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Mod Rocker reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Mod Rocker is a video review.
Rome Mod Rocker - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (6) user review(s).

The Rome Mod Rocker is one of those boards that the masses have been waiting on for years. It’s not that the cambered Mod needs rocker it’s just that riders wanted the high spec performance of the cambered mod with the playfulness of reverse camber. If that was the mission statement then Rome has surpassed itself. The Freepop Rocker is stable but playful featuring a flat area that runs from 5cm before the leading foot’s first pair of inserts to 5cm past the last set of inserts, this flat section is designed to give a stable level platform. In the tips are Carbon hotrods, which are milled into the core giving the Mod Rocker plenty of pop, but the tips remain buttery and easily pressed. Rome employed famous London stencil/graffiti artist D-Face to do his thing and he’s done a nice job of the graphics.

Rome Mod Rocker

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Artifact reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Artifact - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Aly Mac - (1) user review(s).

Riding the Artifact with positive camber is a very different experience to riding the noodley Atrifact Rocker. The spec and features are identical but the use of camber is a complete game change. Poppy off jumps and airing onto rails and still extremely easy to press, the Artifact only gains from reverting back to camber.

Rome Artifact

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Rome Minishred Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Minishred Rocker user review(s).

Durable construction, easy to ride features and nice graffiti inspired graphics, what more could you want from a kid’s snowboard?

Rome Minishred Rocker

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Rome Label Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Label Rocker user review(s).

Riding a Rome snowboard is going to get you kudos at school. Not only does the Label look sharp and fun it’s also got all the features they cram into the adult’s boards like a FREEPOP Rocker profile and a tip to tail wood core so it won’t fall apart when you start nailing frontboards and backside 540s.

Rome Label Rocker

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Rome Lo-Fi - 2012 0 Rome Lo-Fi user review(s).

The standard positive cambered Lo-Fi trades the loose, forgiving nature of FREEPOP rocker for the precise and snappy feel of camber. A better choice for women who enjoy railing carves down groomed hardpack in the morning and bust airs out of a freshly cut halfpipe. It may be less playful than the Lo-Fi Rocker but it offers a bucket load more performance.

Rome Lo-Fi

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Rome Lo-Fi Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Lo-Fi Rocker user review(s).

Rome’s top line women’s freestyle board the Lo-Fi Rocker isn’t just meant for the park, Rome reckon it’ll do a pretty good job of riding anything and everything. The FREEPOP profile improves float and keeps the tips softer for aiding butters, but there are Basalt Vs in the tips to keep you from washing out and to add pop. The short running length of the Lo-Fi Rocker and its tight sidecut keep it nimble and responsive on powder and piste and Biaxial glass keeps the torsional flex supple for rail and box tricks.

Rome Lo-Fi Rocker

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Rome Agent Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Agent Rocker user review(s).

The Agent Rocker has done a few seasons now but Rome continue to make little tweaks to improve its all-mountain freestyle performance. This year Carbon Hotrods have been introduced to increase pop and make the most of the lively MTNPOP camber. The Agent Rocker is a freestyle snowboard that can handle jumps, powder and jibs in equal measures.

Rome Agent Rocker

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Rome Jett - 2012 0 Rome Jett user review(s).

Female beginners should be stoked on the Rome Jett. The standard Biaxial fibreglass and extruded base are standard materials that you’ll find on most entry level boards but the Hybrid Fun Camber profile and directional shape are designed to make picking up the basics and progressing quickly through the ranks of ability painless and quick. It’s easy to link turns on, fun and effortless in powder, stable on icy pistes and forgiving taking-off and landing all sorts of jumps and bumps. The graphics aren’t too shabby either.

Rome Jett

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Rome Blue - 2012 0 Rome Blue user review(s).

The Blue is a next level ride for advanced female freeriders who demand response, control and power. Based on the men’s Anthem, the Blue ups the women’s freeride board ante with Triaxial glass and Rome’s Quickrip progressive sidecut, Kevlar Pressure Pop V technology and of course the ultra-snappy Carbon Hotrods; this board is designed to launch off rollers and bury it’s edge into sketchy snow conditions. The Hybrid camber means the nose and tail rise very gradually around 15cm before the start of the effective edge making rolling into turns effortless and improving powder floatation.

