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LoBro reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. LoBro is a video review.
Amplid LoBro - 2013 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (0) user review(s).

A new release for the 2012/13 winter, the Amplid LoBro fits into the Burton Process and Nitro Team Gullwing pigeon hole. The LoBro has a twin shape, blunted to keep weight out of the tips for easier spinning and Amplid Hybrid V profile to aid float in deep snow and soften up the waist for easy presses and effortless ollies. To keep the complex die cut base in good condition the LoBro features Amplid’s very own Abuse Base Technology, a metal gauze under the base, designed to eradicated hotspots generated by friction from sliding rails and boxes.

Amplid LoBro

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Dopamine reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Dopamine is a video review.
Amplid Dopamine - 2013 Snowboard reviewed by Tom Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

A SB-RV favourite last year, the Dopamine returns with a fresh scalp-less chicken graphic. Soft and buttery, but still capable of a blast around the mountain the Amplid Dopamine is a safe bet for riders wanting to give rocker a try without blowing the budget and ending-up on a soggy noodle.

Amplid Dopamine

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Amplid UNW8 - 2013 0 Amplid UNW8 user review(s).

A true flagship all-mountain snowboard, the UNW8 is stiff, responsive, lively, stable, powerful and expensive. Inexperienced riders should run a mile, but physically strong and experienced snowboarders with a hankering for railing carves on hardpack and weightless airs out of the pipe, might just have found their dream ride.

Amplid UNW8

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Amplid HiDef - 2013 1 Amplid HiDef user review(s).

Creating a snowboard with honeycomb inserts is an art form; the secret to doing it right is using fibreglass laminates pre-impregnated with resin so that when the board is laid-up before pressing, resin doesn’t creep into the holes. The HiDef is Amplid’s ultra lightweight park and pipe weapon for those riders who want hit huge jumps, spin 12s and stick McTwists 10ft out of the Pipe. If you’re a very strong rider taking your tricks to the pro line and Superpipe, the HiDef should be on your list to Santa.

Amplid HiDef

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Amplid Paradigma - 2013 0 Amplid Paradigma user review(s).

The Amplid Paradigma’s classic Burton Custom-like directional shape and versatile Hybrid V rocker/camber profile mean it’s a board for riding all conditions and terrain. The middle of the road flex broadens the range of abilities that can ride it to include inexperienced intermediates and the narrow-ish waist, snappy camber sections under the feet and carvy rocker-line between the bindings will keep even the most experienced riders satisfied.

Amplid Paradigma

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Amplid Creamer - 2013 0 Amplid Creamer user review(s).

Peter Bauer co-founder of Amplid and the man behind its snowboard RnD program was instrumental in developing some of the most progressive board shapes in the 90s and early 00s. Crazy shapes don’t always hit the mark when it comes to delivering performance and versatility in all conditions. The Creamer’s conservative taper, moderately set-back stance and sensible Powder rocker profile mean that whether it’s a day cruising powder with a snorkel or edging down a bare couloir, you probably on the right board for the job in hand. The Creamer is also available with Amplid’s “non-bullshit” eco technology.

Amplid Creamer

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Amplid Declaration - 2013 0 Amplid Declaration user review(s).

The Amplid Declaration is designed for those riders that learn their tricks on park jumps and then stomp them perfectly in steep and deep landings hidden in the backcountry. The Declaration’s geometry has an extended tip radius and Mid-riser rocker especially for generating float when ridden regular and switch. The Abuse Base Technology is a nice to have for keeping your board in good condition during spontaneous rail sessions.

Amplid Declaration

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Amplid Slogan - 2013 0 Amplid Slogan user review(s).

Whether a beginner or a self-confessed rail and box addict, the soft flex and durable construction of the Slogan keep it progressive and from looking like you found it in the trash!

Amplid Slogan

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Amplid Libertine - 2013 0 Amplid Libertine user review(s).

A directional shape, mellow traditional camber line and solid Amplid construction are what you get with the Libertine. For most female riders who are not concentrating on the park and who want a versatile board with the responsive feel of camber, the Libertine hits the right buttons.

Amplid Libertine

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Amplid Liquorice - 2013 0 Amplid Liquorice user review(s).

Based on the Dopamine’s shape but narrowed and softened for the female rider, the Amplid Liquorice fits the bill for two types of riders. Female park and rail riders will love the dampness that WDT construction provides, the buttery Jib Rocker profile and blunted tips. Less experienced beginners and intermediates will dig the forgiving flex and less catch ride of the jib rocker profile and will love the fact that this lady only needs a hot wax a couple of times during the season.

Amplid Liquorice

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