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Apo Isis - 2010 0 Apo Isis user review(s).

The APO Isis is a forgiving directional snowboard designed for women who want to improve their game over the whole mountain. From beginners through to experienced intermediates, the ladies love the Isis.. or was that Cool James?

Apo Isis

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Apo Seed - 2010 0 Apo Seed user review(s).

The APO seed has a long mellow side cut and biaxial glass for easy initialtion into carves and a forgiving ride. At it’s price the Seed is perfect for someone who has ridden for 1 or 2 weeks and is looking for their first snowboard to learn the ropes on.

Apo Seed

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Apo Arthur Longo - 2010 3 Apo Arthur Longo user review(s).

Arthur Longo is having one hell of a year! With wins like the Artic Challenge Quater Pipe, Arthur is up there with the best riders on the planet. APO have created a board perfect for riding hard and fast into large transitions and super steep landings. A freestyle board with all the grip and minerals for going huge off kickers and in the pipe.

Apo Arthur Longo

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Apo Yeah - 2010 0 Apo Yeah user review(s).

New to the APO line-up last season, the Yeah has proven itself as a price point park and jib board. Soft biaxial glass and Apo’s ‘Double Flex’ core profile make for a super buttery ride that’ll just ooze on and off rails and jibs. Includes powder inserts (an extra set of inserts set back) for an extra bit of versatility.

Apo Yeah

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Apo Selekta - 2010 0 Apo Selekta user review(s).

A jib specific board for slaying rails and jibs in the park or in your backyard. The perfect board for small hills or indoor slopes with technical rail setups. A Carbon I-Pop stringer for increased pop and an extruded base for durability when caning the steel.

Apo Selekta

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Apo Amanite LTD - 2010 0 Apo Amanite LTD user review(s).

A very different beast to the standard Amanite. Wider under-foot, a tighter more aggresive sidecut, stiff longitudinal and torsional flex and tons of pop! For riders who like to ride hard and fast into large transitions and high-speed landings. Rewarding but ruthlessly unforgiving. For expert riders only!

Apo Amanite LTD

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Apo Amanite - 2010 3 Apo Amanite user review(s).

Viva the Mushroom. David Vincent’s mushroom madness returns for another year! Well what did you expect? The Vincent mushrooms are a piece of French snowboard history, culture even! A stiff ride for aggressive all-mountain freestylers, set-back 15mm for float and available with a rocker profile if you need a bit more.

Apo Amanite

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Apo Line - 2010 0 Apo Line user review(s).

Apo’s all-mountain fail-safe designed for aspiring intermediates. Triaxial glass will make sure the Line holds a solid edge, the mellow sidecut takes the sting out of riding a triax board for less experienced riders, and the directional all mountain shape and 15mm setback stance means you can ride the APO Line in the powder in the morning and through the snowboard park in the afternoon.

Apo Line

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Apo MTD - 2010 1 Apo MTD user review(s).

The APO MTD has been around for years and had a number incarnations including the A Board Method. With all that heritage you can be sure the MTD is as refined as it gets, carbon cross members to add torsional rigity between the bindings for holding highspeed carves and riding out lumpy backcountry kickers and a dual density Poplar core for extra pop. A classic all terrain freestyle board for experienced snowboarders.


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Apo Apocalypse Swallow - 2010 2 Apo Apocalypse Swallow user review(s).

A classic swallow! You know it’s good because Regis Rolland has been refining it’s shape for decades. The Apocalypse Swallow is a life changing ride, once you’ve ridden it you won’t want to ride anything else in the deep stuff.

Apo Apocalypse Swallow

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Apo BCK (Caro Beliard Signature) - 2010 1 Apo BCK (Caro Beliard Signature) user review(s).

Unlike many womens boards, the BCK is made with enough width underfoot so that if you have a US7 boot size you wont have to ride a 150+. A good poppy longitudinal flex thanks to the Carbon I-Pop stringers and a more forgiving torsional flex thanks to the biaxial glass. A relatively mellow sidecut for stability at speed.

Apo BCK (Caro Beliard Signature)

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