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Paradigma reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Paradigma is a video review.
Amplid Paradigma - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

Last February was my first chance to ride a Paradigma. I’d heard that it was a pretty firm and lightweight snowboard for charging groomers and hitting big transitions. Getting on the Paradigma I experienced all those characteristics, but it also felt really manageable and even though I was riding a 159, it felt lightweight and agile. It popped nicely into switch, buttered and felt effortless in the air. As far as all-mountain snowboards go the Paradigma really covers the spectrum of what you’re likely to encounter on the mountain. Amplid call the Paradigma their Swiss Army Knife… it’s a pretty good analogy.

Amplid Paradigma

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UNW8 reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. UNW8 is a video review.
Amplid UNW8 - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

The UNW8 is the Paradigma’s genetically superior twin. Whereas the Paradigma is the snowboard that nearly everybody will get along with because of its good nature and fun character the UNW8 is aggressive, lean and snappy. For snowboarders who like to slice and dice early morning corduroy and push their airs higher and higher out of the pipe, the UNW8 is an absolute missile; but make sure you’re on your game, this snowboard is a serious piece of hardware and doesn’t suffer fools or novices gladly.

Amplid UNW8

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HiDef reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. HiDef is a video review.
Amplid HiDef - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

It seems there aren’t many boards built like the Amplid HiDef these days. The HiDef is designed for being ridden fast and catching lots of air; it’s a medium to pro-line sized kicker and super pipe snowboard with a super snappy camber profile and practically weightless construction. This is the kind of board that advanced freestylers are going to love for taking their 7s to 9s but that less advanced riders will find catchy and unforgiving.

Amplid HiDef

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Dopamine reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Dopamine is a video review.
Amplid Dopamine - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

The Dopamine is Amplid’s number one selling board which doesn’t surprise the team one little bit. It’s fun and buttery whilst maintaining a good degree of resistance in the nose and tail for stability in carves and when charging out of bounds. The flex pattern is verging on perfect for a jib board with a poppy nose and tail and more flex coming from between the bindings for big ollies and presses that make you feel like you’re on a cambered board like the Rome Artifact without the catchiness. On top of that the Dopamine looks the bomb and the super slippery and tough as old boots Extruded 4.4K Duraspeed base will keep it that way.

Amplid Dopamine

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Amplid Creamer - 2012 0 Amplid Creamer user review(s).

The freeride snowboard market is swamped with surf inspired shapes which really limit the board’s capabilities to riding super deep powder. Of course these boards have their place, if only for the unique sensation you get from riding them, but they’re not the kind of board you can pack in your board bag and ride every terrain and condition you’re ever likely to encounter. That is exactly what the Creamer is designed for. The slightly rockered nose and tail and elliptical nose kick provide all the float you’ll ever need. The moderate sidecut and standard waist width mean that grip and response are plentiful. The flat profile section between the inserts and the use of a very slight taper keep the Creamer stable on harder snow and at high speeds. It may be a bit conservative to build a freeride board like the Creamer, but conservative and considered geometry is the only way to create a truly versatile freeride snowboard.

Amplid Creamer

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Amplid Declaration - 2012 0 Amplid Declaration user review(s).

Amplid cater well for those riders with a US10-12 boot size. The Declaration is Amplid’s all-terrain freestyle deck with a generous 25.9cm waist on the 157 which is great if you’re of average build and tired of having to ride long boards because of your feet. Technology is rife in the Declaration with super light tapered Fly Tips, a Sintruded 6.6K base and full width Absuse Base Technology. The Declaration’s rockered tips keep the Declaration playful in the park and effortlessly floaty in deep pow, and the flat section that runs from the outside of the inserts, between the bindings adds stability for bigger features and hardpack charging.

Amplid Declaration

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Amplid Verdict - 2012 0 Amplid Verdict user review(s).

Low down dirty urban jibbing meets Amplid’s space age technology in the Verdict. The subtle camber will keep the traditionalists happy and the very mellow sidecut means that stability is a given. Durability is really the Verdicts forte, Amplid’s unique Abuse Base Technology means that the no matter how much you boardslide this beauty you won’t get heat deformation on the base… you know, those things that look like scratches but aren’t. The Verdict is really built for riders who want to size down a little for park and urban riding. The flex isn’t all soft and noodly and the blunted shape keeps the effective edge a bit longer for plenty of grip; on top of that the Verdict has a mid-wide waist perfect for US10-12 boots.

Amplid Verdict

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Amplid Aggronym - 2012 0 Amplid Aggronym user review(s).

If you’re stuck between riding camber or rocker in the park this winter then why don’t you ride the halfway house? The Aggronym’s zero camber Flatliner profile keeps it forgiving whilst bringing back the edge hold and pop you’d sacrifice if you went for a rockered board. Plus there’s nothing like the feel of a zero camber board on boxes and rails. Like The Verdict the Aggronym is a good choice for park riders who want to size down a few centimetres this season.

Amplid Aggronym

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Amplid Libertine - 2012 0 Amplid Libertine user review(s).

You might only get out on the hill a couple of weeks or long weekends a year. When you do get to ride, you want a board that is forgiving and inspires confidence for the first couple of days until you get in your flow, but offers plenty of performance in the middle of your trip while you’re firing on all cylinders. The Libertine is that board. The damp but lively WDT Polywood in combination with Impact Biax glass gives the Libertine a fun flex whilst it is still very capable of charging. The TPU Spin Tips keep the Libertine light in the right places and the directional shape and camber profile mean edge hold and versatility are two more characteristics you can count on the Libertine for.

Amplid Libertine

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Amplid Mescalina - 2012 0 Amplid Mescalina user review(s).

Amplid’s women’s range is small, consisting of just the Mescalina and Libertine, but covers all of the bases. The Mescaline is Amplid’s freestyle focused shred stick for women. The short lengths and jib rocker profile make the Mescalina agile, playful and buttery while the 8mm of extra nose give the almost twin shape a touch more versatility for deep pow days. Want something a bit more fun and playful this season but don’t want to be stuck riding the park because the board suck on the rest of the mountain? The Mescalina has got your back.

Amplid Mescalina

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