Prospect The Green Ma-chine - 2016


Manufacturer's Description:

Why is it that going green has means sacrificing performance? Aren’t eco advancements supposed to make life better?

The guys at Prospect think so. We developed The Green Ma-chine out of earth friendly materials that make an absolutely awesome ride, better durability, and seduces mother nature with a naturally herbal vibe.  There are a ton of steps to make this board as earth friendly as possible.  We have set you up with a high end, premium material snowboard for the rider who wants something different than the riders on the chair.  That is USA Made value.

The Green Ma-chine is the answer to the rider who insists on riding a snowboard with U.S.A. made quality, with ecological friendliness in mind, wants a board that can really shred, and without breaking the bank. After trying different materials and testing how they work we found out that some of the most natural materials also make the best ride.

USA sourced epoxy, a responsibly manufactured epoxy that is specialized for the ski and snowboard industry and is formulated for cold weather flex and durability.  Then we added carbonized bamboo sidewalls and Maple core stringers because the amazing dampening and pop characteristics.  To go to the next level, hemp stringers at the tip and tail replace carbon fiber for a stabilizing reinforcement that lets this board go big.  That’s just the eco components that function, there are more ways we made this board mother nature friendly below.

Year: 2016

Available Lengths (cm):
152, 154.5, 157, 161

Riding Style: Freeride


Camber Bias: Hybrid – Camber between the feet rocker outside
Shape: True Twin
Flex: Controlled flex – Freestyle developed for easy flex and stiff enough for stability
Core: Poplar Bamboo Hybrid
Base: Crown Sintered
Glass: Triaxial with Hemp V’s in the tips for balanced flex
Sidewall: Pop Rich Bamboo

Prospect The Green Ma-chine

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