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So the first thing to note and probably the reason you’re staring at the topsheet with one eye while trying to read this with the other, is because there are hookers on the topsheet, which is obviously the main reason for buying this board and the same reason why we tested it. Once the risquÈ graphics are put aside what you have is a durable twin shaped snowboard designed to take the knocks that riding urban features inevitably entails. On top of this the Contract features Pop Camber which is specifically designed to get you up onto those hard to slide places.

Manufacturer's Description:

We invite you to apply for our street team and join us on the best urban board made. Durable, fast on the drop-in, maneuverable, and poppyóevery feature is tuned to the team’s needs. Pop Camber not only gives you superior ollie power, but it also lets you lock in presses with control like never before. The 0-to-60 base proves that drop-ins don’t need to be long, and the Bad Ass materials package stands up to metal, stairs, and cement. Sign up if you’re ready for a life on the streets.

Recommended for park riding.

Recommended for rail riding.

Low cost $

Hybrid Rocker/Camber Construction.

Twin Shape.

Year: 2012

Available Lengths (cm):
146, 148, 150, 152

Riding Style: Freestyle/Park


Profile: Pop Camber
Shape: Twin
Core: Bad Ass
Laminate: Bad Ass Glass
Base: 0-60
Beveled edges
Flex 3

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Forum Production 001 Park Snowboard - Men's
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Forum Contract

Snowboard Review:

Do you like slaying real rails? You know, the ones in the street with gnarly kinks, skate stoppers and particularly the rails where once you’ve stomped your trick you have to dodge traffic? Oh you do… well buy this board then!

Ok so there’s a lot more to it than just hitting handrails, but seriously if that’s your thing get this board. The Contract is Forum’s rail specific board, but for park it’s not half bad either. The first thing to say is that this board has huge pop to add to this it’s cambered which means there’s plenty of on edge and ollie precision and best of all and probably most importantly it’s made of durable materials. Forum have designed the Contract for their riders to take it to the streets and with the craze at the moment being riding anything that doesn’t slide like concrete and sketchy barn doors they’ve really had to beef up the Contract. The Bad-Ass package consists of crack proof glass laminates, thicker edges and an impact resistant core.

The core profile of this board is pretty similar to the Destroyer which means that it holds up with speed and carving making it more of a ‘real’ snowboard, but it’s still a bit of a one trick wonder. Like last year the Contract is running on Forum’s 0-60 base, a base designed accelerate faster than other extruded bases, if I’m honest I didn’t notice any benefits, but perhaps if I were to test it on a short drop-in to a street rail I might have a better idea.

Doubtless the Forum Contract is a sweet snowboard for rails but it’s not completely useless out of the park… I just wouldn’t recommend it. Traces of Destroyer DNA mean that the Contract handles kickers surprisingly well. I would definitely recommend this board to snowboarders who spend the majority of their time riding rails and jibs on small hills, indoors and urban but it’s also a pretty good all-round park board.

Crazy Pop
Real Hookers on the topsheet
At last a jib board with super durable construction!

It’s a bit too jib specific for most
0-60 base is just marketing spiel

Posted by Aly Mac in • Forum

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