K2 Slayblade - 2013


The K2 Slayblade is the original weapon of choice for K2 team riders looking for a powerful all-mountain snowboard that carves through ice like a switch blade and pops off rollers like someone pressed several lbs of TNT into the construction. The Slayblade is an advanced snowboard for experienced snowboarders who like firm flexing boards with lots of edgehold. Perfect for pipe sessions and hitting house size table tops but also not adverse to launching into super deep powder landings or slashing turns because of the zero camber Flatliner profile.

Manufacturer's Description:


Now in it’s forth year, the Slayblade gets its first significant technology tune up.  The addition of Tweekend tip profile brings more stability to the award winning, close to camber feel of Flatline®. The Slayblade is the board of choice for any aggressive rider looking for a stiffer board that can send it anywhere on the mountain.

Recommended for park riding. Recommended for halfpipe riding Recommended for freeride riding High cost snowboard Available in Wide Zero camber construction Directional twin shape

Year: 2013

Available Lengths (cm):
153, 156, 158, 161, 164 159W, 163W, 166W

Riding Style: All Mountain


Baseline: Flatline Tweekend
Damping: Harshmellow
Construction: Hybrilight
Shape: Twin Hyper Progressive
Stance: Setback ¾” (19mm)
Core: Bambooyah Blend WH4
Additives: NEW Carbon Web™ II & Ollie Bar™
Glass: Triax / ICG 20
Base: Ø Sintered
Base Bevel: 1

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K2 Slayblade

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Andreas Graham on January 15, 2013 at 05:44 PM

I absolutely love this board (or at least the 2012 model). Its fast as hell, holds a great edge on ice, but is comfortable to ride (though I do have the ride wedge bindings). I havent taken it through much pow but i have heard it holds up well. I am not an expert jibber, nor do i have much experience with rocker or soft jib boards, so this is may not be the fairest statement, but rails can be a little tricky. Its probably just me, but you cant expect a board thats all about edge work to not catch an edge now and then on rails and boxes.

MrPoopyButthole on February 08, 2017 at 10:17 PM

So i won this board at a comp and thought it would be the basic flat/camber board. At the time, I was riding the GNU Space case and thought that board was the SH!T. Then, I blew out the edge on the space case and threw the bindings on this dream machine. The board is lightweight, stiff, and provides TONS of pop. After i got used to the aggressive board feel i began to shred like never before. I used to carve pretty well on my asymmetrical space case, but now I can rip turns at max velocity and feel like i’m always in control. Ive taken this board into the backcountry and sent all day laps in the park. Like literally, hiked the ridge, rode into the resort, and then went into the park. if you’re looking for a board to learn how to carve on, this is not the board for you, Jerry. But if you want to be throwing fatty airs, popping ollies over hi-vis ropes, and just all aroun embarrassing the terrain at your local resort, then look no further.

I guess I do have to throw in the disclaimer: I broke the metal edge on this board last week. It held up great for 2 seasons. that being said, I snowboard more than average and got about 150 days or so out of this board. So i will probably buy this bad boy again.