Arbor A-Frame - 2011


Arbor has made very few changes to the A-Frame for 2011… trust me when I say this is a good thing. The A-Frame is the ultimate in point-and-shoot artillery. Classic design features include the blended tri-radial sidecut which keeps the entry and exit radii larger for stability and the central radius slightly tighter so you can work the poky camber into some nice tight chin touching carves and carbon torsion forks to make sure no matter how critical it gets the edge won’t wash out. Little tweaks for 2011 include the introduction of bamboo edges for even more punch out of carves. A truly awesome freeride gun!

Manufacturer's Description:

Surf Heritage

A big-mountain gun for riders who want superior on-edge performance; lock-n-hold deeply carved lines, find powerful control in the steeps and amazing stability at speed.  New Bamboo Power Rails deliver improved return.

Recommended for freeride riding Recommended for big mountain riding Very high cost snowboard Camber construction Directional Shape Green or Eco Friendly construction

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
158, 162, 166, 170

Riding Style: Freeride


Inlaid Wood Power Ply
Rocket sintered base
Shaman Core (super light Paulownia and Poplar)
Mountain Stance
Directional shape
Blended tri-radial sidecut
Cambered profile
Carbon torsion forks
Bamboo Power Rails (sidewalls)
Medium-Stiff flex

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Arbor A-Frame

Snowboard Review:

We tested the Arbor A-Frame in 2010. As very little has changed it’s worth checking out last years review:-

2010 Arbor A-Frame review

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Arbor

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Meghan on January 28, 2011 at 03:31 AM

This is my fourteenth year snowboarding and the first year I’ve ridden an Arbor. I’ve been on multiple Burtons and a great Nitro board, but after the first run down the mountain on the 2011 Arbor A-Frame I felt like it was the only board I had ever ridden. We knew each other immediately. There was no ‘getting-to-know you’ - we just clicked. It did exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. It cut through chop like butter and held its edge like no other on hard pack. It was nimble through icy trees and great with flippy jump turns in the moguls. I don’t know what it’s like in powder as there wasn’t any at Mammoth when I was there. As an experienced rider, the one thing that keeps coming to mind when I think of this board is familiarity and it’s not in the ‘been there, done that’ sense. It’s the board I’ve always ridden in my head and finally Arbor has made it a reality.

Ark on March 29, 2011 at 12:15 AM

Similar story for me…ive been riding a custom for 5 years now and it got stolen in tahoe, i walked into the board store with a face as long as a horse, explained myself and the guy said…you need an a frame. Just like meghan i felt at home the instant i rode it. It holds and goes edge to edge like nothing ive ever ridden and is much more soft and “alive” (maybe due to the wood?).

On top of that i felt like a rock star with peps actually stopping me to take pics of it!

Sholto on March 13, 2012 at 03:09 AM

I’ve had this board for the last two seasons and I have to say I’ve been pleased overall. It’s very good at high speeds, and aesthetically it stands out on the mountain. I almost always get stopped at some point and told how nice my board looks.

A couple of reservations, however.

First, the top sheet is highly susceptible to damage. I’m not especially reckless when it comes to taking care of my gear (quite the opposite in fact), but my A-Frame alread has a couple of large chunks missing from the wooden top sheet, fully exposing the layer underneath.

Second, my sense is that this board rides a lot better in soft and fluffy snow conditions. In icy conditions my ride feels much less secure.

Still, all around, it’s a fun stick.