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Mod reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Mod - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (7) user review(s).

The Rome Mod is the apple of the Rome designer’s freestyle eye. New for the 2011 season Rome have boosted the Mod’s pop-ability with Carbon Hot Rod reinforcement, they’ve toughened-up the construction with Kevlar impact plates (the material used in Bullet Proof Vests) and toned down the flex a little by replacing Carbon reinforced biaxial glass with Superlight biaxial glass. All of these features make the Mod a great option for experienced snowboarders who like to freestyle in the park, in the pipe and in the backcountry. If you’re riding experience has been constricted to sub-10 weeks on snow there are probably more suitable boards in the Rome range.

Rome Mod

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Artifact Rocker reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Rome Artifact Rocker - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (3) user review(s).

The Rome Artifact rocker is now legendary for its rail slaying ability. With a soft flex and reverse camber profile the Artifact Rocker is an ideal board for riders who want to ride jibs on the mountain or shred rails in their local town. New for 2011 the Artifact Rocker gets the Impact Composite core for better impact absorption and more uniform flex and Reverse –V glass reinforcement for extra pop without additional torsional rigidity.

Rome Artifact Rocker

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Rome Agent Rocker - 2011 0 Rome Agent Rocker user review(s).

Ok so the standard cambered Agent is a special snowboard, you ride it and without even knowing it, you’re riding well, it’s just one of those boards. Now take the standard cambered Agent and add a little twist in the form of Rome’s MtnPop Camber, which pretty much mimics Burton’s Flying V profile / Lib Tech’s C2 tech / Never Summer’s RC tech… rocker between the bindings and camber at the nose and tail. Combined with the Basalt Reinforcement and QuickGrip Sidecut and almost twin shape, you are talking about a board that is going to be very fun indeed. The Rome Agent Rocker is a snowboard for the aggressive and confident all-mountain freestyler. Be sure to check-out the Addictive Collection for an even stronger graphic.

Rome Agent Rocker

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Rome Anthem - 2011 0 Rome Anthem user review(s).

So Rome makes the Rome Anthem SS because the Anthem isn’t snappy and powerful enough for some riders. I’d like to meet these riders. With 45 degree triaxial glass, Carbon and Kevlar reinforcement and the usual Aipop core which has a healthy dose of Bamboo pop, you can be sure the Anthem will respond to even the most aggressive freeride snowboarder’s needs. Like the SS, the standard Anthem uses the pressure loaded early rise tips so there’s very little difference between the boards other than a bit of carbon here and there and a slightly slicker base; that said, the standard Anthem has a much cooler graphic and costs fewer of your hard earned notes.

Rome Anthem

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Rome Anthem SS - 2011 1 Rome Anthem SS user review(s).

You had better start working out (and saving for that matter) if you want to ride the Rome Anthem SS this season. With CarbonBiax you’ll need to put hard work into it before you get the explosive recoil and feedback the Anthem SS is famous for, a bit like priming a cannon. Don’t forget the Carbon torsion forks and chatter removing Kevlar, it may be like riding a nitrous powered dragster, but it’ll be as smooth as a Rolls Royce at the same time. The Anthem SS also uses Rome’s pressure loaded camber/rocker hybrid profile so you’ll get float in pow and energy out of carves.

Rome Anthem SS

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Rome Garage Rocker - 2011 6 Rome Garage Rocker user review(s).

What with the recession, house price crash and share prices going through the floor everyone is that little bit less well off. Do not fear, champion of the poor snowboarder, Rome Snowboards has put together a snowboard capable of tearing apart your local park with a buttery soft flex and durable construction. Now you can afford a new snowboard and a season pass.

Rome Garage Rocker

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Rome Pusher - 2011 0 Rome Pusher user review(s).

So you’re thinking about getting a rockered board, but you’re just worried that you won’t be able to take it out of the park. Well the Rome Pusher isn’t one of those rocker snowboards. With triaxial glass laminates and Basalt reinforcement the Pusher is designed to bridge the gap between twin park slayer and Backcountry booter banger. You’ve heard of Pop-and-lock, now try Pop-with-rock.

Rome Pusher

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Rome Headline - 2011 0 Rome Headline user review(s).

Rome seems to have most bases covered when it comes to producing snowboards for different types of riding. For snowboarders who need a board that can deal with a morning of riding powder, an afternoon of getting to grips with moguled black and red runs and then a quick shred off some jumps the Rome Headline fits the bill. The directional shape, sintered base and triaxial glass laminates mean the Headline isn’t ideal for pushing your freestyle as it won’t feel great on rails and boxes, but it’s no slouch on the rest of the mountain. The Headline suits intermediates who are more interested in progressing their carving down pistes than technical freestyle.

