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MTD Dual Rocker reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Apo MTD Dual Rocker - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Aly Mac - (12) user review(s).

The first thing to mention is that APO rate the flex on the APO MTD Dual Rocker as a 6/10, we’d rate it as 3/10, this board is soft. A mellow sidecut ensures easy turn initiation and a cruisy feel, biaxial glass is paired with V-shaped carbon reinforcement in the tips for a soft feel with pop and powder inserts have been added to the insert pattern to improve float on deep days. Dual Rocker is reverse camber between the feet and camber at the tips.

Apo MTD Dual Rocker

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Apo Spray - 2012 1 Apo Spray user review(s).

When I first saw this board I almost keeled over with excitement. The retro coffin shape and surfboard styled topsheet with the Koi Karp motif are so on-point, it’s impossible to think of a better looking powder stick. Available exclusively in a 160, the mid-wide waist, setback stance, tapered shape and powder rocker profile will keep you afloat even in the deepest drifts on the snowiest days.

Apo Spray

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Apo TC W Rocker - 2012 0 Apo TC W Rocker user review(s).

Pirates Crew rider Tyler Chorlton recently moved from Bataleon to Apo. At Apo Tyler has had the opportunity to work on his own pro model, an honour very few if any British snowboarders have shared. Tyler’s board is avalaible with two profile options, standard camber for riding big transitions and W-Rocker (camber between the feet and rockered tips) for powder lines and backcountry freestyle sessions. Both boards have a fairly long 8.4m sidecut radius and a firm flex, the wist width of 25.9cm is perfect for those with a size 10 (uk) boots. Maybe it’ll be an Apo board that Tyler uses to stomp the first triple nollie frontflip.. wait a second, he’s already stomped one hasn’t he.

Apo TC W Rocker

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Apo Selekta - 2012 0 Apo Selekta user review(s).

The Apo Selekta is a cult classic . Its twin shape and flat profile with very slightly early rise tips make it a dream machine for sliding along boxes and inventing all types of butters and bonks. The core profile thins between the feet to make the Selecta more flex at the waist for big ollies and biax glass makes a forgiving board saintly.

Apo Selekta

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Apo Yeah - 2012 0 Apo Yeah user review(s).

For those not sold on rocker or simply flat profiles the Yeah is Apo’s cambered entry level freestyle snowboard. It has a directional twin shape, because you don’t want to be confined to the park when there’s fresh snow to be ridden and combines Apo’s double flex core profile with mellow flexing biaxial fibreglass for easy pop and a soft torsional flex.

Apo Yeah

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Apo Line - 2012 0 Apo Line user review(s).

Eerie yet clean and simple graphics meet versatile all mountain performance in the Line. Like most APO boards the Line has a shallow sidecut for easy turn initiation and exit and stable high speed carving, it has a directional shape with a setback stance and a 2000 grade sintered base for dependable acceleration and speed. Triaxial fibreglass is used throughout the board for improved edge hold and the Line has reverse camber profile with a flat section between the bindings for stability and rocker in the tips for improved powder floatation, deep snow agility and a more forgiving feel in bumpy terrain with tight transitions. This is a fantastic board for an intermediate rider who hits the slopes a couple of weeks a year and wants to ride everything on the mountain.

Apo Line

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Apo Seed - 2012 0 Apo Seed user review(s).

A beginner’s snowboard with Jagermeister inspired graphics is always a winner in my opion. The Apo seed has a directional all-mountain shape, Apo’s stable yet playful Rocker profile and a very soft flex meaning it’s perfect for learning the basics. The mellow sidecut keeps the Seed stable when you decide to take the Deer by the horns and up the speed.

Apo Seed

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Apo Isis - 2012 0 Apo Isis user review(s).

Soft as warm butter and as forgiving as Mother Teresa when your weights in the wrong place, the APO Isis with its directional shape will help female riders get to grips with snowboarding much quicker than a heavy, un-tuned hire board.

Apo Isis

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