Arbor Westmark - 2011


Traditional Arbor fans will shudder at the prospect of Arbor getting all freestyle, but times are a-changing and so is Arbor. The Westmark really marks Arbor’s whole hearted move into park snowboards; with a soft flex, heavily rockered profile and light poppy construction there’s no denying that the Westmark is a park thoroughbred and board so good that you’ll wonder why Arbor didn’t make the move until last season.

Manufacturer's Description:

West Coast Core

A multidimensional rocker design for park-oriented riders who utilize the whole mountain; the Westmark delivers critical pop, durability, and control, with a higher level of jump, spin, slide, press, and on-edge performance.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding High cost snowboard Rocker construction Twin shape Green or Eco Friendly construction

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
150, 153, 156, 159

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Wood Power Ply
Rocket sintered base
Medicine Core (FSC certified Poplar)
Deep Shadow flex (thinner core between the bindings)
Sumo Stance
Parabolic rocker profile
Tri-radial unblended sidecut
Grip-Tech edges
True Twin shape
Biaxial glass
Medium – Soft flex

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Arbor Westmark

Snowboard Review:

Keen to shed their hippy, soul surfing image, Arbor are investing a lot of time and effort into creating some great freestyle snowboards. The Westmark returns for 2011 with a new shape and a rocker profile which like last year’s Draft utilizes the unblended tri-radial sidecut with Grip-Tech edges. First impressions were good, the board was light and Arbor has done a good job of mixing their classic veneer finish with some interesting graffiti. Rocker works well with the Westmark it really loosens up the board it butters well and under-rotated landings come round clean. The degree of rocker does mean the Westmark can feel a little sketchy on icy snow and does get bullied by soft summer corn snow, but when the snow is right this board is pure joy. Pop is good at speed and when you’re pottering around on jibs and the fast sintered base means great acceleration and should save any rider from the dreaded knuckle sandwich experience. Intermediate freestyles are going to find the Westmark really progressive and experienced riders who want a board to drop smooth laid back tricks down the mini shred, should makes sure the Westmark makes it into their board bag.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Arbor

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mike on June 13, 2011 at 07:23 PM

trying to decide between the westmark 153 or the gnu street 154 as my only deck. the quiver is becoming more of a hassle. i basically fit your description frm the gnu street page… 

“This board has been designed for those riders who session small hills for most of the year but need a board with balls to rip-up the bigger hills and backcountry during the occasional holiday”

so what do you think. def wanna deck with grip tech/magna tx living on the ice coast.


Ctec87 on June 30, 2011 at 12:02 AM

My question would be how does this compare flex wise to say the GNu street/lib tech skate banana?

Rich Ewbank on June 30, 2011 at 08:19 AM

Yeah a pretty similar flex, maybe a touch softer.

James on January 09, 2012 at 04:10 AM

I got this board 6 weeks ago. If I have to knock it on one thing it is how horribly the base holds wax. I would wax this thing every other session minimum. I am a park rat, mostly a jump, and I was surprised at how little this board washed out setting up spins on big hits, and it more made up for any rotation loss on landings. I began to take landings for granted, basically if I could spot the landing the board did the rest, no wrestling the stick into submission on fast landings. The flex was perfect for most everything. The parabolic rockers is great for presses because it easily allows you to get a press going, but then puts the brakes on so you don’t go over the back or front end. Unfortunately I just cracked my rail so I am waiting on another, but this board has me convinced “the system” rocker design is not just hype. I work in a local ski shop and ride a lot of boards and about 60+ days a season. Moreover, I love what this company stands for and the people they have put on their team, they are all cool shredders happy to meet anyone on the hill.