Snowboard Review Team

Rich Ewbank

Rich Ewbank attacking a barn D.O.B: December 1982
Riding since: 1996
Weight: 75kg
Height: 177.5cm
Riding style: Freeride, Freestyle


Ever since watching the epic snowboard movie ‘Odd Man Out’ Rich’s life has been ruined by Snowboarding; any dreams that his parents had of him becoming a wealthy business man or important politician went straight out the window. Growing up in the UK meant Rich could only read about riders like Terje, Peter Line, Jamie Lynn and Johan Oloffson. Nevertheless, despite the mountains being out of easy reach for the majority of his life, he’s always been involved in Snowboarding. From helping develop the scene at a number of dry ski slopes in the South of England, notably Warmwell and Plymouth, to riding at national AIM series events and judging at FBBB events; he’s always made an effort to be involved in the sport he loves.

A few seasons spent shredding the French Alps and countless nights nailing himself on Dendex and Snowflex have given Rich a really solid riding style, oozing style and a great ability to read terrain. Although Rich is happy to spin 270 onto rails in the park and bust out of the top of the pipe his real passion is Freeriding; "I have a recurring dream that one day I’ll be able to tweak Palmers like he does!". From slashing the pow pow and flipping off small hits to charging pillow lines and dropping 30ft cliffs Rich has a great ability to make his riding flow.

Strong riding coupled with three years spent studying composite engineering at University has given Rich a strong understanding of the technology behind board design; you could say he’s more than qualified to talk about the technical aspects of a board. Being Editor of Snowboard Review has given Rich the opportunity to meet people in the industry and talk to riders and pro’s about things that would undoubtedly bore the average person to tears.