Rome Blue

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Rome Vinyl - 2012 0 Rome Vinyl user review(s).

The Vinyl is Rome’s do it all intermediate female specific snowboard. A lively and responsive cambered profile is complimented with Glass Single Barrel Hotrods to put plenty of pop into the tail for ollies and biaxial glass laminates keep the Vinyl manageable for lightweight riders. If you’ve got the need, the need for speed then the Sintertrue base will keep you happy.

Rome Vinyl

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Rome Detail Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Detail Rocker user review(s).

This is the super soft jib stick in Rome’s women specific line. JIBPOP rocker has a shorter flat section between the bindings than Rome’s FREEPOP Rocker making butters and pressing that much easier and making the Detail Rocker feel loose on the snow. To add pop without torsional stiffness the Detail Rocker gets reverse Basalt Vs in the nose and tail. The Detail has an extruded base to keep maintenance easy and the cost down.

Rome Detail Rocker

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Rome Crail - 2012 0 Rome Crail user review(s).

You’ve been riding for a few weeks, hiring a board is a pain because you always end up with a dud and the rubber bumpers on tips aren’t the look you are going for, so you’re taking the plunge and buying your first board. The thing is all of your riding buddies are skiers and all they want to do is hoon around as fast as they can, you need to keep up otherwise the Jagermesiter is on you. Well we might just have the perfect board for you and it’s called the Rome Crail. The hybrid RipIt camber will help you to get to grips with powder while your friends sink like lead balloons and the mellow sidecut will aid stability when you’ve had enough of their faffing around and want to straight-line until your eyes water through your goggles.

Rome Crail

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Rome Headline - 2012 1 Rome Headline user review(s).

The Rome Headline combines an early rise hybrid camber profile with an all-mountain progressive sidecut and directional shape, producing an affordable and adaptable snowboards for intermediates who want to focus their progression on the freeride side of snowboarding, but can’t resist a mosey through the park and pipe once in a blue moon.

Rome Headline

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Rome Anthem - 2012 1 Rome Anthem user review(s).

Perhaps it is not as brutal as the steroid injected Anthem SS, but the standard Anthem is still a snowboard designed to be ridden hard and fast on its edges on blue ice, crisp corduroy, chunky chop and of course virgin powder, the directional flex and pressure initiated Hybrid RipIt Camber take care of that. To aid pop out of turns the 45 degree triaxial glass is reinforced with Carbon Hotrods and V powerbars and to keep chatter from ruining the party the Anthem includes Kevlar inserts that run from under the bindings to the start of the effective edge. For all-mountain riders who get a lot of enjoyment from gunning down pistes and who find themselves venturing increasingly frequently into the backcountry, the Anthem is an inspired choice.

Rome Anthem

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Rome Notch - 2012 0 Rome Notch user review(s).

The Rome Notch is a heavily tapered and set-back freeride snowboard with a firm flex for those uninterested in learning tricks, unless you count dropping huge cliffs or aiming down impossible pillow lines. Powder S camber makes an appearance and blends the benefits of a long rockered nose with the precision feel and irreplaceable edge hold of camber between the feet and in the tail. For those looking for a really special snowboard, the 164 has a swallow tail!

Rome Notch

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Rome Whiteroom - 2012 0 Rome Whiteroom user review(s).

Splitboarding is so 2011! Everyman and his dog will be splitting by next year so get on the trend before all the lines you’ve been eyeing up for years get tracked out. The Whiteroom isn’t particularly directional or even setback that much, 20mm is pretty minimal, but Rome has introduced Powder S camber which blends from camber into a rockered nose from the your leading binding for effortless float in deeps snow and easy trail blazing. Why ride a snowboard shape you’re not used?

Rome Whiteroom

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Rome Anthem SS - 2012 1 Rome Anthem SS user review(s).

