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Nitro T1 - 2013 1 Nitro T1 user review(s).

The T1 is Nitro’s time proven park focused true twin. A zero camber, blunted twin spec-ed up with Pop Band reinforcement and a sintered base and now featuring Nitro’s Whiplash core profiling which ads pop by increasing the core thickness at the outside of the bindings, the T1 is the kicker and rail killer the Nitro team take-out when the knuckles get bigger and the rails scarier.

Nitro T1

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Nitro Blacklight Gullwing - 2013 0 Nitro Blacklight Gullwing user review(s).

Nitro’s hybrid camber rocket ship, also known as the Nitro Blacklight Gullwing is an all-mountain missile for blasting freeride terrain and slaughtering big transitions. For advanced riders who life firm flexing snowboards with big returns from carves and ollies and who don’t mind putting the work in to get the rewards the Nitro Blacklight Gullwing is a winner. The mid-wide waist means those folks with size 10US to 13US boot sizes are going to have all the fun.

Nitro Blacklight Gullwing

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Nitro Swindle - 2013 0 Nitro Swindle user review(s).

If the English dictionary had an entry for “Urban Snowboarding” it would probably mention the Nitro Swindle as the snowboard of choice. From the blunted twin shape to the extra thick RailKiller edges and Scratch & Rip base the Swindle reads like a wish list for getting your jib-on. This year the Swindle’s ollie-pop gets a boost from the addition of Nitro’s Whiplash core profiling.

Nitro Swindle

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Nitro Spell - 2013 0 Nitro Spell user review(s).

Park addicts come in all shapes, sizes and genders. Nitro knows female riders are stepping up their urban rail game and so its design team pieced together the Spell. The Nitro Spell combines the smooth on rail feel of zero camber, extra thick Railkiller edges and their Hi-Def extruded base, obvious choices for jib performance and durability in a harsh urban environment. A nice extra is the Whiplash core profiling which adds thicker sections outside the bindings for extra ollie pop.

Nitro Spell

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Nitro Fate Zero - 2013 0 Nitro Fate Zero user review(s).

The Nitro Fate Zero (flat camber profile) is an easy board to ride, an easy snowboard to progress on but an incredibly difficult snowboard to pigeon-hole, because of its adaptive nature. Female snowboarders of all levels and riding types who don’t want to restrict their riding to the board they’ve strapped themselves to will love the Fate Zero.

Nitro Fate Zero

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Nitro Factory Fate - 2013 0 Nitro Factory Fate user review(s).

The almost famous Nitro Fate has been souped-up for 2013 with Nitro’s technology loaded Factory construction. That’s not to say it has become any heavier, with Nitro’s brand new Koroyd Hybrid core it’s probably managed to lose a few pounds too. For aggressive female riders looking for a lightweight, high performance, precision snowboard with the power or traditional camber the Factory Fate is the zenith of Nitro’s female range.

Nitro Factory Fate

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Nitro Team Series Gullwing - 2013 0 Nitro Team Series Gullwing user review(s).

SB-RV heaped praise on the Nitro Team Series Gullwing last season. It is light, has tons of pop and a seriously fast sintered base. For riders whose ability is a little above intermediate; charging is no issue, riding switch is no biggie and hitting the 8m+ tables in the park is all part of a day’s riding then the Gullwing is a solid all-mountain choice. Off-piste, marked trails, park runs and urban rail sessions, you name it the Nitro Team Series Gullwing will slay it.

Nitro Team Series Gullwing

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Nitro Cinema - 2013 2 Nitro Cinema user review(s).

Replacing the Addict for the 12/13 winter season is the Nitro Cinema. True to Nitro’s dedication to bringing quality high spec products to snowboarders at a fair price, the Cinema packs trickle-down technologies that feature on more expensive boards in their line like Gullwing camber and Nitro’s tip-to-tail Poplar Powercore II.

Nitro Cinema

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Nitro Slash Gullwing - 2013 0 Nitro Slash Gullwing user review(s).

