Arbor Draft - 2012


The Arbor Draft is the weapon of choice for the new crowd of jibbers learning their buttery trade at Bear Mountain, Southern California. If you watch Nick Visconti and Scotty Vine destroy the jib line, you’ll know what this snowboard is capable of. The Robusto tips have been developed to limit the amount of damage you’ll cause with a head on rail ding.

Manufacturer's Description:

A street-specific rocker board for riders whose focus is park and urban jibs: rails, boxes, trees, wall rides, etc.; the Draft is the perfect platform for spinning, pressing, bonking, and buttering your way through life - don’t tell mom.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for rail riding Medium cost snowboard Rocker construction Twin shape Green or Eco Friendly construction

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
143, 147, 153, 155, 158

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


System Rocker
True Twin
Standard Width
Soft Flex
Wood Power Ply
Fusion Base
Medicine Core

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Arbor Draft Snowboard - Men's
Arbor Collective
Arbor Draft Snowboard
Arbor Draft Snowboard - Wide
Arbor Draft

Snowboard Review:

Watch the 2012 Arbor Draft Video Snowboard Review

2012 Arbor Draft Video Snowboard Review

One of my favourite boards at this years board test and packed with tech blurb, which is always interesting when reviewing. I’m usually sceptical about rocker boards as I find them a bit wishy washy and cheating when it comes to pressing but that’s just my personal opinion of course! ;)

However, the parabolic rocker on the Arbor Draft ensures that outside contact points engage with the snow when maximum edge control is needed; this means loaded turns, higher speeds and bigger landings – I was impressed and as close to I’ve ever been to nearly being converted! Pressing was effortless and the Draft surprisingly held an edge really well. The real decider for me was how it held up on kicker landings. I purposely landed a bit tail heavy after some straight airs and wildcat back flips. Guess what? Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t wash out like most other rockered boards I’ve ridden. The ‘Grip Tech’ sidecut makes 4 points of contact underfoot for improved and direct edge control; contact points create heel and toe pivot points for faster, more efficient turning.

One of the things I really liked about the Draft is the soft bronze edges, which ensure less catchy performance on rails, boxes and any other hard surfaces. All jib boards should have bronze edges in my opinion! As if all that wasn’t enough for your jib buds, the insert design on the Arbor Draft allows those of you that like a ghetto wide stance without spinning your disks or sacrificing micro adjustability. Now you can size your board down, widen your stance and keep knees comfortable. I can’t rate this board highly enough to be honest, it’s perfect for the dedicated park freestyler. I’d say the Arbor Draft is suitable for riders of every level and if I was to sum it up in one word I’d call it FUN!

Versatile and eco conscious FSC forested core
Durable topsheet finish
Soft bronze edges
Deep Shadow Flex core profile makes presses and jibs super easy
ABS/urethane blend sidewall construction provides maximum durability and excellent edge control

Rocker might not be to some riders’ preferences but I couldn’t find any!

Posted by Mikee C in • Arbor

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