Bataleon Undisputed - 2011


A suprising little number… well big number actually. Freeride Triple Base Technology sets the Bataleon Undisputed apart from every other cambered Freeride gun on the planet. The Undisputed is stiff enough longitudinally to ride out the most gnarly early morning death cookies. Then there’s the quadraxial glass to keep your edge locked in even when the snow turns sheet ice. Finally, the Freeride TBT makes snowboarding catch free even at frightening speeds and incredibly agile edge-to-edge for such a long and firm flexing snowboard. A snowboard you want in your quiver!

Manufacturer's Description:

This is the ultimate freeride board built on FREERIDE.TBT. It features a drawn out nose, tapered tail and the whole Triple Base Shape is moved back with the insert’s set back pattern. The TBT uplift gives this board extra float to save you from leg-burn. At the same time the undisputed has uncanny carving ability unlike your average powder specific boards. Like powder? going fast? riding trees? laying down carves? dropping cliffs? Look no further, this is your new best friend.

Recommended for freeride riding Recommended for big mountain riding Very high cost snowboard Camber construction Directional Shape

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
159, 163, 167

Riding Style: Freeride


Good Wood Poplar & Birch core
Super Strong sidewalls
Freeride Triple Base Technology
Synthered 3000 base
Carbon & Kevlar stringers
Quadraxial glass laminates

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Snowboard Review:

Bataleon isn’t a brand many would associate with stiff freeride snowboards, when the word gets out about the Undisputed I’m sure that will change. Chatting with the Bataleon reps at the board test I asked them to pick me out a merciless Gun to assault the mountain. Worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the Undisputed they suggested I go for the Bataleon Omni, I immediately picked up the Undisputed. Sure that my death was imminent they suggested I take out the 159, of course their advice fell on deaf ears… I was after a Gun and nothing was going to stop me taking the 163 for a blast.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the Undisputed is one seriously stiff snowboard through the length and torsionally, a healthy helping of Carbon fibre and quadraxial glass have seen to that, it’s also incredibly slender, I can only put this down to a long sidecut. Bataleon also use a slight taper, but for the sake of 3mm it may as well not exist, you certainly can’t see the difference. Sure the Undisputed grips, it holds long carves very confidently and provided you have an aggressive riding style works well in short carves. Holding an edge on crud and ice, the quadraxial glass worked particularly hard for me and not for one second did I feel nervous or unsure about whether the Undisputed could meet my demands.

Where the Bataleon Undisputed really holds its own is the freeride specific Triple Base Technology (TBT for short). For those who aren’t in the know, TBT is a 3D form in the base which raises the start and end of the effective edge off the snow, whilst maintaining a cambered profile. Unlike the freestyle variations, the freeride TBT uses a much narrower flat section at the nose and tail, this means you still get the stability from raising the start of the effective edge off the snow, it also means that transitions between edges are incredibly easy and lightening quick, so it’s not a constant battle to get the Undisputed on an edge, it simply rolls. Without the TBT I can imagine the Undisputed would be a bit of a wild stallion, trying to buck you at any opportunity, but isn’t. The Undisputed naturally works itself into carves and holds its line until you roll onto the next edge. Float in deep snow was no better or worse than any other cambered board of it’s length, it’s the maneuverability and ease at which it initiates turns that sets it apart.

I was really impressed with the Undisputed, it was responsive, held a perfect edge in all sorts of snow conditions and was stable flat-lining and approaching backcountry hits. A great board for advanced freeriders looking for something a little bit different who are tired of wrestling with stiff freeride boards in short radius carves.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Bataleon

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