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BFF reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
DC BFF - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Kaz Willmer - (1) user review(s).

Nope, this isn’t Paris Hilton’s “Britsh Best Friend”, far from it, the DC BFF is a versatile freestyle goddess. Designed with lighter biaxial glass than the men’s boards to give a more forgiving ride to female riders, but still cramming in Kevlar and Carbon reinforcement for pop and stability. The BFF might just be your new best friend…. Paris can go fish!


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HKD reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
DC HKD - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (10) user review(s).

High speed aggresive freestyling is where the HKD series is in it’s element. Technical corks and inverts off the scariest backcountry and park jumps and 10ft airs out of the pipe are all possible with the HKD. Carbon and Kevlar reinforce the triaxial glass and Aspen / Honeycomb core, making for a super responsive, explosively poppy and unbelievably light snowboard; effortless in the air and precise control on the snow. For advanced snowboarders with an aggresive riding style, into pipe, park and powder kicker focused riding terrain, but want a board versatile enough to be enjoyable on powder days.


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DC PBJ - 2010 8 DC PBJ user review(s).

Designed for street jibs and park rails, the PBJ or Park Board for Jibbing has an extremely soft torsional and longitudinal flex between the bindings for tweaking presses and eliminating the risk of catching an edge. DC have also incorporated the Flat Kick nose and tail for a bit of versatility should it snow. This years graphics are awsome featuring a ‘The Racoons’ meets ‘Dawn of the Dead’ theme.


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DC XFB - 2010 3 DC XFB user review(s).

No matter your ability, the DC XFB will meet you every step of the way. A smooth buttery flex makes landings forgiving and turn initiation easy, but moderate carbon and kevlar reinforcement between the bindings means you won’t wash out when your flying towards 60ft tables. Ideal for kickers and rails in the park, but versatile enough to be ridden over the whole mountain. A great board if you’re an intermediate snowboarder set on riding park and pipe but want a board that you can cruise around the whole mountain on.


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DC XFB Lauri Heiskari - 2010 1 DC XFB Lauri Heiskari user review(s).

Lauri Heiskari’s pro model is sooo deluxe! A smooth and versatile freestyle snowboard based on the DC XFB but with a higher grade sintered base and Lauri’ custom gold print topsheet and sidewall badge. Designed to be ridden in the park but with a set back stance for versatility in deeper snow and out of bounds. Featuring a softer biaxial glass than the HKD and centrally located carbon and kevlar stringers for increased pop and stability blasting through the chop. Suitable for riders of any level.

DC XFB Lauri Heiskari

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DC MLF - 2010 5 DC MLF user review(s).

If you had your own private snowboard park in your back yard, i bet you could build a pretty respectable park focused snowboard. Now hire Iikka and Devon, two of the best park riders in the world to test the board for you and generally rip your park up, manufacture your boards in one of the best factories on the planet and hey presto, you’ve got a top of the range park snowboard born and bred on kickers, boxes and rails.


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DC MLF Iikka - 2010 0 DC MLF Iikka user review(s).

Essentially the Iikka is the same snowboard as the the DC MLF, with a lick of paint. Designed to take on every feature in the park, Triaxial glass has been used for improved response, but the Focus Axis flex profile and negatively profiled core between the bindings softens up the Ikka so you still get the buttery feel of a park board on rails and boxes. Don’t forget the high speed 7200 grade sintered base, a bit of a rarity on park boards these days.

DC MLF Iikka

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DC HKD Devon Walsh - 2010 3 DC HKD Devon Walsh user review(s).

Mr Devon Walsh loves taking his sled into Whistler’s backcountry and firing himself off insanely big kickers into 50 degree powder landings. A board has got to be made tougher than a rhino’s hide to take that kind of abuse. The HKD Devon Walsh has been designed for snowboarders who don’t want to have to change board if the snowconditions change or the park is snowed under, a burly all-mountain freestyle snowboard designed for experienced and aggressive riders.

DC HKD Devon Walsh

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