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PBJ Aaron Biittner Pro reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. PBJ Aaron Biittner Pro is a video review.
DC PBJ Aaron Biittner Pro - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (0) user review(s).

Completely redesigned for the 2010/11 season the new PBJ is even more jib specific. Perfect for getting your urban jib on, wall rides, butters and concrete ledge presses, if you can wax it, you can slide it on the PBJ. However, with its new rocker profile and Astro composite wood core the Aaron Biittner is a little sketchy on big transitions when the speed gets cranked up.

DC PBJ Aaron Biittner Pro

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Devun reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
DC Devun - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (4) user review(s).

There has been some big news from the DC camp; Devun Walsh is riding reverse camber! Devun has been riding stiff cambered boards since the early nineties, in-fact his first Forum pro model got a reputation as being an absolute ironing board! Fear not, the rocker in the Devun is really light (only 2mm) and there is quadraxial glass, carbon stringers and Ash in the core for pop and liveliness. Smooth and agile to ride, but a snowboard that responds well to aggressive riding; whether your sessioning the pipe and laying down rooster-tails in the pow, the Devun is a great board.

DC Devun

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Tone reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
DC Tone - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Ben Molloy - (12) user review(s).

For a board with a twin shape and reverse camber the Tone really hammers the whole mountain. The Quadraxial glass means the Tone blasts through chop and heavy afternoon post powder day porridge and grips hard on groomers. The cambered core profile is a nice addition and combined with the shallower gradient 4mm tip and tail rocker offers a firmer and more lively ride than expected.

DC Tone

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DC MLF - 2011 5 DC MLF user review(s).

Park snowboards don’t get much more tested than the DC MLF. If you had one of the best snowboard parks in your garden don’t you reckon you’d make a pretty good job of building a snowboard? With a cambered profile, quadraxial glass and carbon stringers the MLF doesn’t exactly sound like the ideal for rails, but the DC riders seem to get along just fine with the MLF. Pretty much designed for slaying the slopestyle course and destroying the competition.


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DC PBJ - 2011 6 DC PBJ user review(s).

Seeing Torstein Horgmo lap the Park City pro park top to bottom and record one of the most insane seamless runs ever seen was enough to legitimize the PBJ in one instant. For 2011 the PBJ has been completely redesigned, with a buttery heavily rockered profile and a super flexible wood composite core, the PBJ is now even more jib specific. Perfect for getting expressive on the jibs or smaller jumps in the park.


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DC Lauri Pro Tone - 2011 0 DC Lauri Pro Tone user review(s).

So you’ve probably been wondering why on earth DC makes the Tone in a 149, 153 and a 159; I certainly have been, and Ben who reviewed the Tone was completely bemused by the lack of a board between the 53 and 59. Well, the Lauri Pro Tone is the answer; all of the Tone goodness with Lauri’s own custom paint job and with 156cm of length. We’ve discovered the missing board!

DC Lauri Pro Tone

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DC Biddy - 2011 0 DC Biddy user review(s).

No to be confused with an old lady, the DC Biddy is DC’s only female specific freeride board. Soft and buttery with 3mm of camber for versatility in all types of snow conditions and almost intuitive turn initiation, girls of all levels are going to get on with the Biddy. The DC Biddy is best suited to beginners through to intermediate snowboarders.

DC Biddy

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DC Ikka - 2011 1 DC Ikka user review(s).

What’s the point of changing a board if you like the one you’re riding? That’s why apart from the custom graffiti graphic Ikka Backstrom’s pro ride is pretty-much the MLF. Camber predictability with added carbon pop meets quadraxial glass for precision edge control and choppy landing stability. Tested and proven in the DC Mountain Lab, the best back-yard in the world!

DC Ikka

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