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Amplid Dopamine - 2011 7 Amplid Dopamine user review(s).

Probably one of the most exciting releases of the year. Amplid build quality combined with a rail and park shredders dream spec; jib rocker for buttery smooth take-offs and forgiving landings and one of the most stylish licks of paint and diecut bases coming out of a snowboard factory in 2011. The Dopamine is a certified banger almost certain to have rippers worldwide emptying their Piggy Banks and heading down to their nearest Amplid dealer for a fix.

Amplid Dopamine

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Amplid Paradigma - 2011 0 Amplid Paradigma user review(s).

Amplid make fantastic freestyle boards, their innovation with materials and manufacturing processes are second to none, but the heart of Amplid’s snowboarding department is in building snowboards that rip on mountains. Years of refining the Paradigma result in a shape that works in all conditions with a narrow waist for lightening quick response, heavy camber for more punch than a Donkey kick out of carves and a directional shape for float in deeper snow. For 2011 Amplid have upgraded last year’s Extruded base for a 6.6k Sintruded base.

Amplid Paradigma

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Amplid HiDef - 2011 0 Amplid HiDef user review(s).

Amplid are not messing around with the HiDef, this is one seriously precise Pipe weapon. Last year we thought the HiDef might be in contention for the lightest snowboard on the market, having ridden the Burton Method this year we can confirm it’s a little weightier than the Method, but if you’re rooted in reality and don’t fancy having to remortgage your house to shave off an extra couple of grams then the HiDef should be on your shopping list. This is a seriously responsive and poppy snowboard that should only be ridden by aggressive and advanced snowboarders. A world class freestyle snowboard for the upper crust of civilian snowboarding and pros alike. To top off a tasty package the HiDef has a seriously cool hologram style topsheet.

Amplid HiDef

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Amplid Declaration - 2011 0 Amplid Declaration user review(s).

Amplid have upped the specification on the Declaration for 2011. The board which perhaps has been a little neglected for the last couple of years returns with Midrise rocker, a sintruded 6600 base, Amplid’s uber snappy P10 core and full length edge-to-edge Abuse Base Technology. Now that’s one serious transformation, from park focused caterpillar to beautiful all mountain freestyle butterfly. The Declaration has enough width to enable those with slightly bigger boots to enjoy the ride

Amplid Declaration

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Amplid Aggronym - 2011 0 Amplid Aggronym user review(s).

There are times when camber is irreplaceable, hitting rails and jibs isn’t one of those times. The folks at Amplid took last year’s offering to jib technicians worldwide and removed the camber for a more forgiving ride on rails, groomers and tarmac-ed run outs. All the pop of last year’s Aggronym with a loser oozier feel.

Amplid Aggronym

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Amplid Creamer - 2011 0 Amplid Creamer user review(s).

Last year’s big mountain hero was the Equity. Peter Bauer wouldn’t drop camber from his big mountain ride for no reason. Taking the place of the Equity, the Amplid Creamer and its midrise rocker promises increased float, effortless flow and uncompromised precision, all the ingredients you’ll need for a tasty day of snowboarding.

Amplid Creamer

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Amplid Verdict - 2011 0 Amplid Verdict user review(s).

Tired of you jib snowboard falling apart after every epic rail and urban session? Amplid have invested a huge amount of time on the hill and in the streets working on a board that can handle a serious beating and the accountants have worked just as hard to squeeze it into an affordable price point. Minimal camber should loosen up the ride whilst ensuring your not cheating on those presses, and Abuse Base Technology is designed to take the heat out of super long ledge and rock slides so you don’t get that nasty smell of melting PTex up your nostrils, just a free base grind. Worth checking out if you’re a devoted jib monkey.

Amplid Verdict

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Amplid Mescalina - 2011 0 Amplid Mescalina user review(s).

Last year our tester Jo was raving about the Mescalina, this year Jo couldn’t get out to Austria to try the 2011 Mescalina.. her loss. Much the same as last year, this year’s Mescaline uses the same directional twin shape with a little extra nose for all condition versatility and retains the 4.4k extruded Duraspeed base and Impact Biax glass fibre laminates, the only difference that we can find with the 2011 edition of the Mescalina is the introduction of zero camber. Just the 2010 Mescalina with a little bit more float and a loose worn-in feel; like you’ve been riding it all your life with the pop from a board that’s just had the shrink-wrap torn off.

Amplid Mescalina

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Amplid Libertine - 2011 0 Amplid Libertine user review(s).

A women specific twin flex, Amplid’s WDT Polywood green core and a shape that will work in any snow conditions and all terrain, the all new Amplid Libertine is the board intermediate all-mountain female snowboards have been begging for. This is one Libertine that won’t have you sucking on a Crack Pipe.

Amplid Libertine

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Amplid UNW8 - 2011 0 Amplid UNW8 user review(s).

The Amplid UNW8 has a spec as long as ‘War and Peace’: A mathematically correct CAD modelled sidecut, a HEXO2 wood core with honeycomb inserts at the tip and tail, a Nano sintered 7.2k Lightspeed base and HEX MAT prepreg glass epoxy composite laminates with Carbon V-shaped reinforcement for uber pop and instant reponse. All that spec and zero gimmicks. The UNW8 is a serious snowboard for those at the top of their game, beginners and wannabes need not apply.

Amplid UNW8

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