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Carbon Credit Series BTX reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
GNU Carbon Credit Series BTX - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (3) user review(s).

The Gnu Carbon Credit Series represents fantastic value for money! Magnetraction edges and a banana profile matched with a twin shape, an easy to maintain extruded base and medium soft longitudinal and torsional flex, thanks to the biaxial glass, make the CCS perfect for beginners and intermediates looking for a board to help them to get to grips with the park, or local pros who need a board to spin and jib around the hill. Although not much seems to have changed from last years Carbon Credit design the 2011 model is a winner of a prestigious Transworld Good Wood award……so Mervin must have tweaked something!

GNU Carbon Credit Series BTX

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Altered Genetics reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
GNU Altered Genetics - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (4) user review(s).

The flagship board of the GNU range. The Altered Genetics features some seriously space-age materials; the bonkers engineers at Mervin have found a polymer material called Vectran, Vectran has a strength to weight ratio 10 times greater than Titanium, and they’re using it to reinforce the AG. But that’s not the end of it, new for 2011 the Altered Genetics uses C2 Banana technology, the crazy hybrid wood core that the Altered Genetics is famous for and Magnetraction… the Altered Genetics is next-level equipment.

GNU Altered Genetics

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Street Series BTX is a video review.
GNU Street Series BTX - 2011 5 GNU Street Series BTX user review(s).

A high-spec jib board equally at home burning-up groomers as doing laps of the terrain park. This board has been designed for those riders who session small hills for most of the year but need a board with balls to rip-up the bigger hills and backcountry during the occasional holiday. If you fit this description then the GNU Street Series could be the board for you. In fairness the Street Series isn’t the urban shred-stick that its name hints at; if you’re looking for a noodle to press down kinked rails then you may want to consider looking else-where…..or getting sponsored!

GNU Street Series BTX

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Park Pickle BTX is a video review.
GNU Park Pickle BTX - 2011 0 GNU Park Pickle BTX user review(s).

Agile, extremely poppy and easy to throw into spins and flips on natural and park hits. The GNU Park Pickle is super fun freestyle snowboard that’s a dream for jibbing and piste bashing. Crammed with more technology than the Starship Enterprise it’s only a matter of time before this snowboard tries to take-over the World.

GNU Park Pickle BTX

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GNU Danny Kass C2BTX - 2011 2 GNU Danny Kass C2BTX user review(s).

Danny Kass has ridden for GNU for almost all of his professional career. The moment you step on his pro-ride you know that he’s got a realtionship with the guys at Mervin that has helped to create a very special snowboard. The perfect medium flex for all mountain freestyle snowboarding, Magnetraction for grip in all kinds of hard and icy snow conditions, a life saver if you’re hitting the pipe day-in-day-out and the C2 rocker/camber hybrid profile for more pop than an Alka Seltzer munching Seagull.

GNU Danny Kass C2BTX

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GNU Dirty Pillow BTX - 2011 0 GNU Dirty Pillow BTX user review(s).

Mervin Manufacturing reckons that after you’ve ridden their new all-mountain shred you’ll like nothing more than a Dirty Pillow. With a shallow Banana Profile, mid-wide waist and toned down Magnetraction, the GNU Dirty Pillow is designed to glide over powder but offer enough grip and stability to work in less than perfect conditions and all types of terrain.

GNU Dirty Pillow BTX

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GNU Billy Goat - 2011 2 GNU Billy Goat user review(s).

Good enough for snowboarding legend Temple Cummins, bets are the Gnu Billy Goat will be good enough for you. A freeride gun designed by Temple for charging powder fields and windlips, gripping on the hardest snow conditions and tons of float in the deepest of powder.

GNU Billy Goat

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GNU Riders Choice C2 BTX - 2011 8 GNU Riders Choice C2 BTX user review(s).

This is the GNU teams’ choice for one reason; pack the Riders Choice into your board bag for that trip to Japan and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to ride everything you encounter; rails, park and insanely deep powder. With the weight you’re saving you’ll be able to smuggle tons of Japanese candy back in your board bag…….or sushi, but that would be plain wrong! This years’ model comes with a C2 Banana profile for added pop and for improved grip through turns, which asks the question ‘who needs a quiver?

GNU Riders Choice C2 BTX

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