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Team Gullwing reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Team Gullwing - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (6) user review(s).

Nitro must think they’re onto a good thing with their Gullwing profile, they’re even adding the technology to the the famous Team series. From legends like Nicola Throst and Shin Campos to new international kicker assassin Gian Luca Cavigelli, the Team has, and always will provide the goods for park and backcountry booter progression.

Nitro Team Gullwing

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Rook reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Rook - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (1) user review(s).

Last year the Rook was king of the Nitro castle. For 2011 the Nitro Rook returns with an almost identical package. Nitro are still using their zero camber profile, degressive sidecut and biaxial glass, but for 2011 they’re added Kevlar impact plates under the bindings so you don’t go smashing the core to bits when you overshoot landings, and Nitro have added their Pop Band technology, a narrow strip of glass that runs the length of the board, to improve pop without increasing torsional rigidity. The Rook is a park slayer with all-mountain versatility. If you’re not digging the 2011 graphic you can always pick up one of the limited edition rides featuring Dennis McNett’s artwork.

Nitro Rook

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Eero Ettala Pro reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Eero Ettala Pro - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (0) user review(s).

It’s a pretty well know fact that Eero Ettala kills it on all terrain. From Throwing down precise, laser guided double backflips in Japan’s legendary trees to stomping unimaginable tricks back-to-back in the X-Games finals, Finish snowboarding hero Eero Ettala can ride it all. No surprise then that Eero’s pro model at Nitro slices through any terrain like a hot knife through butter. Just make sure you work on your girlie legs over the summer, because the Eero isn’t the softest of snowboards.

Nitro Eero Ettala Pro

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Nitro Slash - 2011 0 Nitro Slash user review(s).

Is this the coolest looking snowboard on the planet? Available in three sizes the 161 and 166 are heavily tapered pin tails while the 177 (yes that’s one hundred and seventy seven centimeters!) has the same uber tapered shape with a mini swallow tail. But it’s not just the shape and paint job that are rad; Nitro are using biaxial laminates and the Reflex core profile (thinner profile between the feet) meaning the Slash is easy to initiate into turns and super slashy and agile. Finally the Slash features Nitro’s freeride specific S-Gullwing profile, basically an early rise nose with camber in the tail, a similar profile to that used in the Burton Fish and Atomic Banger. Perfect for slashing, sticking drops and pumping that pow for extra speed.

Nitro Slash

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Nitro Pantera LX - 2011 0 Nitro Pantera LX user review(s).

Take the Pantera, remove the four litre engine under the bonnet and replace it with a race tuned supercharged V8, that’s effectively what you get when you add the two letters LX to end of the Pantera. Sure the directional, slightly tapered shape is the same, and the Pantera LX still uses the Sintered Speed Formula II base. It’s the Diamond (basalt and carbon fibre) laminates combined with the Reflex core that create a ferocious animal, intent on ripping up corduroy and churning powder. If you’re a hard charger looking for a board to rail on edges and fire of cliffs, the Pantera LX is it.

Nitro Pantera LX

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Nitro Sub Zero - 2011 1 Nitro Sub Zero user review(s).

You’ve been looking at the Swindle but zero camber just isn’t going to cut it… you want Gullwing rocker / camber profile. Nitro have got you covered, the super soft flexing Combat core and biaxial laminates keep the Sub Zero as soft as a sponge and the Gullwing camber makes pressing and buttering on tap.

Nitro Sub Zero

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Nitro Swindle - 2011 4 Nitro Swindle user review(s).

Nitro’s budget rail riding rip-stick the Swindle returns to the Nitro range for 2011. From the Scratch & Rip FH base which changes colour when you gauge it to the Reflex core profile and flat camber the Nitro Swindle should have you pressing everything from concrete ledges to single bar handrails with minimal effort.

Nitro Swindle

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Nitro T1 - 2011 2 Nitro T1 user review(s).

