Salomon Grip - 2010


The Grip’s loaded with what Wolfgang wants. ABC Wrapper construction, Popster core profile and the fastest base Salomon make. Want to ride what one of the best rider’s in the world is on? Get a Grip.

Manufacturer's Description:

Wolfgang Nyvelt worked with the crew here to create the Grip, with ABC Sandwich construction and the ollie-powered Popster technology. The Grip feels good under your feet because of the light and lively bamboo layers that use 25% less plastic content than traditional boards. What makes the Grip must see? The team says it’s the perfect blend of eco, in one of the best riding boards in the line.

Recommended for park riding.

Recommended for halfpipe riding.

Recommended for rail riding.

High cost $

Camber Construction.

Twin Shape.

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
151, 154, 157, 160

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Twin shape
Equalizer Sidecut
4000 grade sintered base
Aspen strong core with Popster profile
ABC Sandwich construction
Rubber Royal rails

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Salomon Grip

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tony c on April 08, 2010 at 10:28 PM

I purchased this board new at for $270 in early march 2010.  my first experience on the board was at squaw valley, CA.  The size 157 definitely rides smaller, it felt like my old 154.  (i am 160lbs)  The salomon grip is a more freestyle-specific board than i was expecting.  the edges are turned down and not very sharp so it is very easy to “butter” or land spins, jumps.  it is forgiving in the sense that theres no worry about catching an edge. the edges from binding to tip and binding to tail are very dull, so pressing down hard turnings creates a sketchiness i did not like at all.  in between bindings the edge holds, but the board feels like riding a giant letter V , so those who like full board carving and really leaning into a turn/press might not like this board. It doesn’t ride like a longboard skateboard.  While it rides perfectly fine at high speeds going downhill, you must use extra caution while at high speeds on flats.  this board bc of the equalizer sidecut, i think, causes weird, quick “left/right” surges that can pull you down to the ground if not compensated for. the grip does have great pop off jumps and would be great for rails as it is dialed down in tuning.  the nose kick helped in the powder, this board definitely shines in better conditions.  It is HORRIBLE in ice.  i felt like sliding down on my butt was smarter than trying to hold (even a sideslip) edge on ice.  Overall, a very good board for those who are mostly playing around in the park. The new equalizer sidecut will take some getting used to.  For those of us that live on the east coast, this board is not the “all mountain monster” that salomon promises, but a board that will give you more freestyle confidence

nvansluy on April 10, 2010 at 01:54 AM

Hey guys, bought this board in January to replace my 2007 Ride DH for park/freestyle. Tony C’s comments above are dead on - fabulous for the park and snowy conditions, but terrible for ice/hardpack. While I would definitely recommend this one for park and “playing around”, I do like to carve in addition to riding switch on the hardpack I have to ride here in Ontario. Can you recommend a (preferably true twin) board that will carve well but still have some “play” in it? I’d prefer a rockered or flat-to-rocker board, otherwise I’d just stick with my old (cambered)DH which carves really well for a freestyle board.

Any thoughts? BTW, your guide above says the Grip is a cambered board. From what I know, it is flat going into rocker at the ends. You may want to double check and possibly change your guide.

Thanks for any help.