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Rossignol Snowboards has always had its roots in freeriding even if it has had its fair share of big name all-mountain freestylers on the team in the past… Mathieu Crepel, Travis Rice, John Jackson and Chad Otterstrom to name a few. Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue started something very special when they released the first Magtek Jones Experience which a year later became the Experience. Now about to enter its fifth year of production the Experience has been joined by the Krypto Magtek, a toned down sibling designed for Freeriders who don’t need the ruthless performance of the Experience and prefer something a little easier going and a touch more soulful. For those interested, the Krypto and Experience are joined this year by the Experience binding. Having ridden them, I can vouch that the ex-Cobra binding highback, new contoured straps and canted foot beds make for very comfortable and supportive mid flexing bindings and the gel pads take a bit of the sting out of choppy terrain.

The famous Rossignol One which has changed shape more times than I care to remember also has a little brother this year, the Templar. With a mellower flex and less aggressive five bump Mag edges instead of the usual seven bump Magnetraction, but with the directional twin shape and All-Mountain Amptek hybrid camber of the One Magtek, the Templar is an intermediates dream machine.

On the jib front, the Trickstick returns for another year with its jelly like flex, 80% rocker profile and customisable tips, which can be cut-down with a Jigsaw to any shape. This is the go to board for Jason Dubois, a rider that you might not have heard of, but will definitely hear about over the next 12 months, this kids got every rail trick you can think of on lock and the Trickstick is his weapon for getting the job done!

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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You can always count on the Big B aka Burton Snowboards to innovate when other brands’ R&D departments are stagnating. This year Rob from Burton IBK showed us through three boards with killer graphics and tech that are ready to blow your minds in the 2012/13 season. The Spliff is a micro splitboard based on the miniature all-mountain shape of this year’s sensation the Nug. The smallest member of Burton’s new Family Tree, freeride focused range at only 148cm in length with a stumpy tail and shovel nose we were told that the Spliff is deceptively floaty. Even if the Muppets aren’t your thing, you gotta love the Custom Restricted Flying V’s limited edition Kermit the Frog graphics… but if you want to get hold of one of these you’ll have to search hard because availablity is going to be sparse. Rob’s final choice from Burton’s ever expanding range was the Parkitect. With its matt black topsheet and little Gonz inspired graphics the Parkitect looks like any other snowboard, except for the fact that the board has a designated toe edge and heel edge. Nope, the Parkitect doesn’t have an asymmetric sidecut like the Gnu Park Pickle, it has a squeezebox core specially developed for duckfoot stances! The Parkitect will definitely be high on our testing list for 2012!

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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With one man snowboard brand Jason Broz of Clyde Snowboards joining the Endeavor team in 2011, the 2012/13 season is looking very strong for Endeavor. Brand founders Max Jenke and Scott Serfas are still heavily involved with the board design process but Jason is in charge of putting Endeavor’s new Vancouver based Archetype R&D facility to good use. Endeavor’s 2013 line is typified by strong graphics from Snowboard-Review favourites Derek Stenning and Rory Doyle and innovative new shapes and construction. Jason showed us the revised Guerilla Series which is now twin shaped with a hybrid camber profile, the classic bamboo Next Series for big mountain charging and a new board to the line, the New Standard which is designed to be ridden shorter than your normal ride much like the Burton Nug. Apologies for the background noise in the video, Scullcandy was enjoying a mid morning rave a couple of booths away.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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Last season the world of freeride snowboarding was a simpler place. There was powder in America, Europe was experience a typical season of epic snowfalls followed by torrential rainfall and flash thaws and the only snowboard to go for in the Rossignol line that could handle big mountain riding was the Experience Magtek. This season to put the proverbial cat among the pigeons Rossignol introduced a new board to their freeride line and to make things even more confusing they used the Experiences exact shape and camber profile. With so many people struggling to make a choice between the two boards, I felt it was’s duty to get hold of both the Krypto and Experience and put them through a vigorous SB-RV review.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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Left: 2013 Rossignol Krypto. Right: 2012 Rossignol Experience

They’ve been almost a decade in the making. An innitial star studded advertising campaign, with riders like Devun Walsh and Jeremy Jones talking about an un-named and undisclosed binding project caused a blogging and forum frenzy with members of the public even trawling through the US’s patent office submissions in an attempt to uncover the secret behind JF Pelchat’s revolutionary snowboard binding design. Post ISPO and SIA, the cat is well and truely out of the bag, but unless you’ve actually had your hands on the NOW IPO bindings it’s dificult to understand how their revolutionary pivot actually works. We managed to get hold of David, an engineer on the project, to show us the binding and how it works.

Posted by Rich Ewbank.

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