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Mescalina reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Amplid Mescalina - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Jo Yonoff - (0) user review(s).

Women’s park and all mountain wonder. Whether thrashing the park, sticking rail-slides or simply shredding the mountain, this is the tool of choice for the female ripper. Jibbing is a dish best served hot - with bonks, butters, and stomps adding spice and fire to the Mescalina’s alkaloid ride.

Amplid Mescalina

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HiDef reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Amplid HiDef - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

Lock up our engineers and finnish shredder Matti Kinnunen into a lab for one year. Let them discuss about the tricks of 2020 as well as technology of 2050. Let them fight about every gramm of swing weight, about the paradox relation of necessity and luxury. Space age technology and a rocket speed base in an advanced package to take the advanced rider above and beyond.

Amplid HiDef

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Falconoid reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Amplid Falconoid - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

Designed for Austria’s World Cup rider Stefan Falkeis, the Falconoid is the key to spinning 7s to almost 12s… and stickin’em. With the Falcanoid, Amplid have created a powerful and versatile freestyle snowboard for agressive and experienced all-mountain riders. Tons of pop and faultless edge hold in all snow conditions.

Amplid Falconoid

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Amplid Equity - 2010 0 Amplid Equity user review(s).

Big mountains call for big snowboards, and more. The Equity is a no-compromise AK gun, a firm longitudinal flex and long sidecut radius makes it stable at speed, the stiff torsional flex and long effective edge offer uncompromising grip. A very specialist ride for critical big mountain lines.

Amplid Equity

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Amplid Declaration - 2010 0 Amplid Declaration user review(s).

PARK, RAIL AND TERRAIN VEHICLE. Introducing Abuse Base Technology, the Declaration is equipped to put and end to base abrasion. It is undoubtedly the true-twin for every terrain and all conditions.

Amplid Declaration

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Amplid Verdict - 2010 0 Amplid Verdict user review(s).

Skateboard feel in the terrain park! The VERDICT is Amplid’s thrash-master for rails, hips, kickers, and everything else that gets in your way. A slopestyle dream machine!

Amplid Verdict

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Amplid Aggronym - 2010 0 Amplid Aggronym user review(s).

With a slightly softer flex than last year’s Aggronym and an adjusted lower camber, butter missions are even easier. Handrails eat your heart-out. A high spec snowboard for confident jibbers and park rulers.

Amplid Aggronym

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Amplid The Fenom - 2010 0 Amplid The Fenom user review(s).

The Fenom is a revolutionary snowboard concept. Amplid have created a reverse camber snowboard for backcountry jibbing and powder based freestyle domination. A true twin at home in the park and the pow! The Fenom recieved rave reviews from riders of all abilities during the UK boardtest.

Amplid The Fenom

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Amplid Paradigma - 2010 3 Amplid Paradigma user review(s).

One board to rule them all. From powder to park, rails and pipe, the Paradigma is probably the most versatile board on the planet. Well and truely established in the Burton Custom genre of boards, if you’re into riding everything on the mountain without going home to change you’re snowboard, you won’t go far wrong with the Amplid Paradigma.

Amplid Paradigma

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Amplid UNW8 - 2010 0 Amplid UNW8 user review(s).

Amplid’s flagship freeride / all-mountain snowboard. The UNW8’s incredible edge control, and the ability to exit super-fast out of turns, make it every expert’s dream.

Amplid UNW8

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