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Detail reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Detail - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

Take the infamous Rome artifact, soften it up even more and reduce the waist, but keep the slimey bronze edges and pop core matrix, throw in some handrails and go easy on the park jumps and you’ve got the Rome Detail, the ultimate women specific snowboard for rail and jib hungry chiquitas.

Rome Detail

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Blue reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Blue - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kaz Willmer - (0) user review(s).

Roll-up, roll-up. Come see the all-mountain spectacle that everybody’s talking about. A modern miracle, the eighth wonder of the world, a snowboard that will take intermediate to advanced riders confidently over the whole mountain, from deep powder-laden tree runs to icy pipe and slushy kickers. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t fancy having to go back down the hill to change their board at lunch so they can ride park in afternoon, having ridden powder all morning.

Rome Blue

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Headline reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Headline - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (2) user review(s).

The Headline is a directional all-mountain ride for progressive intermediate snowboarders. In the Ride Control and K2 Podium vein of snowboard (the mid-priced directional, ride everything snowboard), the Rome Headline is a great find. With a comprehensive spec and plenty of performance to support your growing ability you won’t find a better priced board in this under-supplied board genre.

Rome Headline

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Agent reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Agent - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The head chefs at Rome have blatantly taken a wish list from legend Bjorn Leines a snowboard connoisseur whose had more pro models than you’ve had hot meals and made it happen. The result is the Rome Agent, a meaty freestyle dish. The recipe includes a sprinkling of Carbon reinforcement layered with 30 degree triaxial glass and a smooth and creamy sintered base, Rome have also made the Agent availble with their 1985 Free rocker. Best served cold!

Rome Agent

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Rome Graft - 2010 0 Rome Graft user review(s).

Park, park and more park. If you are hungry for a big ol’ portion of hand rail jerky, kicker surprise and quaterpipe casserole, get out your big snowboard ladle and scoop up a handsome serving of Rome Graft, serve with a variety of tasty butters.

Rome Graft

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Rome Postermania - 2010 0 Rome Postermania user review(s).

You’ve been cruising around on the Rome Graft for a number of years, but you’ve been listening to all the talk of the banana revolution and you want to get on the reverse camber bandwagon. Here’s your opportunity to make the jump to the dark side. Take the Graft and trade a little on edge grip for effortless butters and presses, forgiving landings, catch free straight-lines and a bit of versatility in deeper snow conditions, what do you get? The Rome Postermania.

Rome Postermania

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Rome Pusher - 2010 0 Rome Pusher user review(s).

In the infamous words of old school lyricists, ladies Salt and Pepper ‘Push it, Push it real good’. Everything you need to push the boundaries of park and general all –mountain freestyle snowboarding. New to the Rome line-up the Pusher’s designed to feel loose and playful, but the pop hasn’t been sacrificed by it’s rocker profile, no sir, the clever folks at Rome have beefed up the Pusher with the Superpop Core Matrix, Carbon weave triaxial glass and Carbon V Stringers.

Rome Pusher

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Rome Aritifact 1985 - 2010 0 Rome Aritifact 1985 user review(s).

Remember when you were a kid at school, drawing your dream car. The finished article was more than likely completely bananas, probably like the car Homer designed for his brother Herb Powell in that classic episode of the Simpsons. Well Rome have done exactlty the same for their latest jib/rail specific snowboard. To start with, they took the classic Artifact shape, replaced the standard camberered profile with the 1985 Jib rocker (flat between the bindings for locking onto rails and rockered at the tip and tail for easy pressing and slow speed pop); used a torsionally soft biaxial glass for that smooth on rail feel; introduced soft Brass edges with a 3 degree park bevel to minimise the risk of hanging up; a durable and easy to maintain extruded base and added reverse-V fiberglass reinforcement to add pop without torsional stiffness. Finally Rome added old school Bones Brigade skateboard graphics for uber steeze! Check out what Rome Team rider Eiki Helgason has to say about the board in the Rails section of our Pro-tips (you can find it in the snowboard guide).

Rome Aritifact 1985

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Rome Riff - 2010 0 Rome Riff user review(s).

All the goodness, shape and features of the Mod, with an extra 7mm added to the waist width for those unfortunate enough (in snowboarding terms) to have two great slabs of meat located at the end of their chicken legs.

Rome Riff

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Rome Mod - 2010 0 Rome Mod user review(s).

High tech freestyle snowboarding has never looked so attractive. The Rome Mod has all of the features which now come as standard on most freestyle boards. A blunted tip and tail, a sintered base, carbon biax glass and a 2 degree park bevel are what you’d expect and what you’ll find. The extras include Z.Tech reverse-V stringer technology which increases pop and damping without compromising buttering ability; Centerline Twin PowerAmp Mapping which places bamboo in the core to increase pop and increases liveliness on edge; and impact plates to reduce the effect of those heavy landings on your new purchase.

Rome Mod

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Rome Anthem SS - 2010 0 Rome Anthem SS user review(s).

Want to lay out big hand dragging carves on pristine groomers? Well you’ll need a cambered snowboard. Want effortless float and a loose catch-free ride? You’ll need a rocker profiled snowboard. Want both? With the Anthem SS’ Hybrid rocker you can have all of these characteristics. All the best materials in a board that won’t let you down, whatever the terrain or conditions.

Rome Anthem SS

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Rome Design - 2010 1 Rome Design user review(s).

Super light, high spec worldwide annihilation! For snowboarders that don’t like to mess around looking at anything but the highest spec rides on the market. The Design’s Airpop core, Carbon Biaxial laminates and Dual Inline Power Amp mapping mean it’s livelier than a bag of stem cells. For advanced all-mountain freestylers who need an explosively powerful and responsive snowboard.

Rome Design

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Rome Notch - 2010 1 Rome Notch user review(s).

I bet you never thought Rome would release a tapered powder gun! You’re eyes are not decieving you they have and it’s loaded with freeride technology! Available with a number of different camber profiles including Romes new S-Camber (a bit like the Burton Fish’s camber) and a Swallow tail in 164 and 172 cms. Rome have given the Notch a medium torsional flex by using 30 degree triaxial glass and a lively longitudinal flex by adding carbon stringers and bamboo along the core centre-line at the tail. The result a surfy ride with buckets of float and poppy tail for setting down high speed landings and slashing Jaws style windlips… cowabunga dude!

Rome Notch

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