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Indoor Survival reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Capita Indoor Survival - 2010 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

A wolf in sheeps clothing, the Capita Indoor Survial is so much stiffer than you might think! Stiff between the bindings and super poppy, but a little slow edge-to-edge. The Indoor Survival is everything you could want for a slopestyle course, stable on rails and gunning into large transitions, catch free and extremely natural spinning backside off kickers, with fantastic edge hold and minimal chatter. Out of the park the Indoor Survival just feels a little uninspiring (not to be confused with bad). It handles everything you can throw at it but just doesn’t have that special something. Best suited to advanced park riders, who get more out of stomping technical tricks than laying down old-school carves and soulful slashes.

Capita Indoor Survival

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Capita Quiver Killer - 2010 0 Capita Quiver Killer user review(s).

Park, Pipe and Powder.. if you want to ride the three Ps the Quiver Killer looks like a wise choice. With a directional shape and flex, carbon fibre reinforced glass and a traditional camber profile, the Quiver Killer just loves flying up Pipe walls, the Transworld crew loved it so much they awarded it an award for being a top pipe performer. Capita have also set back the stance very slightly for versatility in different snow conditions.

Capita Quiver Killer

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Capita Stairmaster - 2010 0 Capita Stairmaster user review(s).

If you’re looking for a really soft snowboard for riding rails and jibs, you won’t find many boards as evolved as the Stairmaster. Perfect for indoor and dryslope riding in he UK, local hill sessions in Maine US, concrete ledges in Montreal and 20 step hand rails in Helsinki. Upgrade to the Stairmaster Extreme if you love the Stairmaster shape but want a little more grip in carves and pop off booters.

Capita Stairmaster

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Capita Saturnia - 2010 1 Capita Saturnia user review(s).

Super buttery flex, durable construction, an easy to maintain extruded base and the coolest retro 80s graphics out there. One of the best jib focused cambered snowboards built specifically for women, and such great value for money the Capita Saturnia picked up a Transworld Good Wood award this year.

Capita Saturnia

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Capita Horrorscope - 2010 0 Capita Horrorscope user review(s).

Ooze onto rails and jibs like a gallon of ectoplasm! The Horrorscope’s Flat Kick rocker profile and WDT engineered Jib core enables riders to press ridiculously on rails and boxes. The Pre-cured 420 fiberglass has helped to create a super buttery torsional flex that takes the danger out of commiting to double kink backside board slides. The super soft torsional flex and catch free properties of the rocker make the Horrorscope so easy to ride and initiate turns that even a beginner will love riding it. Advanced rail rulers and jib junkies will love tweaking rails combos and pretzel-ing out of evrything.

Capita Horrorscope

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Capita Space Metal Fantasy - 2010 0 Capita Space Metal Fantasy user review(s).

The Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK (wow, what a mouth-full!) is designed to be a womens jib specific snowboard. The SMF packs Capita’s latest jib focused technologies; Flat Kick rocker provides plenty of playability for tight transitions, easy turn initiation and pressing and buttering everything in sight. With a pressure bonded composite wood core (short wood fibres) and pre-cured 420 e-glass fibreglass configuration for an unbelieveably soft torsional flex, you know the SMF is designed exclusively for park rails, small to medium sized kickers and all the jibs that clutter your local hill.

Capita Space Metal Fantasy

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Capita Midnight - 2010 0 Capita Midnight user review(s).

To sum the Capita Midnight up, it’s the Quiver Killer for girls. A very slight taper, directional shape, set back stance and progressive sidecut provide you with all the shape you’ll need to ride every snow condition the mountain can throw at you. Because most ladies require a slightly softer snowboard, Capita have used Biaxial glass, to increase the pop for a lively ride in and out of carves they’ve added carbon stringers into the mix. Everthing you’ll need to ride the whole mountain in a forgiving but progressive ride. Suitable for beginners through to advanced female snowboarders.

Capita Midnight

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Capita Charlie Slasher - 2010 0 Capita Charlie Slasher user review(s).

How dope is the Charlie Slasher! Freeride pedigree in a rock and roll costume. With a 20mm taper and the FK pow profile (rockered from the front binding to the nose) the Charlie Slasher provides plenty of float in deep snow. The biaxial glass provides a smooth surfy feel, worry not Capita have made sure the tail is stiff enough to slash everything in sight. Capita claim it rides ok switch too… think I’ll leave that for someone else to try.

Capita Charlie Slasher

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Capita Mid Life - 2010 1 Capita Mid Life user review(s).

The Mid Life definitely has a unique selling point… it’s the only subtle graphic in the Capita line-up. Under the modest (but still on the eerie / dark side) exterior Capita have crammed in their Epoxy glass weave and Carbon fibre reinforcement to create a lightweight and poppy board for throwing down in the park and on backcountry booters.

Capita Mid Life

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Capita Stairmaster Extreme - 2010 0 Capita Stairmaster Extreme user review(s).

Stolen from the Stairmaster production line by a pack of wild dogs and raised on a lean diet of triaxial glass, Epoxy resin, a Beach and Poplar core and a Sintered base. If the Stairmaster is a lovely Poodle, the Extreme is a savage Wolf with a serious blood lust! Everything you love about the Stairmaster but toned up for freestyle riders who liked the Stairmaster but wanted a bit more pop and response. Damped along the edges between the bindings for smooth on-rail action

Capita Stairmaster Extreme

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Capita Black Death - 2010 0 Capita Black Death user review(s).

Hardcore graphics on a hardcore ride. The Black Death is the most aggressive all mountain freestyle snowboard that Capita build. The Black Death’s Entrapped Air core (25% stronger and 20% lighter than standard wood cores) and E-Glass have enabled the engineers at Capita to reduce the core thickness and cut down the weight, they’ve beefed up the package with Carbon and Kevlar reinforcement for blasting through varying snow conditions. A seriously high tech snowboard for advanced snowboarders who like to rail out long carves and fly off monster kickers and cliff drops.

Capita Black Death

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Capita Green Machine - 2010 0 Capita Green Machine user review(s).

If you’re not into natural wood topsheets, buying an eco conscious snowboard can be a little frustrating. Trust Capita to go against the grain! Blue Montgomery and his gang of graveyard diggers have thrown a drop of hippie blood, a handful of dream catchers and eye of newt into a big cauldron and created the Green Machine. A park destroying high tech snowboard with massive green credentials and Capita‚Äôs flat kick reverse camber technology.

Capita Green Machine

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