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Prior Pow Stick - 2011 0 Prior Pow Stick user review(s).

Everybody loves a swallow tail, because for super deep powder days there is no better snowboard. Enjoy the benefit of reduced volume in the tail for effortless powder floatation but without the loss of effective edge for railed out carves. The piece-de-resistance for any Champaign powder connoisseur.

Prior Pow Stick

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Prior AMF - 2011 0 Prior AMF user review(s).

Whistler has had its fair share of world class riders film their video sections on Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain’s legendary terrain. The impressive terrain on offer, enormous winter snowfalls and vast and relatively accessible sled lands make it a mecca for all mountain freestylers. With this in mind, Whistler’s snowboard factory Prior created the AMF to arm locals with the perfect weapon for the job in hand. With camber between the feet and early rise tips, the AMF offers the stability of a cambered board with the all conditions versatility and powder float or a rockered snowboard.

Prior AMF

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Prior Khyber - 2011 1 Prior Khyber user review(s).

With 20mm of taper a set-back stance and a relatively tight sidecut the Khyber is a firm favourite of Priors customers looking for a snowboard for big pow days and closely packed trees. For 2011 the Khyber has been tweaked and now features a hybrid rocker/camber profile with camber running between the feet an early rise rockered nose and a touch of rocker in the tail to loosen it up a little, but not so much that snappy slashes are off the menu.

Prior Khyber

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Prior Spearhead - 2011 1 Prior Spearhead user review(s).

Tapered shape, a shorter stumpy tail and a stretched out nose with rocker profile are the defining features of the Spearhead; a snowboard that by the looks of it will handle ludicrous speed when the adrenaline is pumping and float in the deepest porridge while you potter back to the lodge after a hard days riding.

Prior Spearhead

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Prior ATV - 2011 0 Prior ATV user review(s).

It’s not just us Europeans that like a good carve. The Japanese are putting together some great videos and even though it’s still in the closet in the US, there’s a growing hard boot carving scene. For snowboarders who want a snowboard that carves like a race board but floats in the powder for days of fresh, Prior has been hard at work creating the ATV. The ATV is slightly wider than your average hard boot snowboard to accommodate soft booters. Perfect for anybody wanting to experience the thrill of a race board without the pain or stigma of hard boots.

Prior ATV

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Prior MFR Men’s Freeride - 2011 27 Prior MFR Men’s Freeride user review(s).

If your idea of snowboarding is tucking into the fall-line and letting rip then the Prior MFR is right up your street. Triaxial glass laminates and carbon stringers should provide enough edge grip for even the hardest snow conditions and enough pop to clear the biggest Bergschrund. Featuring Priors early rise tips for 2011 the MFR will switch from edge-to-edge with much less effort than previous models.

Prior MFR Men’s Freeride

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Prior Brandywine - 2011 0 Prior Brandywine user review(s).

All of Prior’s freeride know-how and handmade goodness gets a woman’s touch in the Prior Brandwine. The Brandywine combines enough brute force to charge the heaviest lines with a hybrid profile that encourages easy turn initiation and a touch of forgiveness.

Prior Brandywine

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