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GNU Ladies Choice - 2012 1 GNU Ladies Choice user review(s).

Long-time TTR tour dominator Jamie Anderson has deserved a pro model with GNU for years and at last she has one, the Ladies Choice. For girls looking to take their slopestyle to the next level this high spec twin shaped hybrid banana will make your day, week, month and year.

GNU Ladies Choice

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GNU B.Pro Series - 2012 0 GNU B.Pro Series user review(s).

Need all-mountain performance for days in the park, hours spent trying to boost higher out of the pipe and the occasional morning spent riding bottomless powder? The B.Pro Series is designed to fulfil your snowboarding needs. A directional twin shape, medium flex and mellow sidecut radius provide all the stability you’ll need for all-terrain riding, while the C2 Banana profile ads playfulness and float whilst still loading the B.Pro with plenty of edge hold.

GNU B.Pro Series

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GNU B.Street - 2012 1 GNU B.Street user review(s).

Another adaption from the men’s line at GNU the B.Street is unsurprisingly a tweaked version of GNU’s jib and park focused ride the Street Series. Soft flexing with short lengths and Mervin’s playful Banana profile this board suits those girls who just want to lap the park or take out the Banshee Bungee.

GNU B.Street

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GNU B.Nice Series - 2012 0 GNU B.Nice Series user review(s).

Ex pro rider and long-time GNU rider Barrett Christy has been helping to develop GNU’s women’s offering for years hence the “B” in front of the board names. The B.Nice is GNU’s entry level to intermediate freestyle/all-mountain offering; it takes the features from the men’s Carbon Credit Series and slims the whole board to more female specific dimensions. This year the board won a Transworld Good Wood award.

GNU B.Nice Series

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GNU Altered Genetics - 2012 0 GNU Altered Genetics user review(s).

Things get serious with the Altered Genetics. Mike Olson, the mad scientist behind pretty much every technical innovation at GNU has crammed the AG full of mind altering substances, the most serious of which being Vectran, a man made polymer fibre with a strength to weight ratio ten times that of Titanium. This directional twin offers experienced all-mountain riders everything they need for intergalactic domination.

GNU Altered Genetics

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GNU Billy Goat - 2012 0 GNU Billy Goat user review(s).

There is an actual Billy Goat at the bottom of my garden, he has a long beard that he likes to have stroked and there is a rock in his field that he likes to clamber up for a good panorama of his acreage. All well and good but what does this have to do with the GNU Billy Goat? Absolutely nothing. So what about the GNU Billy Goat? Well it’s a directional twin shaped all-mountain board designed to meet the requirements of Mt Baker local and long time GNU rider Temple Cummins, all mountain riders who prefer natural transitions and drops that others would parachute off will dig the Billy Goat.

GNU Billy Goat

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GNU Girls Pickle - 2012 0 GNU Girls Pickle user review(s).

Last year Gnu took the Park Pickle and slimmed it down for the ladies out there without man-sized feet. It has still got all of the features like Mervin’s patented Banana profile and Magne-Traction edges and of course the Pickle’s Asymmetric sidecut, but the waist is narrower, the sizes start at a miniature 140cm and the Girls Pickle has a purple graphic.

GNU Girls Pickle

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GNU Impossible Series - 2012 0 GNU Impossible Series user review(s).

The guys at Mervin like a challenge and if there is one challenge that Mr Mike Olson likes over any other it is the challenge of finding new, obscure and exciting materials to sandwich into Mervin’s many snowboards. Magnesium Fibres are Mike’s latest find, but this technology is so new that if you Google “Magnesium Fibres” the GNU website is the first in the search results that doesn’t refer to Magnesium supplements as part of balanced diet. What we do know about Magnesium as an un-alloyed metal is that it reacts with water, is highly flammable, has a quarter of the tensile strength of Steel; on the whole it is a fairly useless material so to make Magnesium into a useable fibre laminate for snowboard constructions seems like wizardry or rocket science. The Impossible Series truly is next level snowboard design.

GNU Impossible Series

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GNU Danny Kass - 2012 0 GNU Danny Kass user review(s).

Chief Grenadier Danny Kass has been riding for GNU since the start of the last decade, his loyalty, ability and worldwide celebrity has earnt him his pro model. Danny likes to ride everything on his pro model, from Olympic Pipe runs to jib runs with the Dingo and solo powder missions. The generous waist width, lively C2 Banana profile and moderate ride-it-all flex make Danny’s board the kind of board that anybody with a more than a couple of weeks riding under their belts will get along with.

GNU Danny Kass

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GNU Riders Choice - 2012 0 GNU Riders Choice user review(s).

The Riders Choice is the go-to all-mountain freestyle weapon in the GNU arsenal. This year the Riders Choice gets tweaked with the addition of an asymmetrical shape. The heelside sidecut radius is tighter than the radius on the toe edge to make cranking those tight heelside carves a little easier and making the board feel livelier as a result. The rest of the Riders Choice remains un-messed with, it has Mervin’s C2 Banana profile, Magne-Traction and Gnu Sintered 9900 Alloy Base.

GNU Riders Choice

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GNU Dirty Pillow - 2012 0 GNU Dirty Pillow user review(s).

The GNU Dirty Pillow is a uniquely shaped snowboard designed to help big mountain freestylers take their tricks to the backcountry. It has a twin shape and a moderate flex which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a freeride board. The trick is in the kicks’ uplift and the Dirty Pillow’s geometry which have been designed to maximise float and increase stability at speed. The base of the Dirty Pillow is perfect for showing-off with a tweaked-out method with bottomless powder beneath. Not an out-and-out freeride pedigree but perfect for those riders aspiring to turn natural features into a terrain park like Nico Muller, Jake Blauvelt and Mark Landvik.

GNU Dirty Pillow

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GNU Forest Park Pickle - 2012 0 GNU Forest Park Pickle user review(s).

This is Forest Bailey’s pro model with GNU. If you prefer the green colour way, you want to support Forest and you don’t mind paying an extra $10 for the privilege then this is the Pickle for you.

GNU Forest Park Pickle

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GNU Park Pickle - 2012 1 GNU Park Pickle user review(s).

This year the Park Pickle picked up a Transworld Good Wood award and a Snowboard Magazine Best of Test award, considering it hasn’t changed in 2012 I’m wondering what it did to offend the judges in previous years? The key to the pickle is its playful Banana rocker profile, Magne-Traction edges and crucially the asymmetrical twin shape which has a tighter sidecut on the heels for improved heelside carving without the need for cranking up the forward lean on your bindings. The Park Pickle is a freestyle snowboard not too dissimilar to its cousin the Lib Tech Skate Banana but with a little something extra.

GNU Park Pickle

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GNU Street Series - 2012 2 GNU Street Series user review(s).

With plenty of width underfoot even on the shortest sizes and a flex that isn’t too noodle-like the Street Series is a great snowboard for urban and park jibbers who want to size down but still need a degree of performance on the mountain.

GNU Street Series

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GNU Carbon Credit Series - 2012 4 GNU Carbon Credit Series user review(s).

The Carbon Credit Series’ heritage goes way back but the design is band up-to-date. Priced affordably the Carbon Credit has made a reputation for itself delivering freestyle performance and all-mountain versatility to beginners and intermediates. The Banana profile makes powder much easier than old camber designs and improves agility and playfulness in the park. If you spend most of your time cruising the groomers you’ll find the extra grip provided by the Magne-Traction edges a real highlight.

GNU Carbon Credit Series

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