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Fate reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Fate - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kaz Willmer - (0) user review(s).

The Nitro Fate has always offered all-mountain versatility and performance to women riders. Nothing’s changed for 2009/10. The Nitro Fate is a great board for women snowboarders looking to ride piste and jumps all over the mountain, but who also need a board that’ll quite happily kick it in the powder all day long too.

Nitro Fate

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Rook reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Rook - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kev Mills - (6) user review(s).

A mid-wide waist, twin shape, biaxial glass and fast sintered base make the Rook perfect for dominating the whole park, throw in the shovel nose and tail and Carbon Xs running beween edges and you have a killer park board that’ll also dominate the pipe and any backcountry kickers. Also available with Andy McNett’s super dope limited edition artwork (pictured).

Nitro Rook

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Swindle reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Swindle - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kev Mills - (0) user review(s).

The Nitro Swindle was designed for killing it on rails, with soft biaxial glass, Railkiller edges and the awsome Scratch & Rip Extruded base (shows your boards scars), the spec is certainly geared that way. However taking the Swindle out on the slopes, it appears to offer a little bit more.

Nitro Swindle

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Blacklight reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Nitro Blacklight - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kev Mills - (2) user review(s).

Similar to the Prolight but with a slightly wider waist. The Blacklight incorporates a high grade sintered base, triaxial glass and a progressive sidecut for performance on the ground, and light weight construction with tapered tips and tails and a Powerlite core for effortless spins whilst airborne…. The best of both worlds!

Nitro Blacklight

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Nitro Sub Zero - 2010 2 Nitro Sub Zero user review(s).

Press, slide, tweak and revert, infact do any rail trickery you can think of. The Nitro Sub Zero offers super buttery skills on the gnarliest of street and park rails. If you’re looking for a board to ride the whole mountain, you should look at other snowboards in the range.

Nitro Sub Zero

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Nitro Pantera LX - 2010 1 Nitro Pantera LX user review(s).

A super light, gently tapered and responsive freeride board for experienced riders. The Pantera LX packs all of Nitro’s weight saving technology into one board. Leaner and meaner than your riding buddies’ boards!

Nitro Pantera LX

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Nitro Prolight - 2010 0 Nitro Prolight user review(s).

The Prolight is Nitro’s premium all-mountain freestyle ride. Stuffed full of high tech features like the Nanotech Formula II sintered base, Pentalight (Prepreg) laminates and Basalt rock fibres, the Prolight will charge the gnarliest of shoots and stick choppy landings.

Nitro Prolight

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Nitro T1 - 2010 3 Nitro T1 user review(s).

Reduced camber for easy pressing on all types of jibs and rails, a beefed up Rail Killer Edge to reduce the damage from stomping rail tricks and pushing the Nitro T1 through tight kinks, and a radial sidecut to increase predictability on run-ins and take-offs, the T1 is freestyle snowboarding evolved. Don’t fear, the engineers at Nitro have made sure there’s still plenty of pop for launching off scary table-tops, because landing short sucks!

Nitro T1

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Nitro Misfit - 2010 0 Nitro Misfit user review(s).

Back for another year and with even better graphics… I present the 09/10 Nitro Misfit. A directional twin shape and extended nose and tail for extra float in powder combined with triaxial glass and basalt fibre reinforcement results in an all-mountain freestyle board that’ll take experinced riders anywhere with confidence.

Nitro Misfit

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Nitro Slash - 2010 0 Nitro Slash user review(s).

Surf the whole mountain. A tapered fish shape with a short tail for rear foot steering in deep snow and tight trees, a longer nose for stability at speed and biaxial glass for a smooth surfy feel. A very backcountry specific snowboard for those of us with enough money to afford a quiver decks.

Nitro Slash

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Nitro Eero Ettala - 2010 2 Nitro Eero Ettala user review(s).

Rails, kickers, pipe and monster hips, the Eero will help experienced freestylers dominate the lot. Triaxial glass for great edge grip and a tri-radii blended side cut for great for lively carving.

Nitro Eero Ettala

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Nitro Andreas Wiig - 2010 0 Nitro Andreas Wiig user review(s).

Andreas is the man! He has constantly dominated the X-Games slopestyle and big air! You know that Andreas is at the forefront of the most progressive kicker riding on the planet, and this is the board that he’s chosen to do it on. Enough said!

Nitro Andreas Wiig

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