The Anthem SS is a serious piece of snowboarding hardware, everything that goes into this one board army is designed to give it a powerful flex and unmatched edge hold. CarbonBiax laminate fuses the benefits of Carbon and Basalt fibres for an immensely snappy ride , there is Kevlar reinforcement running from the bindings to the start of the effective edge to eliminate unwanted chatter and improve control and Carbon Torque Hotrods run between the bindings arching out to the sidecut at the waist. Basically the Rome Anthem is so pumped full of reinforcement it will blast through anything and the Nano Carbon sintered base ensures it all happens at brutal speeds.

Rome Anthem SS

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Rome Reverb - 2012 0 Rome Reverb user review(s).

The Rome Reverb is the toned down version of the Agent, designed for less experienced riders or those that just want a less aggressive ride.

Rome Reverb

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Rome Agent - 2012 0 Rome Agent user review(s).

I rode the Agent a couple of seasons ago and I loved it. Its directional twin shape owned the mountain riding regular and didn’t penalise me one bit for riding switch. In and out of turns the Agent was energised and the pop off kickers was monstrous, at the same time I had fun on rails and buttering about. The Rome Agent in its cambered form is a great slopestyle snowboard, it’s responsive and full of life without being stiff and is best suited to experienced riders who want to ride park but still like their snowboard to feel capable on the rest of the mountain.

Rome Agent

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Rome Mod - 2012 0 Rome Mod user review(s).

The Mod is Rome’s positive cambered, high tech, all-mountain freestyle weapon. Lively and precise in the park, capable in the powder particularly off big backcountry booters and just as fun cranking deep carves into corduroy this versatile snowboard ideal for experienced and demanding snowboarders.

Rome Mod

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Rome Garage Rocker - 2012 1 Rome Garage Rocker user review(s).

If you’re picking up freestyle snowboarding for the first time and you want an affordable rockered twin with durable construction and a loose rocker profile, the Rome Garage Rocker has got your name on it. Available in tons of regular width and wide sizes so you can find the perfect size for your stats.

Rome Garage Rocker

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Rome Factory Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Factory Rocker user review(s).

New for the 2011/12 season the Rome Factory suits beginner to intermediate snowboarder’s looking for a board that will last them longer than up to the point where they are sticking their first turns or landing their first park jump. MTNPOP hybrid camber takes the difficulty out of riding powder, the catchiness of learning to straight line bumpy runs and the awkwardness of experimenting with buttering while the Quickgrip sidecut helps with perfecting carving technique and the Glass V-Stringers make sure the edges don’t skip out which can really dent your confidence.

Rome Factory Rocker

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Rome Artifact Rocker - 2012 1 Rome Artifact Rocker user review(s).

The uncompromising jib noodle that is the Rome Artifact Rocker returns once again to give rail kids and street urchins everything they need to get metal sliding. The Artifact Rocker’s flex remains super soft this year but to provide a little extra pop Rome have added Glass Single Barrel Hot Rods to the tip and tail for a little extra ollie boost.

Rome Artifact Rocker

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Rome Postermania - 2012 0 Rome Postermania user review(s).

Rome builds a lot of freestyle snowboards, The Postermania is the snowboard that most suits the kind of rider who laps the park most of the time, but wants a snowboard to huck into bottomless landings and score fresh turns with when it pukes powder. The Postermania’s twin shape and FREEPOP reverse camber profile make it playful in the park while the Quickrip sidecut, Straightbiax Carbon laminates and Carbon V stringers make it lively in and out of turns and provide plenty of pop for clearing table tops and popping ollies over out-of-bounds ropes.

Rome Postermania

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Rome Reverb Rocker - 2012 0 Rome Reverb Rocker user review(s).

The all new Rome Reverb Rocker is pretty much a toned down version of the Agent Rocker. It has a similar twin shape with a slightly mellower Quickrip sidecut and the same MTNPOP rocker/camber hybrid profile. Instead of Carbon Hotrods the Reverb gets Glass Hotrods, instead of 30 degree Triaxial glass the Reverb gets Biaxial glassÖ you get the gist. The Reverb tones down the performance so that intermediates and lighter riders don’t feel overpowered.

Rome Reverb Rocker

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