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Colorado based freeride snowboard manufacturer Venture Snowboards’ recently announced “Shape Shack” appears to be off to a good start with its craziest shape to date, the Euphoria, taking an award in Backcountry Magazine’s annual test.  Developed by Venture’s co-founder Klemens Branner and snowboarding uber legend Johan Olofsson, the Euphoria has such a surf-board inspired shape with almost 100% reverse sidecut that you can bet that conditions during the test were deep and fresh. Anyway, here’s the press release:

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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The Venture Euphoria - Powder Perfection... Groomer Hell

For the last two to three seasons the uncrowned king of Colorado snowboard manufacture Never Summer has been scooping more industry and magazine awards than you can throw a tree trunk sized stick at. At the forefront of the hybrid camber revolution the brand has certainly had its fair share of imitators all panning for the same Rocky Mountains gold dust which makes Never Summer decks sell like hot cakes. This year NS releases the Cobra, another addition to its now famous Carbonium series, ruggedly constructed snowboards with a braided carbon composite topsheet that packs great pop and unmatched dampening into classic NS shapes. The Cobra takes its design from the extremely popular SL’s set-back, directional, all-mountain shape and its upgraded materials spec from the Proto CT.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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With more tools than Batman’s utility belt, an endless supply of materials ranging from the conventional to the downright ludicrous and a crew of riders and craftsmen hell-bent on creating snowboards that will never in a million years see production, if anything Signal Snowboards’ Every Third Thursday makes for addictive watching. We’re certain that Dave Lee and his band of merry men (and lady) make snowboards like Willy Wonka makes chocolate bars, under the influence of mind altering substances. If you missed the last series fear not, Signal have put together a medley jam packed with all of last season’s episodes in a six minute and thirty second edit.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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A trip to ISPO is never complete without a catch-up with K2’s UK SNowboard rep Pat. While we chowed-down on free Beef Jerky, Pat took us through K2 snowboards’ the new line designed for backcountry and sidecountry riding. The Peacekeeper, Ultradream and Highlife all feature K2’s new heavily blunted nose shapes with very gradual rocker in the nose and tail, they’ve labelled the new shape Tweekends. The idea behind the mellow rocker is that by reducing the sharpness of the transition area at the nose the board when layed into a carve is more likely to retain the turn shape you intended instead of becoming dive-y. The large blunted nose and tail shape allows for plenty of reverse sidecut at the nose and tail which should allow the rider to drift turns through the tail and nose without carving… it’s an idea pinched from the 5D ski shapes that have been on the market for the last couple of years. It’s an exciting line and we can’t wait to try them in Kaunertal in the next month.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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2012 hasn’t been a great year for the snowboard industry at large. A record low for snowfalls in the US and a very late start to the season in Europe has been compounded by the global financial crisis rearing its ugly head once again. It has been the perfect recipe for a terrible season in the industry. They say every cloud has a silver lining, and as a consumer the good news is that this year’s sales are ridiculous. Prices on boards have been cut so deep you wonder if the shops are making a loss, and there are still tons of boards on the racks to choose from. With that in mind SB-RV’s Tom Ewbank has put a list together of our favourite snowboards of 2012 to help you snag a bargain.

Posted by Tom Ewbank.

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