The park staple of the Nitro range, the T1 feels like it’s been around since the beginning. Everything about the T1 screams ‘PARK!!!’. Taking if from the top, the Powercore II core uses the Reflex profile, thinning its profile between the feet for a little bit more agility on rail approaches and easier presses on whatever ledge, box or handrail you’re taking the T1 too. Then there’s the Railkiller (super thick) edges for extra steal-on-steal durability no matter how many down to flat kinks you need to work the T1 through. Nitro have used biaxial glass in the T1’s construction for forgiving landings and less catchy rail slaying, and then added their new Pop Band reinforcement along the centre of the board for extra pop without compromising forgiveness. Finally, there’s the Zero camber which makes on-rail action Rolls Royce smooth and kicker takeoffs catch free. If you are serious about dominating the Park and showing up your buddies, we reckon the T1 is the bomb!

Nitro T1

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Nitro Gross Out Kids Pro Series - 2011 0 Nitro Gross Out Kids Pro Series user review(s).

Another team edition ride from Nitro, the Gross Out Kids pro series uses it’s own unique shape, Nitro’s Gullwing rocker/camber profile and the soft flexing Combat composite wood core combined with Bi-Lite biaxial glass laminates to create a snowboard to press and jib your way from the top of the mountain all the way home. Find your size and support your favourite Nitro team rider.

Nitro Gross Out Kids Pro Series

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Nitro Pantera - 2011 1 Nitro Pantera user review(s).

Like an 80s heavy metal band the Nitro Pantera gets better with age. You’re after float in powder? The directional tapered shape will provide plenty of float and the sintered base will have you gliding over any sticky flat spots. Want edge hold for laying down supersonic carves? Triaxial glass and a progressive sidecut should keep your edge in the snow and the board stable no matter what conditions you find the Pantera plowing through. Need pop? Camber and Basalt tip-to-tail reinforcement will kick you out of carves and fire you head height off rollers.

Nitro Pantera

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Nitro Shadow - 2011 0 Nitro Shadow user review(s).

From out of the dark comes a powerful creation, a snowboard so powerful it may well fill the place of the vanquished Nitro Prolight. Spec-ed to the max, the Nitro Shadow packs more under the topsheet than most high class rides; we are talking Gullwing camber, triaxial glass, basalt fibre reinforcement and Kevlar impact plates under the bindings. Expect a lively and responsive all-mountain snowboard designed to be ridden by aggressive and experienced snowboarders.

Nitro Shadow

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Nitro Addict - 2011 7 Nitro Addict user review(s).

There’s a new snowboard in town and the rumor going around is that once you’ve sampled the intoxicating high of riding it, you’ll even loot your grandma to pay for one. The Nitro Addict combines Nitro’s Gullwing rocker/camber profile in a directional twin shape and the all new Combat wood composite core, creating a board that rules in all conditions and on all terrain. It also makes a nice change to see a Nitro Snowboard that isn’t black or neon, Mark Welsh’s photography is rad.

Nitro Addict

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Nitro Lectra - 2011 0 Nitro Lectra user review(s).

Do you remember your first day on a snowboard? Let’s be honest… it sucked, sore wrists, a sore back, raw feet from badly fitting boots and a lump of a hire board to lug around. At least one of those contributing factors to a sucky day can be changed. The soft flexing Nitro Lectra with its biaxial glass, radial sidecut and low camber will make the first day that bit more bearable and progression over the following weeks that little bit quicker.

Nitro Lectra

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Nitro Carrara - 2011 0 Nitro Carrara user review(s).

Much like the similarly named Porsche 911, the Nitro Carrara is a high performance speed machine thanks to the directional shape and sintered Speed Formula II base. The only difference is you won’t have some yuppie trader with slick back hair and a mobile phone the size of a brief case riding one just like yours. ‘Carraras are like so cool, yah, I’m buying one as soon as I get my bonus’. All-mountain performance for confident female rippers.

Nitro Carrara

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Nitro Haze - 2011 2 Nitro Haze user review(s).

The Nitro Haze returns for another season of budget, park shredding. From the predictable radial sidecut, to the Biaxial laminates and extruded base there’s no denying the Haze’s features are run-of-the-mill, but hey that’s ideal if you want to kick it in the park.

