Atomic Axum - 2011


Atomic’s top of the range freestyle offering at a price lower than some brand’s entry level boards. Loose and agile but stable and poppy, the Atomic Axum is the ideal board for intermediate to advanced freestylers who want to ride rocker but don’t want to give up on all that grip cambered boards offer. A suprisingly easy snowboard to ride in the pipe, but needs the edges taken down a little for kinked rails.

Manufacturer's Description:

The Axum is our board for progressive freestylers who want to stand out from the crowd. With a Sintered 7200 base, true twin shape and special Freestyle Pop Rocker, you can rely on the Axum as a rock solid freestyle machine. The ultimate ride to stay in control of the game and stand your ground!

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for halfpipe riding Recommended for rail riding Medium cost snowboard Rocker construction Twin shape

Year: 2011

Available Lengths (cm):
150, 153, 156, 159

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Pop Rocker Freestyle
D4 SW construction
2,5° park bevel
Sintered 7200 base
RSR reinforced edges
true twin shape
T3 CNC milled woodcore
Flex 6/10

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Atomic Axum

Snowboard Review:

The Axum remains pretty much unchanged from last season. The new lick of paint will have lovers and haters, but the fact remains that the Axum is a very capable freestyle snowboard. Designed specifically for keen kicker riders, the Axum packs a lot of features under its skin including Freestyle Pop Rocker and RSR double edge technology. Like last years model, I liked the Axum off jumps; the pop was good and like a lot of rockered snowboards, toe edge initiation into backside spins was clean and catch-free. Heel-side carves into spins felt like I had a little less grip than standard camber but on smaller jumps it wasn’t noticeable an issue and to be honest it wasn’t something I hadn’t adjusted to by the end of a days riding. On rails I felt the Axum needed quite a bit of edge dulling, even though the Axum has 2.5 degrees of edge bevel, on the C-box I felt my toes gripping a little on backside boardslides, without attacking it with a file first you wouldn’t get me pushing it through any down to flat kinks. I didn’t notice any benefit from the RSR double edge other than the fact that it’s a good conversation piece on the lift. The sintered base was really fast, even in afternoon slush and I didn’t experience any problems with going fast other than the fact that the Axum could do with a bit of damping. Where I was most surprised by the Axum’s performance was in the pipe: the Axum was fast along the flat bottom and held a super solid line up the walls. Landings were forgiving and as a pretty inexperienced pipe rider, I felt the flex and Pop Rocker really helped me gain confidence to get higher out of the pipe and pump through the landing to generate speed for the next hit.

From my experience the Axum is a perfect board for someone who is used to riding slopestyle boards like the Rome Agent and Burton Se7en but who now wants to ride something a little looser than standard camber without committing 100% to the reverse camber revolution. The Axum is a great middle ground for intermediate to advanced park riders and could be a really great board for inexperienced pipe rider like me who wants to gain some confidence and learn some tricks.

Posted by Rich Ewbank in • Atomic

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