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Stairmaster Extreme reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Capita Stairmaster Extreme - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Mikee C - (4) user review(s).

Capita have taken the standard Stairmaster and ripped its guts out, replacing them with higher grade materials, more damping and a stiffer flex. The Extreme also has one of the most disturbing graphics ever to grace a topsheet.. have you ever fancied a Panda in a Bikini?

Capita Stairmaster Extreme

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Indoor Survival reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Capita Indoor Survival - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (7) user review(s).

For snowboarders who want to learn tricks in the park and then take them to the backcountry kickers they’ve been preparing all season, the Capita Indoor Survival is an awesome choice. The Indoor Survival with Freestyle Flat Kick rocker is responsive edge to edge, holds a strong edge into jumps and in the pipe, and works well on every snow condition you’re likely to encounter. It’s also pretty damn good on rails and buttering around thanks to the flat profile between the bindings and the rockered nose and tail. The Indoor Survival is also available with camber, in my opinion it’s all about the Freestyle Flat Kick profile!

Capita Indoor Survival

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Capita Quiver Killer - 2011 0 Capita Quiver Killer user review(s).

Tired of lugging around more boards than a snowboard shop every time you go for a shred? With more awards under its belt than Muhammad Ali, including back to back Transworld Good Wood awards, the Quiver Killer is living proof that there is at least one board on the market equipped for riding everything. Carbon, Kevlar and a camber profile provide plenty of pop and edge hold for smokin’ the pipe and ripping up the groomers. A directional shape ads versatility so you can enjoy your snowboarding in all snow conditions.

Capita Quiver Killer

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Capita Stairmaster - 2011 2 Capita Stairmaster user review(s).

The board that made Capita and quite possibly the snowboard responsible for nurturing some of the best urban and jib snowboarders from rookies through to pros. Just in-case you thought camber was out of fashion, if the Stairmaster is using camber, trust me it’s in. If you’re looking to polish your freestyle skills, you can’t go wrong with the Capita Stairmaster.

Capita Stairmaster

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Capita Horrorscope FK - 2011 5 Capita Horrorscope FK user review(s).

Everything about the Horrorscope FK screams bendy jib stick. From the minimal 420 glass which has 50 gram weight glass at 90 degrees to the board length, to the pressure bonded wood composite core and the Urban FK rockered nose and tail; the Horrorscope is designed to push through the most angular kinks and press on the roughest concrete ledges.

Capita Horrorscope FK

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Capita Saturnia - 2011 0 Capita Saturnia user review(s).

The Capita Saturnia has earnt itself quite a reputation as a park killer. Go to any resort world wide and don’t be surprised to see the Saturnia under the feet of the girls dominating the kicker, rails and jibs. Based on its older sibling the Stairmaster the Saturnia is a freestyle thoroughbred perfect if you want to work on your park skills.

Capita Saturnia

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Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK - 2011 2 Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK user review(s).

The Space Metal Fantasy is the Capita Horrorscope for women. Everything in this board screams jibbing and urban shredding, from the super tight sidecut to the ridiculously light 90 degree orientated fibreglass and the WDT pressure bonded wood composite core, this board is designed to bend and tweak with maximum ease.

Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK

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Capita Midnight - 2011 0 Capita Midnight user review(s).

The Capita Midnight has positive camber, biaxial glass, a poplar core, carbon and Kevlar stringers and an extruded base all squeezed into a slightly tapered shape with a progressive blended radii sidecut and a very stylish lick of paint. A great snowboard for female riders of all abilities who like a snowboard heavy on features and light on BS.

Capita Midnight

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Capita Charlie Slasher - 2011 0 Capita Charlie Slasher user review(s).

For a company that focuses on building freestyle boards, the design ideas behind the Capita Charlie Slasher don’t half make sense. The Charlie Slasher uses Powder specific FK rocker which means the nose is rockered just after the front binding, Capita have added carbon stringers to the nose to keep it from folding on heavy landings and flapping around when the speed gets cranked up. The tail remains rocker free so you can stomp those tail heavy powder landings and get that extra boost out of slashes. Biaxial glass gets used throughout the length of the Charlie Slasher so the board initiates turns lightening quick and the sidecut of just over 9m should keep the board stable when the powder isn’t as smooth as you were hoping.

Capita Charlie Slasher

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Capita Mid Life - 2011 0 Capita Mid Life user review(s).

Looking for a freestyle board minus the gimmicks? The Capita Mid Life has standard camber, a blend of triaxial and biaxial glass, a beech and Poplar core and a super slippery sintered base, everything you’ll need for a fun day on the mountain. For extra pop and a smooth ride Capita have included Kevlar and Carbon stringers and there are a couple of extra millimetres on the width so that big footed riders can ride a slightly shorter board. Nothing too flashy, just a quality freestyle snowboard.

Capita Mid Life

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Capita Green Machine - 2011 0 Capita Green Machine user review(s).

Snowboarding is costly enough to the environment, travel to the hill, a whole day of riding lifts, gallons and gallons of fuel needed to power the piste bashers and pipe dragons are just a few things snowboarders take for granted but cause thousands of tons of CO2 to be pumped into the atmosphere. Like many manufacturers out there Capita are keen to make a difference and produce one less product that contributes to global warming. The Capita Green Machine may have an exterior as black as oil but its inside is a green as it gets. The Green Machine is pure freestyle perfection that won’t cost the Earth. Available with either Freestyle FK rocker or traditional camber, depending on your orientation.

Capita Green Machine

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Capita Black Snowboard of Death - 2011 0 Capita Black Snowboard of Death user review(s).

Capita have just celebrated 10 years of giving kids nightmares! To celebrate their birthday in style, the 2011 Black Snowboard of Death has had a complete design overall picking all of the finest technologies available. For 2011 Capita are using a camber/rocker hybrid, using positive camber between the bindings and rocker after the bindings with a Flat Kick nose and Tail. Basalt fibre reinforcement has been introduced from the bindings to the start of the effective edge to help reduce board twitchiness and chatter when the snow gets sketchy and the speed gets turned up to 11. The Black Snowboard of Death is an aggressive monster of a board designed for good riders who want a board to ride everything on the mountain at mach 10. Not for the faint hearted.

Capita Black Snowboard of Death

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