Nitro Haze

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Nitro Runaway - 2011 0 Nitro Runaway user review(s).

Beneath its fairly innocent looking skin the Nitro Runaway is a bit of a park animal. From the wicked Scratch & Rip base which shows off your board’s wounds to the extra thick edges to prevent nasty dings and the Gullwing profile which combines loose feel with pop and edge hold, the Runaway is everything park rippers have been dreaming of.

Nitro Runaway

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Nitro Fate - 2011 0 Nitro Fate user review(s).

Year after year the Fate returns to the Nitro line-up. It might be because of the Reflex core profile and Bi-Lite laminates that make the Fate ridiculously easy to turn. Then again, it could be because the dual degressive sidecut makes landings and take-offs catch free, but then again it might be because the Zero camber profile makes the Fate easy to take in the powder and buttery smooth on jibs and pressing on boxes. I reckon it’s because all of these features combine to make a snowboard that makes snowboarding fun.

Nitro Fate

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Nitro Prime - 2011 1 Nitro Prime user review(s).

The Nitro Prime probably won’t win any awards for pioneering snowboard design or mind-blowing performance, but that’s not the point. Designed to cut the cost of getting into snowboarding and to meet the needs of beginner and recreational snowboarders, the Prime is everything you’ll need to take up the best sport in the world.

Nitro Prime

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Nitro Misfit - 2011 1 Nitro Misfit user review(s).

The Nitro Misfit definitely fits the bill for riders who want to take their kicker riding to the backcountry. A camber profile and Rock Band basalt fibres running along the length provide the pop you need for blasting off soft powdery transitions and the triaxial glass and flat kick tips arm riders with a board that’ll stick super deep powder and completely tracked-out landings. Should you feel the urge to lay down some hand-dragging carves or blast a big Lien air out of the pipe then the Misfit’s probably a good match.

Nitro Misfit

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Nitro Blacklight - 2011 0 Nitro Blacklight user review(s).

The Nitro Blacklight has been a favourite with larger footed riders for a number of seasons now. From the Lava Laminates (triaxial glass combined with Basalt fibres) to the Sintered Speed Formula II base, the Blacklight oozes class and high speed performance. The Blacklight is a snowboard for going as fast as possible and huge off any transition you can find.

Nitro Blacklight

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Nitro Mystique - 2011 0 Nitro Mystique user review(s).

Don’t let the cliché name fool you; the Mystique is not a punters board. Featuring Nitro’s new Combat composite core for increased flexibility and durability and the Gullwing rocker/camber hybrid profile, the Mystique has all the features of a higher priced ride in a snowboard designed to help beginner through to intermediate female riders get to grips with everything from the park to pow.

Nitro Mystique

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Nitro Demand - 2011 2 Nitro Demand user review(s).

The Nitro Demand is new to the line-up for 2011. Designed with young rippers in-mind, the short lengths, biaxial glass, radial sidecut and Gullwing camber provide everything young riders need to lay waste to the park and impress girls, which if I’m honest with myself was one of the reasons I started snowboarding.

Nitro Demand

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Nitro Magnum - 2011 0 Nitro Magnum user review(s).

No it’s not a posh choc-ice and it’s definitely not the most powerful hand gun in the world. The Nitro Magnum is Nitro’s notoriously wide snowboarding boat designed for those gifted in the shoe department. Boot overhang is a thing of the past, it’s just a shame baggage excess isn’t.

Nitro Magnum

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Nitro Cheryl Mass Pro - 2011 0 Nitro Cheryl Mass Pro user review(s).

Cheryl Mass has been mixing it up with the boys for years. Her effortless style and complete disregard for personal safety mean she’s one of the best female riders out there and puts many male pros to shame. Cheryl gets another pro stick on Nitro for 2011 and with a sintered base, low camber and biaxial laminates, you can be sure the Nitro Cheryl Mass Pro will be perfect for riding kickers, rails and backcountry hits.

Nitro Cheryl Mass Pro

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