Need that extra flotation for those days when the snow conditions are beyond deep? Plenty of taper, a drawn-out nose with a very gradual transition zone and Nitro’s hybrid Gullwing camber should keep you and the Slash from submarining even after that plate of spare ribs you polished-off at lunch.

Nitro Slash Gullwing

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Nitro Rook - 2013 0 Nitro Rook user review(s).

The Nitro Rook is another returning classic from the Nitro range that’s won its fair share of awards and fans through its lifetime, not to mention a glowing review from Snowboard-Review. With its Jack of all trades zero camber profile, snappy Whiplash core profile and carbon reinforcement the Rook is a freestyle twin that will let its rider get away with sloppy rotations and will kill-it in pow despite a twin shape but still snap an ollie and set-down an unbalance landing.

Nitro Rook

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Nitro T1.5 - 2013 1 Nitro T1.5 user review(s).

Nitro never misses an opportunity to join the bandwagon. Their product line always takes the biggest tech stories of the previous season and puts them into a product graphic that the kids love. One of the big product stories of last year was Burton’s success with its Squeeze Box core profiling tech. Of course other brands had been there before, like Salomon with its Popster core, but none nailed the marketing quite like Burton. This year Nitro is hot on Burton’s tail with a core profile it is calling Whiplash, where the core thickens just before the front binding and after the back binding to increase ollie pop. Nitro has added this technology to a new cambered version of the classic twin shaped T1, this new model is named the T1.5. With extra pop, all the spec of a park thrashing champion and the golden blessing of a Transworld Good Wood Award, Nitro might just sell a few of its T1.5s.

Nitro T1.5

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Nitro Thief - 2013 0 Nitro Thief user review(s).

The Thief’s directional twin shape and longer nose and tail kicks provide it with enough surface area to glide on top of fresh powder. The camber profile, triaxial laminates and Diamond Band reinforcement supply the punchy flex you want for railing carves in hard snow and boosting ollies off park jumps. The Nitro Thief is a great choice for intermediate to advanced snowboarders who mostly ride firmer snow but want the versatility to ride deep snow without having to lean back to much when it occasionally does dump.

Nitro Thief

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Nitro Pantera - 2013 0 Nitro Pantera user review(s).

Flick through your iPod until you find the heavy metal, ready? Now charge the Nitro Pantera down any line you can imagine, the steeper the better. Built for high speed stability and edge hold the Pantera uses a traditional camber profile and float is aided by a 5mm taper. The Nitro Pantera is for advanced freeriders who enjoy pushing themselves and their board to terminal velocity

Nitro Pantera

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Nitro Eero Ettala Pro - 2013 0 Nitro Eero Ettala Pro user review(s).

If you caught any of Eero’s riding in last season’s “Cooking on Gas” series you’ll know that Eero rides his pro model on everything from hard pack Air & Style jumps to Helsinki street spots and even chin deep Hokkaido pow. It’s a no-nonsense twin shape park board; the carbon reinforcement, triaxial glass, traditional camber and high grade sintered base are staples for taking-on big obstacles. Touches like the blunted shape and Rail Killer reinforced edges are evidence that Eero really can and does ride everything.

Nitro Eero Ettala Pro

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Nitro Ultimate - 2013 0 Nitro Ultimate user review(s).

The use of Koroyd is another industry first from the folks at Nitro Snowboards. Until Nitro dropped Koroyd technology at ISPO it was an entirely unknown material in the snowsports industry, but its use is extremely interesting. 70% lighter than conventional wood cores with good durability properties to boot, it really gives the Ultimate a big weight advantage. Is it the lightest snowboard on the planet, even lighter than the Burton Method? We don’t know, but at half the price it’s a lot more affordable. Directional, stiff and lightweight the Ultimate is for all-mountain riders who want to feel weightless out of the pipe and ride aggressively through all different terrain types and snow conditions.

Nitro Ultimate

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