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BC Flatcut and BC Powder Rocker reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.
Apo BC Flatcut and BC Powder Rocker - 2011 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (0) user review(s).

You may want to pick up the Apo BC if you’re into firm flexing all-mountain destroyers, but first you’ll need to choose your style. Will it be the Flatcut zero camber profile you go for, for that responsive, but worn in feel, or will you go for the hard gripping, incredibly floaty and ridiculously responsive Powder Rocker profile (camber between the feet and rocker at the nose and tail). I rode the Powder Rocker version and it was one of the best boards I picked up all week, on the early morning ice it gripped like nothing else and at 159 still felt agile enough for a rip through the kicker line. A great choice for any all-mountain freeride/freestyler who wants to ride pipe and pow on the same snowboard. A worthy successor to David Vincent’s legendary mushroom clad Amanite.

Apo BC Flatcut and BC Powder Rocker

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Apo Apocalypse - 2011 0 Apo Apocalypse user review(s).

There has been little change to the Apocalypse for 2011. It still eats small children and murders puppies for amusement. It’s a big bad freeride gun for snowboarders who like to point in one direction and hold on for dear life. If you like to carve so hard you graze your chin or stomp cliffs so big people think you’re base jumping, the Apo Apocalypse should probably accompany you on your next trip.

Apo Apocalypse

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Apo Gerome Mathieu - 2011 0 Apo Gerome Mathieu user review(s).

APO owner Regis Rolland the Godfather of European snowboarding has been in the game long enough to know an extreme talent when he sees one. Gerome tears apart terrain parks but really stamps his mark on Backcountry features. His shred of choice is his signature model. With Biaxial glass and APO’s double flex core profile the Gerome Mathieu pro isn’t too stiff for larking about and hitting smaller features, but with the Carbon X reinforcement has plenty of pop and stability for crazy run-ins and enormous transitions. Also available with rocker, if you swing that way of course.

Apo Gerome Mathieu

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Apo Line Rocker - 2011 0 Apo Line Rocker user review(s).

Intermediate all-mountain snowboarders aka 4-10 weekers you can’t go wrong with the APO Line Rocker. Designed to provide the ultimate progressive platform for relatively inexperienced snowboarders to improve their all mountain snowboarding on; from the park to the piste and now especially in powder thanks to its new reverse camber profile, the Line will cut the mustard.

Apo Line Rocker

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Apo Isis Rocker - 2011 0 Apo Isis Rocker user review(s).

You’ve got to love Apo’s intro for the Isis, it’s so French – “The Isis has been designed to pleasure to girls on all terrain”, says the writer while smoking a Gauloise and reading poetry. If you’re a relative virgin to the sport of snowboarding Apo reckons the Isis and it’s all new rockered profile could be the tool for the job, just make sure it doesn’t become more than a holiday romance… it is a snowboard after all.

Apo Isis Rocker

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Apo BCK - 2011 0 Apo BCK user review(s).

A surprising popular women’s freestyle snowboard on Snowboard-Review.com last season. The BCK meets the needs of female snowboarders with some riding time under their belts who demand the feel and precision performance of camber but want a forgiving and fun flexing snowboard so they can press and jib with the rocker kids.


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Apo Selekta Rocker - 2011 12 Apo Selekta Rocker user review(s).

APO’s biggest selling snowboard since I can remember is back for 2011… but this year, it’s a little different! The same true twin shape, rockered shape and biaxial glass make it into the Selekta this year, but there’s a twist. This year the Selekta gets carbon reinforcement through the centre for extra pop without any extra torsional rigidity and upgraded to a sintered base, so you won’t be enjoying any knucke sandwiches when the snow gets soft after a dose of afternoon sun.

Apo Selekta Rocker

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Apo Seed Rocker - 2011 0 Apo Seed Rocker user review(s).

You’re heading out on your first snowboard trip. You don’t want to hire; hire gear is heavy, for the most part it looks pretty pants too. The APO Seed is a great go-to board for beginner snowboarders. The Seed has directional shape for all-terrain and condition versatility with a rockered profile for easy turn initiation and catch free straight lining. What makes the Seed an out-and-out winner? Yep it’s the Jagermeister inspired graphics, the must have board for any Alpine shred and bar session!

Apo Seed Rocker

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Apo Yeah - 2011 0 Apo Yeah user review(s).

The Yeah is the budget conscious freestyler’s pick from the 2011 APO line-up. The spec won’t blow you away, but with biaxial fibreglass, an extruded base and APO’s Double Flex core profile which is designed to flex more between the bindings, the Yeah will happily tear apart terrain parks from November to May.

Apo Yeah

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