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Black Snowboard Of Death reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Black Snowboard Of Death is a video review.
Capita Black Snowboard Of Death - 2013 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (2) user review(s).

Want a snowboard that is so menacing that you’ll have to keep it locked in a shed at the end of the garden? Well, your search is at an end. Capita have been making the BSOD since the company started 12 years ago and although it’s changed a lot in that time it’s still aimed at the same kind of rider. If you like riding fast over a variety of challenging terrain, from deep powder to icy piste, and hitting the biggest obstacles in the Park then the BSOD ticks all of those boxes.

Capita Black Snowboard Of Death

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Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK - 2013 0 Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK user review(s).

The Space Metal Fantasy is not a board game for people that collect and paint small metal figurines it’s actually a snowboard. In fact it’s a Horrorscope FK for ladies who want to get their jib on. A soft longitudinal and lateral flex combined with elevated contact points make this a really fun board to press and butter in the park, and makes for an effortless catch-free ride for any beginners and intermediates out there looking for an easy board to ride.

Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK

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Capita Horrorscope FK - 2013 0 Capita Horrorscope FK user review(s).

More buttery than butter, softer than silk but with a fetish for concrete and metal this is the perfect board for any budding park rat, snowdome rider and urban jib monkey. If getting tech on rails and jibs is your thing (but big kickers, halfpipes and freeriding aren’t) then there aren’t many boards that will suit your riding better than the Horrorscope FK.

Capita Horrorscope FK

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Capita Birds of a Feather FK - 2013 0 Capita Birds of a Feather FK user review(s).

If you’re from the UK then ‘Birds of a Feather’ might conjure up images of a drab 90’s sitcom. Worry not, in true Capita fashion this board is anything but drab and dull. In fact you lucky girls get exactly the same board as the gents ‘Defenders of Awesome’ but sized down a little with a nice picture of an Owl called ‘Clive’ on it. If the picture of a nice fluffy Owl doesn’t make you want to buy it then Capita’s brand new Hybrid FK profile might. This profile combines the best of camber and rocker and gives you a board that is playful and jibby but can hold a carve and pop higher than a Champagne bottle cork.

Capita Birds of a Feather FK

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Capita Defenders of Awesome FK - 2013 0 Capita Defenders of Awesome FK user review(s).

The Defenders of Awesome is a new board for Capita this season. Under the Heavy Metal bonnet is a snowboard with a very similar construction to the Capita NAS but this board has a couple of awesome additions; a funny shaped nose and tail,  Capita’s brand new Hybrid Flat Kick profile and a radial sidecut. The Defender of Awesome’s new profile is the real talking-point for this board as it combines the benefits of camber and rocker. If you’re looking for a board that holds a strong edge and feels very lively in turns, but remains playful and jibby, the Defenders of Awesome could be an inspired and affordable choice.

Capita Defenders of Awesome FK

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Capita Indoor Survival FK - 2013 0 Capita Indoor Survival FK user review(s).

The Indoor Survival has always been a popular board in the Capita line because it’s one of those park boards that you can take anywhere on the mountain and have fun riding. Nevertheless over the past couple of seasons Capita have swapped a camber profile for a hybrid camber called Freestyle Flat Kick, a combination of rocker and zero camber, which has made the board far more versatile and fun. The Indoor Survival loves buttering and pressing on rails but is surprisingly good in the halfpipe and in the backcountry.

Capita Indoor Survival FK

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Capita Stairmaster Extreme - 2013 0 Capita Stairmaster Extreme user review(s).

Don’t be fooled by it’s name; this board isn’t a jib-focused board built purely for riding long kinked handrails. It is in fact a freestyle board aimed at giving riders the versatility to ride everything the park, and the rest of the mountain, can throw at them. Kicker and Pipe riders take note because it’s here where the Stairmaster Extreme excels; it’s lowered camber construction gives it great edge-hold and pop and the dampening underfoot gives you the added stability for going faster and bigger.

Capita Stairmaster Extreme

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Capita DBX - 2013 0 Capita DBX user review(s).

Capita haven’t made a pro model since the days of Travis Parker but for 2013 it seems they’ve broken with tradition and have given Dan Brisse a pro model; the DBX. Not only that but Capita have teamed up with Dan’s long time clothing sponsor, Volcom, who have created the graphics and stuck their Volcom Stone logo all over it. More importantly though it’s given Mr Brisse the opportunity to develop a board that suits his ballsy and technical style of riding. With a bamboo core and basalt fibreglass reinforcements you can expect this board to be; lightweight and poppy for jibbing but strong for landing doublecorks in the backcountry and sticking flat landings on urban jibs.

Capita DBX

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