Snowboard Review Team

Rich Ewbank

Tom mid-backflip D.O.B: December 1982
Riding since: 1996
Weight: 65kg
Height: 177.5cm
Riding style: Freeride, Freestyle


Like Rich, Snowboarding has ruined Tom’s life but unlike Rich he was never really in danger of becoming a Politician or a wealthy business man. Growing-up Tom was never far from a Snowboard magazine and spent a lot of time reading about his favourite rippers when he should have had his head in a textbook revising.

Years spent riding the UK’s plastic slopes and shredding off-piste in Courchevel have helped him to develop into a sound rider with a good repertoire of kicker tricks and freeriding skills. He’s always the first to hit the jumps that nobody wants to hit and has a really relaxed style which adheres closely to the BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors) riding textbook…geek!

In recent years Tom has decided to change his career path and follow his dreams of becoming a Snowboard instructor; which has meant forgoing holidays, new clothes and nights in the pub in an effort to save for courses and exams. His efforts have been rewarded with a BASI level 2 instructor qualification and Freestyle development coaching qualification. Eventually he dreams of becoming an Instructor trainer and opening a school in Austria but for the moment he’s happy to spend his winters in Switzerland teaching the sport he loves.