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Nico Muller - Green

Nico Muller - Green

Nico Muller needs no introduction. Standout sections year after year in Absinthe’s films big hitters have sealed Nico’s position as one of the most versatile and stylish freestyle snowboarders on the planet. Nico has always been conscious of the detrimental effect of snowboarding on the environment but for the last couple of years has been steering Burton down the green road. With the release of Nico’s green ride the EcoNico last year and Burtons GMP outerwear (non-harmful waterproofing and 100% recycled fabrics), Snowboard Review got to chat to Nico about his current shred, the Burton T6.

As a snowboarder the biggest compliment you could probably ever get is to be compared to the legendary Terje Haakonsen; Nicolas Müller gets this compliment so often that he’s even been referred to as Terje’s protégée.  Over the past decade this Swiss wonder-kid turned man has been at the forefront of world Snowboarding; leaving every single snowboarder that watches his video sections in awe of his effortless style and incredible ability to make the steepest and most technical Alaskan slopes look like a freestyle playground.

Nico has always been really conscious of the environment but in recent years he’s been making a concerted effort to help make the sport greener; after all he’s more than aware of the impact that mankind is having on our mountains and forests. As well as trying to live a sustainable lifestyle he’s championing Fiat’s ‘green’ car policy and helping to raise awareness of Burton’s ‘Green Mountain Project’ which kicked off with last seasons EcoNico.

We caught up with Nico, thanks to our friends at Arcus clothing, and asked him all about what qualities he looks for in a snowboard and why:

“I’ve been riding the T6 from day one, what can I say; it’s the board that I have the most fun with. The T6 is super light with the right amount stiffness for hitting the pipe and freeriding and it has an incredible amount of pop.

I‘m really glad to talk about the ingredients that make the T6: Step by step we’re improving the overall impact that the board has on our natural ecosystem. Recycled Aluminium edges and plastic spacers, using less lacquer and glue are some of the first steps to minimising the negative effects of board manufacture. I want a board to manifest my fantasy of snowboarding and I want it to have the least or (even better) zero negative impact on our planet.

The T6 probably rides as aggressive as these words may come across, but hey, our efforts are all about ‘quality of life’ whether you ride or not.”

Nico’s sponsors are:

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