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Prospect Vitality - 2010 Prospect Vitality user review(s).

The Vitality is the board of choice for lightweight and female riders. Reduced camber for a more forgiving and smooth feel on rail and boxes, and carbon reinforcement to help ride out bumpy landings and cut through choppy pistes.

Prospect Vitality

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Prospect Tangent LE Olympic - 2010 Prospect Tangent LE Olympic user review(s).

Prospect’s doff of the hat to the Olympics and Snowboarding’s domination of Whistler 2010. Prospect haven’t only taken the Tangent and slung some Olympic rings on the topsheet, they’ve sooped up the Tangent with Carbon X array reinforcement, seamless edge tech and Prospect’s custom resin system.

Prospect Tangent LE Olympic

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Prospect Tangent - 2010 Prospect Tangent user review(s).

Reverse rocker paired with a convex base and profiled Bamboo sidewalls, ever heard of such a jib focused snowboard? Either have we! Get your jib on with tweaked presses, steezy butters, tripple kinks and barrel bonks, it’s what the Prospect Tangent was made for.

Prospect Tangent

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Prospect Passage - 2010 Prospect Passage user review(s).

Little known Wisconsin brand Prospect are creating some great boards. Introducing the Passage, a responsive twin snowboard with triaxial glass, carbon X array reinforcement and Profiled Bamboo sidewalls, exactly what you want for hitting big high speed transitions.

Prospect Passage

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