Rome Headline

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Rome Notch - 2011 0 Rome Notch user review(s).

The Notch is a freeride classic. For the price of the Rome Notch there really aren’t many snowboards that compete, a swallow tail for under $600 is mind blowing. With S-camber and a tapered shape the Notch will float no-matter how deep the snow gets, and the Triaxial glass laminates, Carbon V powerbars and Kevlar reinforcement mean you’ll get plenty of punch out slashy carves and when you’re blasting through afternoon chop, you won’t need to worry about chatter. Did I mention that the 164 is a swallow tail?

Rome Notch

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Rome Blue - 2011 0 Rome Blue user review(s).

Rome knows how to cater for serious all-mountain snowboarders, man or woman. The Rome Blue is Rome’s highest spec snowboard, for girls that want to boost out of the pipe, air off the black jumps in the park and leave their mark all over unmarked powder faces. Triaxial glass provides the grip and Kevlar V-shaped reinforcement removes unwanted chatter so you can push your riding out of your comfort zone. Finally there’s the new hybrid profile which, when loaded, rockers for increased float in powder and a less catchy ride on hard and choppy pistes.

Rome Blue

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Rome Manual - 2011 0 Rome Manual user review(s).

The Rome Manual is a wider version of the all conquering beginner and intermediates ride the Crail. Get to grips with your first turns, progress onto carving, take that carving into some powder and then up pipe walls, and do it all without any danger of boot overhang.

Rome Manual

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Rome Crail - 2011 0 Rome Crail user review(s).

Are you looking for your first snowboard? The Rome Crail could be the answer to all of your prayers. The Crail has an entry level spec, including features like biaxial glass for easy turn initiation and a directional shape so you can take your board in the powder if you’re lucky enough to get some fresh on your trip. The great thing about the Crail is that it comes with a cool graphic that doesn’t scream learner like a lot of entry level rides.

Rome Crail

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Rome Jett - 2011 0 Rome Jett user review(s).

The Jett hits the Rome ladies line-up for 2011 to meet the needs of beginners and intermediate riders. The directional shape makes the Jett versatile enough to ride different types of terrain and snow conditions, the biaxial glass laminates make the Rome Jett forgiving enough for even the least experienced riders and the extruded base will remain slick until you work-out how to wax and maintain your new snowboard.

Rome Jett

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Rome Vinyl - 2011 0 Rome Vinyl user review(s).

The Vinyl is Rome’s ride for female snowboarders who need a board that will perform everywhere on the mountain. Carbon Glass biaxial laminates create great edge hold and energy through carves whilst still managing to remain forgiving for when you don’t land bolts. Then there’s Rome’s Pop Core Matrix and Carbon Centerline Stringer Tech so you can be sure the Rome Vinyl will fire out of transitions. Killing kickers to punishing pow carves you can do it on the fantastic looking Vinyl.

Rome Vinyl

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Rome Cheaptrick - 2011 0 Rome Cheaptrick user review(s).

If you want a simple and affordable snowboard the Cheaptrick ticks all of the boxes. The spec might not blow your mind, but with a camber profile, biaxial glass laminates and an extruded base the Cheaptrick will meet the needs of beginners through to intermediate riders.

Rome Cheaptrick

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Rome Detail - 2011 0 Rome Detail user review(s).

The smoothest jibber in town returns for another season. With flat camber between the feet and rocker at the nose and tail matched with biaxial glass, an extruded base and 3 degrees of bevel on the base the Detail will tear apart jibs and even the kinkiest rail slides.

Rome Detail

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Rome LO-Fi Rocker - 2011 1 Rome LO-Fi Rocker user review(s).

Those female riders who want a super buttery and forgiving park ride with a bit of extra pop need look no further than the LO-Fi Rocker. The Biaxial glass laminates have carbon fibres interwoven for increased response and pop and there’s V shaped Basalt reinforcement in the nose and tail for spin trick pop and a bit of chatter absorption. The Lo-Fi is the rockered park snowboard that can kick it on powder landings too.

Rome LO-Fi Rocker

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Rome Graft - 2011 0 Rome Graft user review(s).

The Graft is designed to meet the needs of freestylers looking for snowboard in the same freestyle performance vein as the Agent, but with a slightly softer and more progressive flex. If you are looking for a snowboard with all the bells and whistles of a top of the range freestyle snowboard, but don’t want the inherent stiffness and demanding nature of a top spec board, the Graft fits the bill.

Rome Graft

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