 2013 0 Rome Artifact Rocker user review(s).

The Rome Artifact is the original jib snowboard. Softer than butter left in the sun for an afternoon, spread the Artifact over rails, boxes and urban features with zero effort.

Rome Artifact Rocker

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Rome Romp - 2013 0 Rome Romp user review(s).

Featuring Rome’s brand new NoHang-Ups catch free Rocker the all new Rome Romp is an entry level snowboard with more than a few extras. The twin shape, softer flex and maintenance light extruded base mean that beginners and terrain park addicts will both enjoy a Romp.

Rome Romp

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Rome LO-FI Rocker - 2013 0 Rome LO-FI Rocker user review(s).

The LO-FI is all about female riders being able to capitalize on the versatility that reverse camber adds to a twin shaped snowboard. The Rome LO-FI is for those freestyle riders looking for a high-end snowboard truly at home in the park but also no stranger to deep powder days. Basalt reinforcement and Glass HotRods provide all the pop you’ll need for ollies and nose and tails resistance for heavy landings and sketchy snow conditions.

Rome LO-FI Rocker

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Rome Powder Room - 2013 0 Rome Powder Room user review(s).

If you’re not splitboarding you’re nobody! At least that’s what all the hype has probably got you thinking. If you have the time to tour into the backcountry, SB-RV definitely advices getting on a splitboard and accessing lines and peaks you’ve only ever gazed at from afar. The Powder Room, based on Rome’s men’s splitboard the White Room, comes with inserts all prepared for mounting your Voile kit, edges on the inside of the board for improved durability and edge hold on sketchy surfaces and a powder specific rocker/camber profile to make touring in deep snow and charging through powder much less effort. If the 153 fits your height and weight, you’re in luck!

Rome Powder Room

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Rome Gold - 2013 0 Rome Gold user review(s).

Rome’s latest edition to its All-mountain line for ladies is the Gold. Directional in shape with a hybrid rocker profile, Kevlar reinforcement in the tips, triax glass lay-up and a sintered base; the spec reads like a check-list for building a versatile and aggressive all-mountains snowboard for riders who spend most of their time charging resort trails and hunting for powder. Advanced female riders with a couple of years on a snowboard are more likely appreciate the aggresive nature of the Gold.

Rome Gold

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Rome Factory Rocker - 2013 0 Rome Factory Rocker user review(s).

If you picking-up your first snowboard or just on a tight budget, and you are looking for a true twin shaped ride to hit the park, piste and pow with? The name might not be all that exotic, but with a True Twin shape, extra reinforcement and a hybrid camber/rocker profile the Rome Factory Rocker packs a punch for the price.

Rome Factory Rocker

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Rome Hammerhead - 2013 0 Rome Hammerhead user review(s).

The Rome Hammerhead could quite possibly be the softest snowboard SB-RV has ever reviewed, taking the crown from the Signal Park Rocker. Our tester Mikee isn’t the heaviest of riders but he had no problem bending it like a liquorice lace. A simple image of the Hammerhead speaks a thousand words, so there’s no point in writing a lengthy intro here, just know that the Hammerhead looks crazy, rides crazy, is crazy, but rail rats will love it.

Rome Hammerhead

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Rome Tour - 2013 0 Rome Tour user review(s).

“Entry level” packs a lot more punch these days than it ever used to. The Rome Tour raises the standard of what companies can offer to progressing intermediate riders on a budget. Reverse camber, NoHang-Ups 3D board profiling, bamboo core inserts and Rome’s Quickrip Sidecut at this price range should be illegal. If you’re after a cheap park focused snowboard to trash on rails and boxes then the Rome Tour could be a winner. The only problem you are likely to have is finding it in internet search results between guided tours of the Colosseum and the Vatican.

Rome Tour

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Rome Butterknife - 2013 0 Rome Butterknife user review(s).

If the Shank isn’t soft and buttery enough for you (a fairly unlikely eventuality) then Rome has got your back with the Butterknife. Softer than a bowl of jelly and peanut butter and equally as spreadable the Butterknife is a snowboard for jib obsessed individuals who will appreciate the uber soft flex, catch-free NoHang-ups 3D board profiling and short blunted kicks. Our tester Rob loved it until he zeached a rail, washed-out, landed on his elbow and ended up in intensive care with a ruptured kidney. Testing boards isn’t without its perils!

Rome Butterknife

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Rome Shank - 2013 0 Rome Shank user review(s).

The thought of a reverse camber snowboard with raised contact points always made everybody at giggle, imagining how ridiculously slippery it would be in anything but powder, we thought. Well Rome built one and it turns-out that we were wrong. The Rome Shank can hold an edge, it does ollie and according to our tester Rob, it’s actually a pretty fun board to ride! It is probably still best to keep the Shank away from icy Super Pipe walls though.

Rome Shank

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Rome Crossrocket - 2013 0 Rome Crossrocket user review(s).

The Crossrocket is Rome’s take on 3D board profiling, lifting the contact points at the start and end of the effective edge a country mile clear of snow below. If you thought Bataleon had the monopoly on that technology, think again. The Crossrocket has a true twin shape and a camber profile and is aimed at those riders who want the loose feel of reverse camber with more energetic and aggressive feel of camber.

Rome Crossrocket

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