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Last February at the Slide trade show in Manchester Snowboard Review picked out the Rossignol Jones as one of the snowboards to look out for this season.. since Jeremy’s shock departure from Rossi, the board has been renamed the Experience. Constructed with Magnetraction, Rossignol’s AmpTek rocker profile and Carbon and Kevlar reinforcement this freeride beast is designed to be railed on its edge at mach 10, drop huge cliffs and hold an edge on critical ice loaded traverses. With Xavier De Le Rue taking more than his fair share of silver wear this season, you can rest assured; the Experience has been tried, tested and proven!

Manufacturer's Description:

The first-ever all mountain board to incorporate Magne-Traction edges for ultimate hold and rocker technology for versatility. Jeremy wanted to keep his line looking like a quiver so he designed the 59 more towards a twinner. But make no mistake, they are all ultimate powder rides.

Recommended for freeride riding.

Recommended for big mountain riding.

Very high cost $

Available in MidWide.

Rocker Construction.

Freeride Specific.

Year: 2010

Available Lengths (cm):
159, 163, 167, 164mW, 168mW

Riding Style: Freeride


Directional freeride shape
8.6m to 10m Magne-Traction sidecut
THC core with Dual Torsion Box C/K (Carbon & Kevlar reinforcement)
7500 grade UHMV sintered base
Stone ground base
Topless topsheet
Flex 9/10

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Rossignol Experience

Snowboard Review:

When Jeremy Jones left Rossignol to start his own company he probably left-behind the World’s truest and most extravagant pro model. Built specifically for Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue the Experience is the ultimate freeriding machine; not just because it floats beautifully in powder but because you know this board won’t ever let you down when you’re in a life-threatening situation. The edge grips on steep icy faces better than any other board on the planet thanks to supreme lateral strength, a long sidecut and magnetraction; the tail is strong and poppy meaning it can deal with flat and heavy landings; and the rockered nose means the board sits back effortlessly in powder but devours crud and other variable conditions.

You might be thinking to yourself ‘that’s all well and good but what’s the point in buying a big mountain board if I ride challenging backcountry once or twice a winter’; well to those people I say you should try the Experience on the piste! I thought that the One Mag carved well until I took the Experience for a spin, sheet ice wasn’t even an issue.

Similarly to the One Mag the Experience isn’t particularly lively at low speeds, which doesn’t mean to say that it’s difficult to turn or unresponsive. Nevertheless, once you have a bit of speed the Experience feels like a completely different board; even hitting jumps off the side of the piste and kickers in the park was fun….I even managed to throw a couple of 180’s in the mix and the Experience dealt with switch landings and switch riding surprisingly well. You’ll be amazed at this board’s versatility…..but I wouldn’t advise taking it to the streets to session handrails!

The Experience really is an unbelievable board that would suit any advanced rider that is looking to take backcountry riding seriously. This is a board that you can completely depend on in all conditions and excels better than any other board on the planet when taken to the steep and rocky extremes. Considering the extraordinary ability of this board the price-tag is very reasonable so make-sure you snap-up a piece of freeriding history before Rossignol pull the plug because Mr Jones is no longer pushing the development. I only hope Xavier takes a key role in pushing the development of the Experience next season!

Tom tested the 163.

Posted by Tom Ewbank in • Rossignol

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blunder on December 10, 2009 at 03:50 PM

it’s no longer called “the jones”. jeremy left rossi to start his own brand, and this board is now called “the experience”

mark on January 24, 2011 at 07:28 AM

I bought the experience online without testing it first. It is indeed super fast. It turns on a dime which surprised me cause of the 163 I have I expected it a bit hard to turn. The only down side is the lnly way I can try to explain it is that the nose and magna-traction take up all of the edge grip starting at the nose and getting to be less an to the back with almost if not any edge grip at the tail. It feels very loose in the tail. Of coure at super high speeds it is much better