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Hatchet reviewed by the Snowboard Review team. Hatchet is a video review.
Atomic Hatchet - 2012 Snowboard reviewed by Rich Ewbank - (1) user review(s).

The snowboard that successfully launched Atomic into the world into snowboarding has become an icon over the years. This year the Hatchet has lost the ugly blunted tips of last year’s model, they return to eye-pleasing radial tips. The base also gets upgraded to a 7200 Impact base which unfortunately isn’t on par with Atomic’s sintered varieties. With Pop Rocker profile and soft biaxial glass the Hatchet butters and jibs extremely easily, however heavier or aggressive riders may find the nose and tail to wishy-washy in hard carves and on sketch snow. The Hatchet would make a good all-rounder for inexperienced riders or a great jib board for experienced snowboarders.

Atomic Hatchet

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Atomic Tika - 2012 0 Atomic Tika user review(s).

Rockered to the hilt and softer than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop the Tika is Atomic’s entry level snowboard for beginner female snowboarders.

Atomic Tika

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Atomic Fallen Angel - 2012 0 Atomic Fallen Angel user review(s).

The Atomic Fallen Angel is a Pop Rockered, directional twin snowboard for girls who love to ride park. The medium soft flex from the biaxial glass and easily press-able tips will conquer jibs and jumps and float in powder shouldn’t be too much problem either. Aggressive all-mountain riders will find the Polarity a more rewarding riding experience.

Atomic Fallen Angel

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Atomic Polarity - 2012 0 Atomic Polarity user review(s).

With the Polarity, Atomic have created the one snowboard they dearly need in the men’s range. It’s lively camber profile, super light Kinetic core , directional shape and 7200 grade sintered base mean this all-mountain vessel will destroy the pipe, excel in the backcountry and make simply carving down groomed runs a rewarding experience. A high spec snowboard for strong female snowboarders.

Atomic Polarity

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Atomic Pivot - 2012 0 Atomic Pivot user review(s).

First timers will find the Atomic Pivot perfect for learning the basics of riding, it’s soft rockered tips will initiate a turn without the slightest hint of resistance and raising the contact points off the snow should keep you from catching your edges… at least that’s the theory. More advanced freestylers looking for a second board to learn presses, slides and jibs on will find the Pivot perfect for the job at the right price.

Atomic Pivot

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Atomic Axum - 2012 0 Atomic Axum user review(s).

The Axum is the best freestyle snowboard in the Atomic snowboard line. It’s at home in the park, bonking barrels and sliding slippery wall rides, but unlike the Hatchet and the Pivot the Axum has the guts to stick big jumps and charge less than pristinely pisted slopes.

Atomic Axum

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Atomic Terminal - 2012 0 Atomic Terminal user review(s).

The Atomic Terminal is a no-thrills budget snowboard for beginners to learn snowboarding on without emptying their wallet in the process.

Atomic Terminal

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Atomic Vantage - 2012 0 Atomic Vantage user review(s).

This year Atomic’s all-mountains snowboard for beginners and intermediates the Vantage gets an AT Pop Rocker profile, making your first park and powder attempts much less painful and a lot more fun.

Atomic Vantage

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Atomic Stasher - 2012 0 Atomic Stasher user review(s).

The Stasher is the dark horse in the Atomic range pinching features and materials from other boards in the Atomic line-up as well as getting its own unique features like Spoon Tech in the nose. Essentially it’s a low cost Freeride snowboard designed for Intermediate riders who get their kicks from riding powder and carving gouges into fresh corduroy.

Atomic Stasher

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Atomic Alibi Renu - 2012 0 Atomic Alibi Renu user review(s).

In 2010 Atomic took the Alibi, their most critically acclaimed snowboard back to the drawing board for the sake of the environment. The result was the change of the Alibi from a light and punchy all-mountain ride at its best in the halfpipe, to a damp and powerful freeride snowboard that makes mincemeat of choppy snow and gnarly drops. If you are a freerider who prefers to ride an all-mountain length and wants a powerful flex in a chatter-free reverse camber snowboard, look no further.

Atomic Alibi Renu

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Atomic Banger - 2012 3 Atomic Banger user review(s).

The Banger is one of the best value freeride snowboards on the market. Atomic has crammed the Banger full of technical features like early rise camber in the nose which also features a substantial honeycomb insert to keep the board light and agile. The tapered shape floats effortlessly in powder and the tight radius in the tail of the board transforms steep and technical tree runs into effortless fun.

Atomic Banger

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Atomic Poacher Renu - 2012 0 Atomic Poacher Renu user review(s).

It is official, splitboarding is no longer the next big thing, it is THE big thing. Atomic has been producing the Poacher for the last four seasons and it’s unique because it uses its own touring and riding binding interface as well as featuring a cheeky Swallow Tail. Last year Atomic introduced their new Renu construction to the poacher using recycled base material and Juta, a natural fibre instead of conventional fibreglass. Now you can ride knowing your purchase is less impactful on the environment and your turns are carbon free too!

Atomic Poacher Renu

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