Snowboard Review Team

At Snowboard Review we believe it's really important that we get our hands on the products we write about. So, in addition to listing a mind boggling number of snowboards from a vast array of manufacturers across the globe, we also make every effort to shred as many of these boards as possible. Whenever you see a board that features the 'tested" seal you'll know that one of our experienced team of board testers has ridden the board and provided a candid write-up of their own experience.

Snowboard reviewed by the Snowboard Review team.

Please be aware that our reviews are not gospel and we accept that our opinion of a board may be very different to yours; we suggest that it's always worth trying a board for yourself before you make a purchase. If you've ridden a particular board and you don't agree with our opinion, or the opinion of our readers, then we'd love you to leave your comments and tell us why.

Below is a list of our review team. On each page you'll find a full profile including stats and a biography so you can find out who's 'waxing lyrical' about a particular snowboard..

Editor : Rich Ewbank

Test Manager : Tom Ewbank